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  1. Potatough

    Regarding the Ducklett... (done)

    @Starry Knight @Zero1Six Thanks for the help, but I was finally able to hatch a shiny ducklett that was a girl. I can trade something like a big nugget or something to compensate on your wasted time and effort.
  2. You not being able to find it is making me question whether or not I think I remember. If there isn't an out of place tree to the area on the left of the kecleons shop, then I don't really know where the bugger is.
  3. I don't think so. You just have to find the right tree. It's hard to miss, but I admit that I ran past it a couple of times until I finally noticed it. Just keep on pressing c or z on the suspicious tree.
  4. Potatough

    Regarding the Ducklett... (done)

    I won't be online for another 7 hours, so if meeting you at that time isnt possible, I left my game.rxdata at the top of the thread. Thanks so much for your help I'll just go the Zero route here because I doubt I'll be able to catch u guys this time sadly. Thanks for the help though.
  5. Potatough

    Regarding the Ducklett... (done)

    Idk how to bump... is this how? Bump.
  6. Potatough

    Choice Scarf

    Use any move that can steal the opponents item (thief, covet, switcheroo, trick, magician whatever etc). Now your pokemon has that item. The problem is, you wont keep that item even though u stole it. Now here's where fling and recycle come in handy. Use fling to remove that item, and recycle to get that item back. That should let you have that item forever now. The logic behind this is that recycle is usually used to obtain any berry that your pokemon ate, and of course, you wouldn't lose that berry if u somehow won without using the recycled berry. The game thinks you used that item (whatever u stole from the poor clown) and brings it back just like your berry. That's about it. Now feel the guilt of you stealing from the clown who just wanted to have fun. (Sike do whatever u want with him HAHAHAHA)
  7. Potatough

    Where is the ThunderStone??

    I'm afraid the closest thunderstone you can get is at mosswater factory, and that's pretty far from the start. (When Cain tries to go to apophyll, and you get caught up with Amaria). I believe you can get it earlier though (when you acquire rock smash) through breaking those shiny rocks that have treasure inside them. They have a chance to have a thunderstone in them. If you don't want to wait, you can ask someone in online play to trade you a thunderstone. If you wanna find locations to other items, and don't want to wait a long time for a reply from the community, consult this: Happy Playing!
  8. Potatough

    Where is a shiny-stone??

    Sadly, I don't think there are any shiny stones available that early in the game. In the future, you can use this item guide to find what you're looking for. If you cant wait, you can ask someone to trade you a stone in online play.
  9. Potatough


    @Xave Hope you have a great time in this community! The more the merrier right? hehe.
  10. Potatough

    Regarding the Ducklett... (done)

    Thanks again!
  11. Potatough

    Starting Reborn for the second time...

    Want an easy start to the game? Get a torchic with speed boost, and then a bidoof with moody. Those two wreck the first gyms like they're nothing. Fire in general is good to start out with because most of the people you'll fight in game in the earlier parts will have a grass type (fern, florina, the pulses), and you'll have an amazing phys sweeper in blaziken later on if it can get its speed boosts going. Water is a challenge in the earlier parts of the game because you'll face off against the 2 types they are weak against constantly (grass and electric). Mudkip is good to nullify the electric weakness immediately, and froakie's protean will work wonders for you, but they both kinda struggle mid-game during their 2nd evolutions. Poplio is good late game due to its final eveolutions typing, so if you want a water/fairy, grab her (or grab an azumarill. They're both good.) Grass? I've only used Sceptile in one of my playthroughs, so I dont know much about starter grass pokemon. I've heard that contrary snivy is a monster though, so you can choose snivy if you want to. Ehy but overall, you do you. Every starter is usable and you can just get a pokemon based on your preference or what you think is cool. Of course it impacts how difficult the game will be for you AT THE START, but its worth it knowing you got one of the pokemon you love in your team anyway. Good luck in the run! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
  12. Potatough

    Help me choose...

    Wanted to try something different in my runs, so I chose Popplio since I never really tried her (treecko always be the #1 pick for me, water type would be mudkip usually) AND I just love Primarina in general (although I don't really like water types. Did the monorun because of the challenge I would have at the start). Never considered Seismitoad before either since I thought he always looked stoned... but there's a first time for everything I guess. The coverage I can get from him will be a huge help throughout the whole playthrough. Seaking is just there to absorb all the electric attacks, but that in itself is way better than anything my lumineon can do sadly. Once again, thanks for the help everyone!
  13. Potatough

    Help me choose...

    @Teto @Sayaman Hear you loud and clear guys. I found a shiny toad while waiting for people to reply, so I think that already sealed the deal for me. Have any suggestions on who I should remove? I'm thinking of removing Rain (Lumineon), because she hits like a noodle and was literally called rain because she was the pokemon that initiated rain dance, then proceeded to faint. I wouldn't lose a rain dancer however because Ludicolo has rain dance on her too.
  14. Potatough

    Help me choose...

    I'm in the middle of a mono-water run (even if I didn't finish ep 18 yet on my main acc because screw it), and have finally reached Azurine Island. I was planning to try to get a Palpitoad and call it a day because I thought that it was the only water pokemon available through my past experience. Turns out I can also get Wooper/Quagsire, as well as a Shellos. Now for the question... which should I choose? I probably wouldn't use the mudkip I can find later on in the game because my ego stops me from having more than 1 starter pokemon in the team (I don't know, I just don't like it). I'll post my team as of now (even though I know that the team has no synergy whatsoever, as I lived off of every available water pokemon I could get before this point in time and stuck with them), and I kindly ask for any support regarding the decision I'm gonna make. Thanks for the help! P.S. I know the names are trash, but I'd rather play than contemplate on a good name for 30 mins (probs gonna happen if I ever have a baby).
  15. Potatough

    Regarding the Ducklett... (done)

    Thought I'd make it HAHAHAHAHAHA. Anyways, I'll just give the rxdata. Give me a moment. EDIT 1: Actually, I'll give it when I finish the day since I'll play some more. Don't want any wasted progress. EDIT 2: Here ya go! Game.rxdata