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  1. Your idea made me think about Smogon's Other Metagames. Users may create new competitive battles by changing only one rule or adding new ones. Some metas are pretty funny! It turns out something close to your idea already exists here. It says 'The Pokemon's Hidden Power type will be Added to its type(s)'. I remember now seeing competitive fights with this rule. Mega Mawile gained the Dark STAB on Sucker Punch and became even more aggressive than it is today.
  2. Given on what's been posted before by everyone, I gave each tier a value (From D = 0 to S = 4) then run calculations on the average tier of each leader. Here are the results but I don't know what to do with these, hence the different tier lists: The tier lists are fully arbritary, hence the different possibilites. We could use the median value which change the results a little. We could use other values for each tier. One thing sure is that we lack data ^^. You're right. I've forgotten that earlygame-breaking strat.
  3. Poor Luna. Stucked in bottom tier. I don't get Florinia's place tho. I feel that the matchup depends on whether you chose a fire starter. Plus, I used to grab a Slugma from the Game Corner for a free kill against some members of her team. Without these two, Florinia is very bulky for early-game.
  4. Well, I'd like to offer some thoughts about all you said. I tend to think otherwise about this subject. Firstly, AI patterns tend to be tricky. Without going through the code and these infamous function crawls, it will be hard to know for sure what the AI is aiming to at these specific moments. Personally, I've always considered that AI was predicting a switch. So, if you're playing on Set Mode and want to keep your mon alive, these AI's choices could be efficient. In general, if you find something odd in AI's choices such as picking wrong moves, you should make a specific thread about it. I'm sure there are a lot 'wrong choices' left. Secondly, about items, I just find them cheap. Everytime I had to stall with potions or revives, I considered the battles lost. This was not the case during my first playthrough tho Anyway! This is why I won't complain if AI don't use items since I don't use them myself anymore. Maybe it's my casual competitive spirit. Lastly, the several Gen 7 changes may have led to easier battles ... But I don't think it's actually the case! It's hard to state that for sure without collecting data on several players. Plus, it mostly depends on the matchup. I don't think a lot of people used the exact same team. I just feel it a non-issue. This is why I feel that "getting used to the game" is a better answer. But I would even say that people simply got better at pokemon. After a Reborn playthrough, you should have a better time getting through other difficult fangames.
  5. Oh! Well then, feel free to farm some heart scales. It will help mostly your Flygon and maybe other members of your team. At this point of the game, the movesets are fine!
  6. Hi! Where are you in the game right now? I have suggestions but you may find the time adequates TMs later. Here is what I would change assuming you reached endgame: Dragalge: Sludge Wave and Draco Meteor, making him a strong nuke. Flygon: EQ/Dragon Dance/Outrage and last move of your choice. Outrage is a STAB 120 power. Dragon Dance is a must have. You won't need Crunch or Rock Slide because it will inflict less damage. Torterra: Wood Hammer/EQ/Stone Edge/Rock Polish. Torterra is deadly when he is fast. Hydreigon: Dark Pulse/Draco Meteor/Flash Cannon/Flame Thrower. It gives him coverage but I'm not sure on this one. Lucario: you have a mixed sweeper. I'd rather run him full special or full physical. I suggest you to choose between Flash Cannon/AuraSphere/Vacuum Wave/Nasty Plot and Meteor Mash/Close Combat/Bullet Punch/Sword Dance. But I never used Lucario in Reborn and I'm not sure what he can learn in this game ... Hope that helped you!
  7. I think it will be a scripted order because I expect these battles being part of a larger plot. The story will progress as we defeat our opponents.
  8. Earlier today, I reached top 10 of showdown randbats ladder.


    I think I need another hobby.

    1. Schmiss


      Wow that is really good, Congrats! I tryharded it some time ago but only got just below 100 until i rage quit so i know that it is really hard and stressful. 

  9. Just wait for postgame if you want that kind of punishment.
  10. Alright! I see many things in your team that I would improve. Since most of TMs and move learners will be available later in the game, I will advise you based on what is available before Luna. Most of my suggestions are available with the move relearner. Blaziken : Flare Blitz > Blaze Kick. Because if your Blaze Kick doesn't K.O, the opponent will strike back. Since Blaziken has zero bulk, being a glass cannon is a better option. Brave Bird hits Grass and Bug, same thing as Fire moves do. So it's pretty useless. You can try Bulk Up instead. I heard it's good. A item that increases accuracy ensures your High Jump Kick's landing. Sylveon : I don't know what Secret power does but this move or Charm could be replaced by Light Screen. Screens will be useful against Charlotte's dual special moves. Alakazam : HP Poison is useless because Psychic hits Fairies and Grass with more damage. Recover, Reflect or Substitute could be better options. Krookodile is ok given what's available. Maybe Rock Tomb could help you if you have it. Dunno if it's available yet. Dragonite : Dragon Dance. Just Dragon Dance. You will learn it soon. Then, you will learn Outrage. With Fire Punch and Extreme Speed, you can hit almost anything. Blastoise is ok. Luna's TM will suit him, especially if you run his mega-evolution.
  11. Happy birthday mate! Let's catch up on an epic match one day ☺

    1. Lorisaur


      Thank you so much!!!!!!! We'll of course have some great matches one of these days!! Tell me when you can

  12. Also, the cave you just went in is a fine grinding spot at this point. There, you can catch a Geodude/Graveler just for this fight. Onix tends to lack power before evolving.
  13. So, basically, everyone became a Sylveon and gained the Pixiliate ability? pixpix? Love it. pix~


    Hyper voice on everyone. pix~

  14. There are the bulky Gliscor, the hyper-offense Hawlucha with Reborn Seeds, Dragon Dancers such as Gyarados, Dragonite or Salamence … Mega-Pinsir is deadly too. Staraptor can break noses. Togekiss has good utilities (Fairy types rule). Mega Aerodactyl is versatile. Ninjask can use Baton Pass ... It depends on your playstyle and what you need in your team.
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