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  1. Those three words... Are said too much... They're not enough...
  2. Maqqy

    Happy happy birthday Jess 🥳

  3. Herenya-sama! 😺

    Happy Birthday~ 💜

    I hope all's well in your PhD career. Stay smart and vigilant~

    I hope you can have cake~ 🎂

    And I hope you visit your dentist afterwards~ 😅

  4. Q-Jei

    Happy Birthday Jess! Have a nice day 🙂 😄 🎂 🎉

  5. Candy

    Jess! Yess! me girl happy birthday~ have a sweet 🍭 day!

  6. Happy birthday gril 

  7. Happy Birthday Jess!! 😄, i hope that you will have a fantastic day 😄🍰

  8. Oh, simple thing, where have you gone?
  9. Happy New Year everyone.

    I am sorry to those I've treated bad or hurt, and I wish the best to all of you, regardless of whether I know you or not!

    Be good people uwu 😊

  10. I WANT TO LEAVE MORE THAN 1 REP POINTS UNDER THIS ONE BUT I CAN'T! Thank you berry much, it's truly an amazing piece of art!!! If I was living in the Pokemon world, I can't think of a pic depicting me better than this! I'll spread the word for you, kind artist, among all my friends!
  11. @Xanthous Oh wow, your work is great! If only I was half as talented... Now, my request would be a bit more specific... May I have a pic of a female bugcatcher riding a Sawsbuck with a Vivillon flying around? If no humans still, then add a Deerling! Or anything in that context! I'd be eternally grateful!
  12. Well, technically, if you call Milotic a hellspawn of a Pokemon, Umbreon is just as bad (if not worse, cuz Heal Bell>Refresh, plus Synchronize, plus Detect/Wish>Recover). It's better in stall wars in every possible aspect. And you're using one
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