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  1. can you teach hypervoice after arriving at grand dream? you can't re-enter the grand express and i couldn't find it anywhere...
  2. as an immediate answer, ninetails does learn psychic moves which can be helpful, but iirc neither regular or alolan is available by the time you get to aya, unless you wonder trade of course vanilluxe is very strong with snow warning by it side, it can also have mirror coat which is always nice, however you would need to level it past the cap to get it since iirc its a lvl 49 evo and aya's cap is 45 so that can be at least annoying In my honest opinion, if you want to add one as a permanent member, it should be vanilluxe, you already have the best fire type in the game, no need for another one, but for the battle, drop what i assume to be drifblim, its moveset should be very underwhelming aside from stockpile and d-bond hope I was able to help
  3. k so here is what comes to my mind Zebstrika: Teach it thunder wave and flame charge by the move relearner and bounce by move tutor. only keep wild charge and replace the 3 other moves Golurk: Teach shadow punch and dynamic punch replacing focus punch and hammer arm. bring it in after speed support has been provided Noivern: Flamethrower instead of boomburst. give it wide lens for hurricane Toxicroak: Ability capsule to dry skin. teach sludge wave instead of bomb in case you need to finish both sides at once Simipour: Teach scald by relearner and icy wind by tutor. replace cut and dive or waterfall depending on what you want more (flinches or avoiding damage for a turn) Absol: Teach Swords Dance and Night Slash by relearner. replace flamethrower and future sight. also bring it in after speed support has been provided. focus sash is an option. Hopefully you have enough resources if you find my recommendations useful. I think your team is fine for dealing with those 2, just needs the right moves
  4. Once episode 19 comes out I plan on doing a monodark run, and for that i dont want my eggs to be unusable. According to the spreadsheet, 2 eggs can hatch cacnea: the one in the slums and the one in chrysolia forest. I wish to know which variables should I change and to what in order to get the desired pokemon. Thanks in advance!
  5. how rare is pumpkaboo? been looking for one for a while and none has appeared...
  6. Just now started watching, dark is my fav type, absolutely loved the idea of naming pokemon after songs, i completely lost it at black parade the mightyena. idk how far you in the game yet, but good luck!
  7. here's mine with the whole crew (thanks to the one guy who gave fern his own bottom tier category you really captured my feelings for him)
  8. First one is how much i like them(luna is just my fav). second is difficulty based on my multiple runs
  9. you listed earth power aqua tail and magic coat in goldenleaf, im pretty sure they are at teila resort also thanks a lot for doing this guide!
  10. no problem, it can also be used to farm nuggets on grimers at the sewers and revives with wild zigzagoon on wispy path Edit: just a small correction, thief is a level 1 move on mightyena so it has to be tutored onto it no leveling unfortunally
  11. One trick that I usually do is catch a poochyena and once its evolved, use your heart scale to teach it thief, so once you're in akuwa town you can farm heart scales stealing from the luvdisc
  12. @Jan froslass in the guide is said to be not available while both snorunt and gallade(dawn stone) are ok
  13. slowpoke if I remember correctly can only be found at night after you do the lighthouse quest
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