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  1. Take a look into On The Hunt topics. Ability capsules are hidden here and there. You can't buy ones at this point of the game.
  2. I suggest you use some ability capsules and grab some heart scales (there are Luvsdics in the lake). Find the move relearner and please yourself with coverage and utility moves. There are plenty of solutions available for your team, for instance give Light Screen to Meowstic and Speed Boost + High Jump Kick to Blaziken. Your pokemons are nice imo. You don't need to change your team to beat the game. Just find good moves, especially utility ones and you will have no trouble. With your team as it is, I would use Thunder Wave on Porygon-Z and kill him with Hariyama. But there are many other possibilites!
  3. As a novice competitive player who like to watch some competitive stuff sometimes, I can say that the competitive future is incertain. According to some players, it can turn out very good or very bad. I have listed some potential consequences of this decision: We can assume that legendaries and pseudo-legendaries, being part of the region where they come from, will be not available anymore. For instance, we could say goodbye to the Tapus and the Ultra-Beasts native in Alola. Plus, in Gen 7, we had an event every two months for a new legendary available. I guess it won't be the case anymore. There are currently 20 legendaries out fo 50 pokemons in the OU metagame. This will induce changes if some of them are left out. Even the Uber tier may not exist anymore. Breeding options may change. Some moves may not be available anymore. The new mechanic Dynamax seems too brutal from what has been shown so far (discount Z-moves and boost in stats, at least in HP). Being able to sweep for 3-turns without setting up will enforce taking counter-measures such as a defensive Dynamax (hello Toxapex), moves like Substitute, Fake Out, Protect ... abilities like Prankster and Sturdy … items like Red Card and Focus Sash … It doesn't look healthy! But again, we don't know yet how this mechanic will work. In conclusion, the competitive stage is a big box to be shaken. And what will come out could be tasty or disgusting.
  4. On the official website, we can see that Grookey went from 41 to 61 HP by dynamaxing. So, it will increase HP too. I don't know why but I feel like it could take a whole turn to Dynamax. At least, it will less overpowered than boosting your stats AND using a 'discount' Z-move. But I may be wrong because Grookey lost 1 PP between the two pictures.
  5. Same as you. Plus, unless Dynamax is not as overpowered as it seems, I feel like it would ruin most of the battles by making the game too easy and by slowing down battles even more. I already have doubts but I hope this new mechanic will convince me later. And concerning GF's creativity, there was little room for hope considering what's they have been making so far through these two decades. The story hasn't changed. The gameplay hasn't changed that much. Every single Gen has consisted of graphics enhancement and an addition of new pokemons. I will enjoy those of course, there is real work behind these new creatures and the universe in general but I can't stop thinking that I will play the same game over again. 8-years old me would have loved it. And maybe that's what keep them in this choice of aiming for childrens. They want to keep it simple and casual because they know it's going to sell. Even the ones who are not convinced will buy it eventually. They have no reason to invest time into more complex things.
  6. Personally, it made me think of the Reborn Giant Steelix. In a way, we can say that Gen 8 is already implemented.
  7. I thought I was alone in my hate of the cotton flying ball. I play randbats a lot and Strength Sap did surprise me the first time I faced it. The irony is that I've never been able to make it work myself. Welcome to the forum anyway
  8. Well, if I remember correctly, they are wild in the Ultra-Dimension, where Necrozma lives.
  9. Against his Minior, Ampharos and Seaking should work. Ampharos' Light Screen with a Light Clay could help too.
  10. Hello! I suggest you paying a visit to the move relearner. Her missing key is somewhere in the Undergroung Railnet. There, teach your pokemons some good moves. I don't have everything in mind but I suggest you at least the following: High Jump Kick and Bulk Up to Blaziken Horn Leech, Bulk Up and Earthquake to Gogoat Megahorn to Seaking If you need more heart scales, there are Luvdiscs in the Lake. Good luck!
  11. I like your team. Like a lot. Here are a few changes that I will do. Charizard: Roost instead of one dragon move. It's always good to have recovery options, especially in double battles. Excadrill: Iron Head instead of Smart Strike. It's more powerful and it can flinch. Tyranitar: Stone Edge instead of Rock Slide in single battles. You can switch between one and the other freely so it's up to you. I like Serperior. The item too. I don't know if you use Grassy Terrain a lot but I'm sure it's efficient in Reborn. Azumarill: Maybe Knock Off instead of Waterfall. But I understand you need it for journey reasons. Otherwise Liquidation > Waterfall. Conkeldurr: Should have a Flame Orb at some point. Less painful. Conkeldurr is slow so Drain Punch must help a lot staying alive. So, do you use Facade a lot? Knock Off is better option if you want to hit Ghost types. Finally, I feel that Ice Punch is better than Thunder Punch.
  12. Des Teto


    Scrolling this scoreboard will be longer than waiting for updates. I will waste so much time everyday.
  13. If you played the game a long time ago, you probably haven't reached the end of E18 yet. I'll try to not spoil you. At some point, there is a choice that will trigger a branch story where different events occur. You fight a Zekrom or a Reshiram depending on the choice you've made. The fight is right before a certain gym leader.
  14. Z-Dig for the win ! If you tend to have a more physical Gren, this move paired with Gunk Shot and Ice Beam make good coverage. You can add U-Turn too if you play on Set Mode. Otherwise, Hydro Pump is always good.
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