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  1. I would never know that apparentily the game does not consider it a legendary. Thank you.
  2. I got all the 131 non-legendary pokemons, but my pokedex is saying that i only own 130. My dex is missing the entrys: 144-146=3 150-151=2 243-245=3 249-251=3 = 53 (legendarys) 377-386=10 480-494=15 638-649=12 716-721=5 I don't know what to do now... Do alola forms interfer in some way?
  3. Sure, just tell me when you are ready. i have already breeded yours luna and tyrantrum
  4. Sure, i do give your luna back. I would give tyrantrum to, but i need to breed it first.
  5. Sorry, i fucked it up. Seding another trade request.
  6. Ok, my in game name is marteloafricano. just hit me up when you are back.
  7. Hey, sure. i do have some heart scales to spare, and 1 focus sash that i am willing to give up. What is your online username? So i can send a trade request.
  8. Thanks! I would really apreciate that. Do you need any specific mon?
  9. Oh you traveler that may come to my rescue as i am in need of some pokemons to complete my pokedex. As follows: lunatone, azurill, whismur, kabuto, anorith, tyrunt, gothita, plusle, minun, amaura, happiny, cranidos and the forsaken spirit tomb Thanks Cherub you are a life saver. I do have the other 700 pokemons present in the game, if you are interested.
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