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  1. Yes, I mean downloading the entire game from the download page. You don't have to do anything with your safe files, the new game will accept them as long as you don't move them.
  2. Have you tried downloading the game again? And "how stuck" are you - can you open the menu? (Also just to make sure: You're not just trying to walk left and are overlooking the chair in your way?)
  3. Works for me... Was the crash a one-time-thing or does it keep happening? Are you playing on the newest version of Reborn? Either way I'd suggest to re-download the game, since it doesn't seem to be a safe file issue.
  4. Maybe you mentioned it and I missed it: Which version are you on? 18.2?
  5. Hey, sorry to hear about your vision, hope you're doing alright. Anyway, on to your question: some of the field notes (if not all of them) have multiple pages. Press right (I think) to get to the next page. If that doesn't work for whatever reason, let me know.
  6. Okay, first off I think your view is quite biased because of your current frustration. In fact this game is very carefully balanced. It is "unfair" in the sense that gym leaders have access to better Pokemon, but you have to considering that you're not playing vs a human opponent. If you play vs Reborns AI with even teams, THEN it will be unbalanced - in your favour. So there has to be some sort of advantage for the gym leaders. "My friend, who brought me to Reborn, said you have switch between more pokemon in Reborn to get through. No, I do not want that." - If you do not "want that", then you can't really complain about the game being unbalanced and unfair. If I wanna win a soccer match but refuse to move around, then I won't win. But you can also limit this by doing some "research" into which good Pokemon are available early on. And regarding the level cap: If you train up multiple Pokemon, you rarely need Common Candy. I think Reborn doesn't make it a secret that it's rather difficult. But that's all it is - difficult. Not unfair, not unbalanced. If that is a big problem for you - which seems to be the case - there are some things you can do that do not include mindless grinding: - as mentioned above: "research" which good Pokemon are available early on. That way you don't have to train up a new team every gym. - figure out field effects and use them to your advantage - ask people to trade you better Pokemon - abuse the fact that you have a human brain and Reborn only has a predictable AI
  7. Yea, I know this feeling. Being a perfectionist, I like 31/31/31/31/31/31 too. But additionally I breed for shinies... so imagine how frustrating that can get when you suddenly have a 'mon with 6 perfect IVs and it isn't shiny. But in most cases you don't need max in one of the attacking stats. For special attackers you actually want your attack IVs to be very low, to minimize Foul Play damage (even though that rarely matters).
  8. Okay, so the parents have 12 IVs in total (6 stats for the mother and 6 for the father). Usually when breeding the baby inherits 3 IVs (in 3 different stats) and the others will be random. The Destiny Knot makes it so that the baby inherits 5 of the 12 IVs from the parents (again, in different stats). If you give one of the parents the Destiny Knot to hold and the other parent one of the power items, then 1 of the 5 inherited IVs is guaranteed to be the one that corresponds to the power item (e.g. if the father holds the power weight, the baby will inherit the father's HP + 4 other stats from either parent). So I think your main issue is that you misunderstood Destiny Knot. Let me know if there's still something left unclear.
  9. I'm not sure about the most efficient ways to get experience. I usually stick to the Grandhall trainers (look here for who gives you the most experience and money) / Clown Indra for lower levels and my Pickup army for higher levels (by selling the stuff and buying Rare Candy). IVs are not something you can train, those are more like the "genetics" of your Pokemon. Mr. Seacrest's Garden is a good place to train Sp.Atk EVs.
  10. "RKS System's type becomes Dark at all times" is an effect of the Holy Field! @Joohny
  11. I'm not too good at doing this in my head. Do you mind posting your safe file?
  12. Hey, it was late where I live, so I went to bed after I wrote the message. How about we meet 3pm GMT+1 (in 1h 40m from when I post this)?
  13. I have Pokerus. Don't need anything in return.
  14. Please try to avoid opening multiple threads for the same question. But to answer: There's a kid sitting in the bottom right corner (you barely see it because of the red hair). Talk to it and it will open up the way into the basement. In case you don't know how to proceed with the puzzle afterwards: I also completed the puzzle for you in case you don't manage to do it. But I would encourage you to give it a try. It's really not complicated once you get it. Just be careful that you don't make mistakes when copying the pattern in the basement. Have fun! Game.rxdata
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