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  1. Sena stand up, he looked at the dead Claydol "Not us... but whoever done that is already gone." Sena answered after dusting himself. "Hmm so Omega is already heading to the surface." He looked up, seeing the pink light-like particles flying out of the dome from around the city worries him but with his current condition it can be quite difficult on getting to the fountain as quickly as possible. "ughh damn... it hurts, but I think I can force it." He looked at both of his pokemon, "no need to worry guys, just focus on keeping your guard up. You too, Motor, stay focus for now." Verna and Zeromaru are still worried, and hearing Sena reassuring them doesn't stop them from worrying, but they decide to keep on a look out for suspicious activity around them. Sena change his focus to Betani, "is it possible for us to communicate with the rest of the team above?"
  2. Sena carefully sits, he is injured, which is not surprising after Claydol's explosion. "You guys okay?" He asked two of his pokemon, both which reply with a nod, he looked at Rita and Dolly, Rita seems safe same goes with Dolly, so that is one objective completed. With Rita unconscious, it'll be troublesome to move around, not to mention the other two Claydol might be still lurking around the place. Verna, Zeromaru, Dolly I need you to keep your guard up, I'm going to try calling Betani." Sena take out his A-Comm, trying to call her. Hopefully she have some good news and... not much nagging.
  3. Huh they actually fix Sonic design 

    Looks great!


  4. Both Verna and Zeromaru manage to finish their job spectacularly, "Alright good job!" Sena gave Zeromaru and Verna a thumb up. He turn his head toward Hyper Beam's collateral damage, with that blast, she'll be here in a minute... I need to be fast. Since Rita is kinda safe right now, Sena can focus on battling the three pokemon, with one of the Claydol is now weaker and outside of the building, while the Claydol that fired the Hyper Beam need to recharge, focusing on the third Claydol is a must. Before Sena can pull Verna back, the third Claydol used psychic on her, with her having no time to react, the only way to do protect her is to "Zeromaru help Verna, meet the attack with Water Pulse!" The Frog pokemon nodded, using his superior speed, Zeromaru rushes to Verna's location and fire a Water Pulse on Claydol's attack. Sena is still observing the battle, when the attack meets, he plans to command Verna to use Supersonic on Claydol 3#. Sena use attacker buff on Zeromaru Zeromaru atk/sp atk modifier 1.5->2.0 Zeromaru use Water Pulse (20,991) on Claydol 3#'s Psychic Verna use Supersonic right after Water Pulse hit Claydol 3#
  5. real life. non in game well the old tag force 6 games which I still play lulz Elemental Heroes, Stardust Dragons in the yugioh nexus web, Red Eyes deck. Currently trying to build Gladiator Beast deck for fun
  6. With the Claydol confused and hit itself in confusion, this should be a perfect chance to strike back. Every bad situation have a silver lining. So don't give up, and do your best, alright? That's what his mother always says, echoing in Sena's head. yeah and meeting with Zeromaru is one of them... Sena looked at Zeromaru. This time he steeled his resolve to stop this quickly and go help Betani. "Alright! going all out!" Seeing Claydol preparing its hyper beam Sena quickly whip up a plan, this might work. "Zeromaru move over there! When I give the signal use Quick Attack to get away!" Zeromaru nodded, he move himself to the location Sena pointed. It will put the confused Claydol in Hyper Beam range, it's risky but both knows that it's a now or never situation to do this. Sena quickly looked at the third Claydol, "Verna go ! And use Screech!" while pointing on the Claydol that is holding Rita. Verna without missing a vit rushed to that Claydol. "Cover your ears!" As Verna used Screech on the Claydol, with Sena return his focus on Zeromaru. Zeromaru will use Quick attack to dodge Hyper Beam. Hopefully hitting the confused Claydol#2 Verna used screech on the third Claydol
  7. Ugghh you can't be serious right...situation has gone even worse! Maybe if I— No, now is not the time for this. Sena need to save her first, and to do that, he must get through the two pokemon in front of him. "Guess we have no choice." Both of Sena's pokemon nodded, already know what their trainer's intention. "Zeromaru! Water Pulse!" using quick attack to upclose and personal, Zeromaru unleash a powerful pulse to one of the Claydol. "Verna, use Agility!" The small bat nodded, her movement become faster. These movement might not cause any damage like quick attack, its usefulness lies in dodging any oncoming attack and to move faster than the opponent. Sena back away a bit, observing the situation. Dodge and counter? Meet the attack head on? He needs to be careful for his next move. Zeromaru attack Claydol 2# with Water Pulse Verna use Agility
  8. There are no better word to describe what Sena feel other than feeling surprised. "I can't... no I need to focus. I need to... I..." memories of him with his parent came rushing back to him, those happy memories before he was alone in that house. Sena barely manage to held himself, he almost open his door to go downstair, but soon realize that, no... that is not them... He was a bit too late, as of now outside of his room is swarmed with Baltoy. crap... "Uhhh, Betani, there is some slight changes with the plan, Baltoy is outside of my room right now." After informing Betani of his situation Sena went upstair. Opening his door Sena rushed to the upstair with Zeromaru, Dolly and Verna help him clearing the Baltoy on the hallway.
  9. Should Sena follow Betani’s direction? He jave , but can’t shake off a rather weird feeling he have. No... I need to stick to the plan for now... Hopefully it was only my imagination. Sena thought to himself, as he climb up the roof carefully, trying not to alert his presence to the enemy. Zeromaru who has been on his side also carefully crawl, after a bit of looking around, he found a good place for to use Smokescreen with Verna now perched on Zeromaru’s side.
  10. Water type starter isn’t that good in the early to mid game of reborn, so be patience. Also Greninja is great if it have Protean as its ability
  11. That idiotic bastard... Sena can only sigh in disbelief, as he still looking at the smoke that is coming from the main square. "Right... hopefully Zetta would be fine. Rita, after you finish relaying the message to the surface, head to the square immediately. We're going to need almost all the help we can get." Sena said to Rita as he stands up, he looked at both of his pokemon, Frogadier who is now called Zeromaru is determined to beat Alpha and Omega, Verna on the other hand feels a bit down, but nonetheless she would try her best to support the team. Sena take a deep breath, ready or not they have to fight Alpha and Omega eventually. "Ready, time to save Zetta. If Stenee can't knock Alpha out, we need to at least separate both of them." Sena began to run, with Frogadier on his side, and Verna fly on his side.
  12. Some shithead decide to burn Kyoani studio https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2019/07/7cc0f7f7c6e2-dozens-injured-in-fire-after-man-sprays-liquid-at-kyoto-anime-studio.html


    I give my thought and deep prayer for the victim’s family.

  13. "thanks..." As Sena hold Frogadier's Aether Ball. He toss the ball upward summoning the frog "From now own your name will be Zeromaru." Frogadier looks confused, but accept his new nickname, as a sign of his friendship with Sena. Sena then began healing Frogadier with Betani's Super Potion, while healing Frogadier, he noticed the thing Frogadier is holding, "Can you show me what you are holding?" he asked Frogadier. While waiting for Frogadier show Sena what he got, Sena looked at both Betani and Rita, "alright, we're going to inform the surface about what they should do next." Sena then check his A-comm on Frogadier's moveset hmmm this might work. "While waiting for Rita informing the surface world. Let’s strategize a bit, what if Frogadier use Smokescreen on Alpha and Omega as our first step for surprise attack? Verna can pinpoint their location with Supersonic, to help us whacking either one of them. We might even be able to at least separate the two of them. What do you guys think? I'm open for a better option."
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