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  1. Trusting the heart of the card>>>>>>>>>>ssj/ssb/ssbk

  2. LeonVermillion

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    tbh we really need some news from him as it feels like we are waiting for some false hope... no offense Caz, while I do really hope that he would still continue this masterpiece hell it would be even greater if he also bring us the completed next episode, but I am pretty much okay if he couldn't continue the game for personal reason
  3. LeonVermillion

    Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #03]

    “dammit, that was a seriously bad mistake... sorry guys.” Sena began to rethink his strategy, as remotely trying to hit the ghost girl is impossible. Cooling the heated spike is impossible. I guess we have no choice “guys, these spike gonna spew either fire or lava...we are screwed if it hit us, so Verna I’m returning you to the Aether Ball, to keep you safe.” said Sena as he return Verna to her Aether Ball, “Frogadier, we’ll keep our guard up. If there is any fire or lava that will remotely endanger either one of us, don’t hesitate to use any of your water type attack.”
  4. LeonVermillion

    Today I Learned

    today I learn that Scooby Doo and the 13 ghost will finally have a closure
  5. How did UI Shaggy meme resurface from the pits of hell...?

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    2. Maelstrom


      Do not underestimate the power of irony. In memes, in... anything really. 

    3. LeonVermillion


      UI Shaggy was one of the many character that was hit with the Ultra Instinct meme, he was quite the prominent one lmao thank to that one scooby doo movie somehow made Shaggy grew some balls and fight some bikers.

      I decide to surf the internet a bit more after made that status and found out UI Shaggy resurface thank to several people jokingly request  Shaggy to be added into Mortal Kombat and Ed Boon decide to respond to that https://gamerant.com/mortal-kombat-11-shaggy-ed-boon-response/

    4. Christopher Robin

      Christopher Robin

      @seki108 understands.


      obviously ive been following that petition for a few days now too.


      also its not only ultra instinct- its moreso the live-action shaggy memes.

      Image result for live-action shaggy memes

  6. I would say, Rock, Grass, Ice, poison. Leavanny, Sceptile, and Torterra are my favorite grass type lawl, while Rock type I would say Lycanroc is my only favorite. for Ice type that goes to Froslass and Weavile tho. Lastly Drapion and Crobat are my two favorite poison type mon
  7. Damn the end of Maman camp side story is just too damn tear jerking


    not gonna regret my decision on replacing my level 81 Crobat with the Starly she gave me

  8. LeonVermillion

    Where do I go next?

    alright thank for the help
  9. LeonVermillion

    Where do I go next?

    Thanks to Aboodie for helping last time was quite helpful sorry for not saying it after you replied anyway, how to initiate Mosely sidequest in GDC? Thank in advance
  10. Finally finished version 11

    Only using physical attacking pokemon really was a hillariously bad idea





    1. Commander


      That Batman voice. They got the Batman voice. Seriously let these guys be in charge of DC anything from now on. This looks so good. 

  12. LeonVermillion

    Where do I go next?

    anyone could help me on what I should do after talking to officer jenny for the first time in the hospital of hope? and what I should do next after that? thank!
  13. Guess I’m the only crazy dude that only use 5 pokemon (except on those two cursed gym) up until Incineroar become available to use

  14. Leavanny knock Decidueye down in my favorite pokemon list. easily my mvp in the early rejuv, reborn first playthrough, all of my BW run

    1. Candy


      not to mention, Leavanny is cute~

    2. Maqqy


      Leavanny actually kicks a$$. The real 🐐

  15. LeonVermillion

    Where do I go next?

    so how do I unlock Kristiline Help Center? EDIT: nvm I stupidly forgot to get my reward for the final side quest of Kakori Town