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  1. There are no better word to describe what Sena feel other than feeling surprised. "I can't... no I need to focus. I need to... I..." memories of him with his parent came rushing back to him, those happy memories before he was alone in that house. Sena barely manage to held himself, he almost open his door to go downstair, but soon realize that, no... that is not them... He was a bit too late, as of now outside of his room is swarmed with Baltoy. crap... "Uhhh, Betani, there is some slight changes with the plan, Baltoy is outside of my room right now." After informing Betani of his situation Sena went upstair. Opening his door Sena rushed to the upstair with Zeromaru, Dolly and Verna help him clearing the Baltoy on the hallway.
  2. Should Sena follow Betani’s direction? He jave , but can’t shake off a rather weird feeling he have. No... I need to stick to the plan for now... Hopefully it was only my imagination. Sena thought to himself, as he climb up the roof carefully, trying not to alert his presence to the enemy. Zeromaru who has been on his side also carefully crawl, after a bit of looking around, he found a good place for to use Smokescreen with Verna now perched on Zeromaru’s side.
  3. Water type starter isn’t that good in the early to mid game of reborn, so be patience. Also Greninja is great if it have Protean as its ability
  4. That idiotic bastard... Sena can only sigh in disbelief, as he still looking at the smoke that is coming from the main square. "Right... hopefully Zetta would be fine. Rita, after you finish relaying the message to the surface, head to the square immediately. We're going to need almost all the help we can get." Sena said to Rita as he stands up, he looked at both of his pokemon, Frogadier who is now called Zeromaru is determined to beat Alpha and Omega, Verna on the other hand feels a bit down, but nonetheless she would try her best to support the team. Sena take a deep breath, ready or not they have to fight Alpha and Omega eventually. "Ready, time to save Zetta. If Stenee can't knock Alpha out, we need to at least separate both of them." Sena began to run, with Frogadier on his side, and Verna fly on his side.
  5. Some shithead decide to burn Kyoani studio https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2019/07/7cc0f7f7c6e2-dozens-injured-in-fire-after-man-sprays-liquid-at-kyoto-anime-studio.html


    I give my thought and deep prayer for the victim’s family.

  6. "thanks..." As Sena hold Frogadier's Aether Ball. He toss the ball upward summoning the frog "From now own your name will be Zeromaru." Frogadier looks confused, but accept his new nickname, as a sign of his friendship with Sena. Sena then began healing Frogadier with Betani's Super Potion, while healing Frogadier, he noticed the thing Frogadier is holding, "Can you show me what you are holding?" he asked Frogadier. While waiting for Frogadier show Sena what he got, Sena looked at both Betani and Rita, "alright, we're going to inform the surface about what they should do next." Sena then check his A-comm on Frogadier's moveset hmmm this might work. "While waiting for Rita informing the surface world. Let’s strategize a bit, what if Frogadier use Smokescreen on Alpha and Omega as our first step for surprise attack? Verna can pinpoint their location with Supersonic, to help us whacking either one of them. We might even be able to at least separate the two of them. What do you guys think? I'm open for a better option."
  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  8. "yeah... it's kinda my fault for letting that idiot join this whole fiasco, so can't say much how sorry I am about that though, but it is nice to hear Zeta would be fine for now." After that Sena just listen to Betani's story, the Tree of Life is related with the whole thing, but the three shard. What are they? Asking Betani now would only give Alpha and Omega some time so Sena decide to ask her that after the whole thing is over. Both plan are good if it is possible then he want to do both of them. "Alright, I'm going to assume that there might be some trouble caused by Alpha and Omega." Sena looked at Motor then to Rita "Can Motor do it while we're on the move? We need to confront both of them especially Alpha as soon as we can. We're going to hold them off at the very least, beating either one of them is a nice bonus for us. Just send them some quick message to come here as soon as the trouble on the surface is a bit stable, explaining the whole situation would be a bit time consuming." While in the middle of thinking, Sena looked at Frogadier, he knows that the frog mon is just trying to help, and Sena's decision back then, isn't something Frogadier wanted, seeing him injured made Sena feels guilty for some reason. Sena then just lean closer to Frogadier flicking his head, He looked to both Betani and Rita "does any of you have a potion or Oran Berry?" After Sena said that, he turn his head to Frogadier "Look, we mess up... I mess up, sorry I wasn't able to make the right call back then. I should have known that you want to kick Alpha's ass to stop this whole fiasco while protecting the place you call home." Sena sighed before continue with "but you can't do this by yourself. We will help you, we're going to do this right, you me Verna and some of friend here, we're going to stop both Alpha and Omega once and for all. What do you say... partner?" Sena take out one his Aether Ball attempting to reconcile with the pokemon, while Verna flew down from Sena's head to the ground, trying to put up a cheering pose. (assuming the temporary aether ball stop working) Sena's choice: 3->2 (on the move if possible if not then skip number 2)->1
  9. After the situation seems safe, Sena decide to stop, and is now hiding with Rita, "Thank Verna for the cover, but seems the Baltoy are all focused on Radovan." The little bat nodded, getting some praise from her owner made her happy, flying around spinning above Sena before finally resting on his head. Sena realize that their situation is not improving at all. Zeta decide to stay with Radovan, trying to convince him to retreat. As much as he regret leaving Zeta, the girl is just too attached to Radovan, she could not leave the guy alone. "This is just great... Zeta is with Radovan, hopefully that guy can protect Zeta." He let out a sigh. Sena reach to his pocket, grabbing his A-comm, he pulls it out trying to find Betani's contact. This is probably one of the few moment that Sena actually agree with Radovan why not try contacting Uno? He turn his head to Rita, "Rita we're going to contact Betani. Right now we will need her help." Said Sena who is now trying to contact Betani. He tried to think up a plan, but the most basic plan he could come up with, is to separate the two woman. Why bother fighting the two strong entity that can work together so damn perfectly when you can just split them up? But that is probably easier said than done. Just how are they going to separate the two? "C'mon Betani answer the call..." Whatever the case Sena feels like he need to at least be able to contact Betani.
  10. “...” Sena is at a lost for word. His face is now a mix between anger, confusion, annoyed and dumbfounded. “Of all the shitty choice you choose, you decide to do that.” He manage to come up with a comment, but that’s all he could think of right now. He tried to think of something, but he couldn’t. There is no way they can actually put up a fight against them in this current chaotic situation. He runs to Radovan, “We are leaving. Unless you have a better idea.” Sena signaled to Verna. “Verna whenever those Baltoy getting close to us, use supersonic!” The little bat nodded, she feels like she can’t do anything but, knowing the situation she will do her best to keep Sena safe, so it flies close to the group, ready herself to use supersonic when she needs to. Sena began to run from the stage, “right, we’re going to find Frogadier and Betani first, let’s go!”
  11. Uno? Wait no these two are not her. This situation is even more confusing. Just what kind of ritual she performed on herself that made crazy like this? That's what Sena think on his head, but that doesn't means he is going to be hesitate, it is clear that whatever they do, all the did are just replacing the people he cares about. "Yeah, sorry, I already told you didn't I? I'm not going to join you, beside those thing you made are just a cheap knock off, that can shatter in a blink." Sena looked around trying to find Frogadier, feeling even more pissed than before. "I am in a very bad mood right now, so one last question from me. Where is Frogadier?"
  12. “cih... I’m fine... I think.” Sena tried to stand up, he is obviously hurt both physically and mentally. He walked to Radovan, but stopped himself, no matter what happened, there is nothing he can do right now, nothing at all. “I don’t like your method, Radovan. But right now, I finally manage to calm myself... and realize that I have no time to argue with you.” Sena turn his head toward both of the parent. “Just do whatever you want with them.” He sent out Verna, asking her to guide them to the light thing she has showed earlier.
  13. Hearing what Radovan said pisses Sena off, does this guy have sympathy? “Don’t attack them you idiot! What if they decide to repeat this thing? Capturing them throwing them to jail won’t solve anything! Beside these people are pretty much the hostage we. suppose. to. save.” Sena fight back with his own word, determine to try to minimize the side effects of the problem it would cause.
  14. Sena tried to think of a way to get past them. He came up with a solution. That he himself find it to be quite annoying. He recalled Verna, to his side, the little bat then just nodded and tried her best to run to her trainer’s side “Gravity is an annoying move to be honest.” While Sena did retaliate, he didn’t try to hurt the pokemon, as it would only anger both of the parent, losing all hope of reasoning with them even the whole thing is over. He walked to the parent, even with Gravity is still in effect, he walked to both of them. “I don’t want to fight you, nor your chil— no they are not your children. Alpha... she’s only manipulating both of you. I mean seriously guys, do you guys think your children would appreciate you replacing them with these pokemon?” he stopped and took a deep breath I swear I probably lose some weight thank to this thing. “Look... I know how it feels like to lose a family member, I lost my parent on that incident and so does that girl over there, This isn’t the way for you guys to show your children how much you love them and missed them... so please let us pass.”
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