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  1. have any preferences on the nature? I'll be on for another 2 hrs.
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

    1. The Swordsman

      The Swordsman

      Oops wrong one, sorry!

  3. I can be the back-up plan if ever it doesn't push through however. Once again, hope you get whats needed!
  4. @superbird Don't worry about such. You can go sleep if you need to. I asked for marieanie since I'm close to the area where u can catch it, but didnt want to go fish for it. I can just try to catch it the hard way, since I prefer shinies too hehe. Thanks for the kind gesture though, and hope you get what you need :))
  5. @superbird ^ I think Starry's gotchu covered mate.
  6. I can take any trashmon you have. I'd like a marienie though if u have one. What I meant with the jaw and sail is that in 7th street, I can trade endless amounts of helix fossils for jaw's and sail's (because of that helix cult sidequest). I'll do that in order to give you both jaw fossil and sail fossil too if you want me to. See you in about 6 hrs if ever. :))
  7. I can help with the fossils and the keystone because I've got A TON of root, helix, and armor fossils. I can just trade the helix's for jaw and sail a piece. Problem is I go online in about 5-6 hrs from now so I doubt you can wait. EDIT: nvm starry's got this xD
  8. The girl in the bottom right of the salon (gearen) checks the friendship of your pokemon I believe.
  9. kk back. You can send the request again.
  10. Sorry but give me a minute, gotta do smthn.
  11. Congrats! My shiny rate luck has been used on your new baby Drilbur sadly HAHAHAHAHAHA (it's fine I'm just tugging on your leg). It has better Iv's than its mother too. I'll have both your pokemon as I go online. Online name is Xeraph; just reply to tell me your ready. As for the trade, you can give me trash pokemon if you please. It's up to u on what you want to give me though.
  12. Sand Rush and Sand Force are the other abilities Excadrill has. If you're about to get stuck in agate, I can lower Excadrill's level to suit your preference. I believe there are no breeders in agate. @ me next time so I can find out that you've replied kk? :))
  13. I don't think the Excadrill is terrible. I'd use it if I actually liked excadrill. The larvitar is fresh from the oven.
  14. I have a legit shiny Excadrill I can give. If you want a larvitar, you'd have to give me some time to breed one. Any preferable IV's and nature?
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