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  1. Wow and its shiny. Thank you very much
  2. Here is my save file. Need bulbasaur. Tnx Game.rxdata
  3. Bulbasaur as reward in Kakori Help Center? How I completed all the quest?
  4. Where is confagrigus crest? How to get it?
  5. No more shop that sell shards?
  6. Mr. Suplado


    I can't remember where exactly is the store of shards. Is anyone knows where can I buy shards in Rejuvenation?
  7. Mr. Suplado

    Forest Reforestation

    Im looking for a fisherman in route 2 but only 1 girl is in route 2. When people in route 2 appear? (Pokemon Rejuvenation)
  8. Mr. Suplado

    need help with devon magic square puzzle

    Im also confused in that puzzle.. my technique is watch in youtube (play and pause technique) and I finish that puzzle
  9. Mr. Suplado

    Aevium Sensation

  10. Mr. Suplado

    Aevium Sensation

  11. Mr. Suplado

    Pokemon Rejuvenation

    Where can I download Pokemon Rejuvenation V11?
  12. Mr. Suplado

    Mega Stones

    What are the available mega stones? And where is their location?
  13. Mr. Suplado

    Sycther trade

    i'll be completing pokedex for poipole
  14. Mr. Suplado

    Sycther trade

    thank you