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  1. Boa Hancock

    [UPDATED 8/12] Malkcosh Monster Merchant Guild

    BULK ORDER INCOMING: Requesting: Offering: (All 5IVs)
  2. Nico, are you there?

  3. But what Pokémon would you actually like? xD so that I can know.

  4. Boa Hancock

    Online Usernames

    ID - Nico Robin Trainer name - Robin <3


  6. Boa Hancock

    Rate the avatar above you!

    8/10 Loving the name and Avatar <3 but kinda reminds me of a ripoff patronus from Harry Potter
  7. haha loving the snow effect :) Let it snow let it snow let it snow :) 

  8. Boa Hancock

    E16 Public Release now available!

    Welcome to the forum Knightwalker Just make sure you first save in the same room as Ciel (the last gym leader in Ep. 15) This should be the room inside the circus tent. You can close the game after saving in there. Then download the latest version of Reborn (Ep16 Community RElease) and simply play Hope that helps
  9. Boa Hancock

    E16 Public Release now available!

    is the online play working now again for community members??