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  1. I think its the context that matters. The word "trap" itself isn't a slur, as long as its not referring to a person being transgender. Its the hidden meaning behind it that only applies in this specific case which is offensive. And that hidden meaning in this case is the suggestion, that trans-people are trying to deceit or trick other people into a sexual relationship by pretending to be of another sex than they are. The same would of course apply to other words if they ever got a derived and derogatory meaning like this. If there was ever such a case for people of Asian descent, then yes, I think that the same should go for that word and it shouldn't be used in such a context anymore. Which is why, of course, any other way of suggesting that trans people are simply pretending to be something they aren't in order to get something they want on the cost of another persons gullibility should be seen as an offense as well. No matter the words used.
  2. I agree with the decision, because in this context, the word "trap" is clearly used to suggest, that trans-individuals are fake/undesirable/unwanted people who just try to fool others for sexual reasons. Im honestly surprised that this wasn't banned earlier around here.
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    1. Josef


      Thanks! 🙂 

    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome 😄

  4. Josef

    Lin's Background

    I think the real Lin got trapped inside the ancient ruins, just like Adrienn. There, she probably stumbled across Arceus and managed to gain control over it. However, for some reason she is now unable to leave the ruins physically and her only way of interacting with the outside world is to use her avatar that Arceus created for her. And now she is trying to turn Arceus into a Pulse-Arceus, so that she may remake the world in her image. Which would probably be a bad thing, given that she is a sadistic and disturbed brat. Edit: Or maybe Dr. Connel actually murdered her and Arceus somehow kept her alive and now the two are plotting together to create a funnier new world.
  5. First of all, make it a 2D game as it should be. Second, remove the voices and Dubs and tell the story mostly through subtle hints like the previous Metroid games have done before. Third, dont make the game feel like a 3D remake of Metroid Fusion with virtually the same enemies. Fourth, remove the cutscene where Samus cries like a little girl as she faces Ridley, as she has already faced him countless times at this point. Fifth, find a better explanation for the continued existence of Metroids. "We scratched the remains of the baby of your suit to clone it" just sounds stupid. Sixth, find a better explanation for Samus being unable to use her suits full power throughout the game. Samus doesn't listen to anyone, especially in moments of danger. No one could command her to downgrade her suit. Seventh, make the backstory between Samus and Adam Malkovich a better one which explains why and how they got so close. "He was her commander" is insufficient as an explanation. Eighth, allow us to actually fight and kill the final boss of the game ourselves. And dont make Mother Brain such a crybaby. Thats how I would remake Metroid Other M.
  6. Josef

    Lin's Background

    She is definitely the young girl from the orphanage that everyone recognizes. In episode 18, she even mentions taking away Lauras pens to trigger her if you had Laura with you while stopping Pulse Abra. Though at the moment it is still unknown how she aged so much or if its even her real form we are seeing whenever we encounter her. My guess is that her current body is some type of indestructible avatar she is controlling from afar.
  7. Unless Ame gets lazy and decides to split the content of Episode 19 into two more episodes.
  8. I fell for it. Damn. Happy April Fools day!
  9. How can I participate? How does this work?
  10. Given how hard it is for us to find and battle some of the Gym leaders in Reborn, how is it possible that all the trainers we meet have Pokemon at a Level thats about equal to ours? Wouldn't they all require the gym badges as well in order for their Pokemon to listen to them? 

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    2. DreamblitzX


      It's one of those necessary immersion for gameplay tradeoffs, like levels themselves

    3. Commander


      If you want to get into that, then you'd have to acknowledge the fact that the trainer levels are...ludicrous. All trainers miraculously are all similar leveled to you when people are free to explore and move around. It's a gameplay mechanic merely designed to premote variety in Pokemon teams and a means to grind.

    4. Josef


      It would have been more logical to establish it as some form of actual law in the Pokemon world like: "Those who challenge the league have the obligation to keep their Pokemon underneath a certain level for fairness, otherwise their Pokegear will detect it and emit an ultra sonic noise only to be heard by the over-leveled Pokemon which will cause the Pokemon to go frenzy and disobey. Those who dont challenge the league are free to train their Pokemon to whichever level they like." In my opinion, something like this would make a little more sense, as it would also explain why veteran trainers such as Victoria who choose to challenge the league have to begin from a low level again, while other trainers who dont try to earn the badges such as the Elite 4 can have Pokemon at maximum level if they want to.

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