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  1. Finally, got some time to continue my current playtrough ( Ikr, it's been almost a year since E18's out [ What do you know? Tomorrow will be exactly 1 year ] ).  I hope before 28th at least i'll be somewhere between Charlotte - Titania, but will be great if i finished it before then.

  2. You mean SWM's weather mod? For E18, idk if it's still works, but you could try to first, delete the mod, mess around with your PC/Laptop's time and date, and play the game. If it's still heavy rain, mess around with your time and date again, until the weather changes. If it works, save your game, quit, restore your time and date, reinstall the mod and play the game. Hopefully that helps.
  3. So... imo: - Crunch ( You said that you want to keep it ) or Acid Spray ( If you decides to abandon Crunch. It helps to reduce Special tanks' defense ) - Aqua Tail ( You could use one of Waynolt's SWMod [ LearnEggMoves ] and go to a Move Relearner to get it ), great move if you want some countermeasures for Rock, Ground, and Fire types. - Discharge ( AoE, but also friendly fire for double battles ) or Thunderbolt. Both are nice moves. - Thunder Wave ( Helps to get the odds of opponent can't move and it reduces their speed to half ) That's it. Elektross' best stats are both at Atk and SpAtk. That's my choice of moves, i always put at least 1 moves for counter-weakness or 1 status move.
  4. [Edit] Nvm, i forgot that's just how it supposed to happen.
  5. Use Link Stone instead. No need for trade. Link Stone's there in Reborn so you don't need to trade just to evolve it.
  6. Alright, will do. I'll let you know in few minutes. @Commander Replaced, and it works fine. Now i have no idea why. Mods' not the culprit, nor Animation ( which if it is, then it makes sense, considering what Waynolt and you said ). Here's the pic of similar error : https://imgur.com/nv67Fsa
  7. And it's just the same. 7zip, same problem. Same error when about to enter battle.
  8. U wut? I used WinRAR ;_;. Seriously? The app that's mostly designed to extract winrar failed to do that? Let me try to use another extractor.
  9. Hmm..... i did delete the Mods folder and it still happens. Will it cause error if i'm gonna use the old Scripts.rxdata? Idc at this point if i won't be able to use mods. Edit : Nvm, even with old Scripts.rxdata and no mods, it still happens. I guess i ran out of luck. Tho the normal game works fine.
  10. Nvm. It happens every goddamn battle ( tried to battle the one that guards Opal bridge and the error happened ). I guess i can't play Redux for now : ') Edit : I chose item ban at the start of the game. That might be the cost???
  11. It's probably exclusively error for me, as i downloaded the game again, and played from the freshly downloaded game, and still got the error. Will it cause problem if i play the save file with normal Reborn until i pass the event where the error occures?
  12. Welp.... yeah, i guess. I'll play for fun i guess. I'll consider to just ignore about the potential of returning to breeding business for now XD. Edit : Nvm. The error's still there, even without any mods at all. Edit2 : @Commander, just mention me if you're gonna need my save file ( tho i could say it's kinda a brand new file [ just after i picked my starter ])
  13. Yeah, i do use mods. Here's the mod list : BagSortByType FindInPC InfiniteBackups ItemRadar LearnEggMoves MultiSelectPC NoTMXAnimations NoTMXNeeded PickupQoL PredictRelationshipValues SetWeather SharedPC ShowStatBoosts TypeBattleIcons That's it. If most of the mods are the cause, i guess i can delete them. Tho i don't want do delete LearnEggMoves, SharedPC and InfiniteBackups ( they could help me re-open my breeding business, someday, maybe )
  14. @Commander I got script error at the beginning of the game ( Just when i'm eager to play due to i finally have time to play ) https://i.imgur.com/FuHyTlm.png
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