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  1. Mine's also Serra, but in Reborn Redux. Instead of Mirror Arena, it's Glitch Field. And it's Master battle. That combined with all of her mons (imo) are straight up maxed out hax gave me one of the biggest suffering in my playthrough. Took me like 50x loses ( i relied on RNG, sadly ) before i finally defeated her.
  2. This is for competitive games, like Pokemon Showdown, or if it's for main pokemon games.
  3. He could get Trapinch earlier via Trade in Chrysolia Forest ( i think if he does have Mothim(?) ).
  4. Hmmm... imo your team can be prone to dark, steel, and ice. Some of steel mons ( i think can tank most of physics and grass attacks, and fairy don't do anything to steel ) are pretty tanky or fast, so you might want a fight for counter all of those or fire mon for just ice and steel ( preferably fast and hard hitting mons ). That's all i could think of. Hopefully it'll help.
  5. Reborn's in endgame phase now ( aka just postgame stuffs is WIP ), so it'll be a torture for Reborn devs if they add Gen 8 right when they're about to reach the finish line.
  6. You could grind at Route 2. I don't think there's anyone at the Circus that sells Rare Candy.
  7. Yup. It can go with modular mods just fine. Edit: Damn, my bad. Instead of just edit my prev. reply and include this in there, i made a new reply.
  8. Damn, that fixed my issue @Commander, finally i can play Redux. Thanks for the fix bud.
  9. It's kinda weird, recently, i can't get EXP mechanics to work, even tho yesterday, it was working. Idk why it happens. Game.rxdata
  10. 1. Hmm... i'll take Golisopod. Thanks for the suggestion. I kinda not worry too much about ice, but yeah, i'm a bit concerned about ground. 2. Thanks, that'll work for Technician + Magical Leaf, tho unfortunately my Roserade's HP is dark. 3. I kinda prefer to utilize it's attack more, but i can see that. I'll consider that. 4. I know that mod and been using that for a while, and thanks for the suggestion. 5. I see.... Using Curse and Leftovers... interesting.... 6. Well, i could always change it with Move Relearner, so i'll take Knock Off a shot. For now, i'll just use 1 Mega. Thanks. Using Delphox is actually fun and does add lots of challenge to my team.
  11. Been a while since last time i played Reborn ( restarted the game because missing old save file ). And since i still know nothing about Glass Gauntlet and Hardy, might as well asking for rating and advices for my team. Main: Reserves: Planning to add more reserves in the future ( Probably one more fire and one dark mon ).
  12. After... lots of grunting, anger released, and cried a bit, i decided to hunt Alolan Vulpix and Bulbasaur, again. Suprisingly, within an half hour, i got equivalent replacement ( granted, Vulpix's IV in SpA is not at the value i desired, but i'll take it anyway ).


    Next hunt: Gible, Mudkip, maybe more starter ( considering to hunt decent IVs Torchic ), and depends on what kind of obstacle will block my way, more mons are to be considered. Almost reached the beginning of E18 now.....



    1. Starry Knight

      Starry Knight

      Atleast Mudkip is 100% show and soft resetable


  13. Goddamnit.


    Just got some great stuffs today in Reborn:


    - Got seriously decent Bulbasaur and Alolan Vulpix ( both of them have five 20+ IVs )

    - Just trained those 2 and Lucario ( Lucario also decent ), for reserves ( Bulbasaur for replace one of my main team "Joker", aka Roserade )


    I sold one of the required items for Spyce quest, i reset the game, only to find out the last time i save is before i caught Popplio ( which i lost those 2 mons + time for training those 3 ). #TrulyASadDay ;_;

  14. Anyone know what is that area? It's locked, so iknow that i don't have the key for it. Where could i get it? i'm suprised that i missed this in my previous playthrough.
  15. Finally, got some time to continue my current playtrough ( Ikr, it's been almost a year since E18's out [ What do you know? Tomorrow will be exactly 1 year ] ).  I hope before 28th at least i'll be somewhere between Charlotte - Titania, but will be great if i finished it before then.

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