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  1. Sure it wasn´t faster than you?
  2. Yea, just contact me here. I have all starters, so it doesn´t matter which one you pick. (you can also do it the way Fabs mentioned if you prefer that)
  3. Sure, I have a few Axew to give away. I don´t care what I get in return.
  4. LilyX


    I think this should go in 'online play'. Anyways, if you are still looking for Heli, let me know.
  5. I don´t need anything in return. (except of course a Pokemon you don´t need anymore to trade the ice cream over)
  6. If you don´t manage to get it and still desperately need it, let me know. I should have a bunch somewhere.
  7. I do have a few. Depending on how far you are in the game you can also easily farm some with the Pickup ability. Your Pokemon has to be Level 81 or higher to find them though.
  8. Stone evolutions usually don´t have any level-up moves. Growlithe has to learn the moves before you evolve it.
  9. That must be really annoying. Hopefully your data can be partly salvaged. Anyways, should you ever need Pokemon for a new playthrough, let us know. I might have some shinies for people in need.
  10. Yes, as Goldmedalcoach mentioned, Ninetales-A and Mamoswine are good. And so is Weavile. Ninetales can support your team with Aurora Veil and perfectly accurate Blizzards (thanks to Snow Warning), Mamoswine has strong STAB in Earthquake and is a little bit bulkier than the other two and Weavile hits very hard, is super fast, but also dies to basically any hit (especially Fighting).
  11. Alolan Sandslash is not really good. One of the downsides is its bad STAB in Iron Head (low base power) and Icicle Crash (low base power + bad accuracy). His main selling point would be his ability Slush Rush if you combine him with a Hail setter like Aurorus (Slush Rush then doubles its speed). But Hail is not a good weather overall (Rain with Swift Swim Pokemon like Kingdra and later Mega-Swampert and Sand with Sand Rush Pokemon like Excadrill is much better).
  12. That would make things harder. But even then you can be cheeky and use perish song arceus or toxic-stall it with giratina/lugia. However, I actually doubt we will be limited in this way. As far as I remember there wasn´t a single fight where our team choice was limited for story purposes. Or was there and I´m missing it?
  13. - destiny bond (mimikyu with disquise can always use it before it dies) - perish song (murkrow with prankster) - curse (cofagrigus is bulky enough to live a hit) - focus sash + endeavor to bring him to 1HP - sheer cold, fissure, etc. - And lastly: 150 isn´t as high as you might think. Offensively that´s Mega-Swampert level, so you can definitely live hits. 150/150/150 bulk is incredible though.
  14. I´ll just grab my prankster Murkrow with perish song from my box or my Mimikyu with disguise and destiny bond and suddenly it won´t look scary anymore, no matter what. But to stay on topic: I doubt Reborn will introduce a custom ability like Insurgence did (off topic: I really enjoyed primal Giratina so much more. Arceus kinda sucked). But even already existing abilites (wonder guard) could make it quite threatening. I´m not sure if anyone bothered to calculate the base stats of the PULSE opponents we´ve seen so far, but +30 for Arceus seems reasonable.
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