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  1. The Life Orb one who were playing Super Mario in the waterfall? This event has been removed as far as I know. It's not even listed in locations guide anymore.
  2. That one made me chuckle at work. I will add this in prevision of next episode: Lin can OHKO a Sturdy Steelix without Mold Breaker.
  3. Where do you learn that she had a lvl70 Absol? Also, it doesn't make sense. As the Champion, her main team is level 100. No doubt about that.
  4. More realistic than sarcastic. And as a entertainer, he just doesn't have the time to explore every corner of the game. And don't get me wrong. This guy is good at Pokemon. He adapts very well to overcome tough situations. Adding to this his reactions and his infinite imagination makes him fun to watch! Despite not being into Let's Play at all (it just bores me), I'm still enjoying the show. He clearly recorded the two episodes in a row. He just couldn't have saved in a middle of dialogue. Too bad for Saphira's revenge.
  5. No worries. No one can find 7 stickers on his own in his first playthrough. If he doesn't take the time to train a proper team, he won't bother to do hard side-quests.
  6. Ttar uploading faster that people commenting this thread. I skipped most of part 1 and started from season 2. It's much more enjoyable without the nuzlocke part.
  7. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

    1. Des Teto

      Des Teto

      You're not the first this year. But thank you anyway 🙂

      have a great day as well!

    2. LykosHand


      Ahhh rip xD, you're welcome 😄 and thanks a lot 😉

  8. FYI the suspect test has begun! Players will vote whether or not Dynamax should be banned. This thread explains everything and more: https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/np-ss-ou-suspect-process-round-1-boom-boom-pow.3657265/
  9. Dynamax is about to get banned from 6v6 Smogon. At least, some changes were made in prevision of the potential future ban. I learned the hard way today that Choice items were disabled once you pokemon were dynamaxed. In my case, I discovered this new feature with my Scarf-Ditto versus a Shell Smashed Blastoise (It was randbats, eveything hardcoded into the game is implemented there. Shell Smash Blastoise is not available yet). I dynamaxed my Ditto but the Blastoise was faster. It was a speed-tie. If you didn't know, if you had for instance a Choice Scarf, you can switch moves while still having the Speed Boost. This seems odd because Smogon never touched to hard-coded mechanics before. They created Sleep Clause and Baton Pass Clause but never changed the way a pokemon mechanic works. It's because Dynamax is ruling the OU metagame right now, way more than everything else in the past. There are currently 6 pokemons played in 30% of every team: Dragapult, Ferrothorn, Ditto, G-Darmanitan, Excadrill and Corviknight who can abuse it while being strong in other roles. Thanks to Dynamax and Choice items shenanigans, when G-Darmanitan was locked on a Ice-move, if the opponent sent Ferrothorn, G-Darmanitan dynamaxed, used Dynamax-Flare Blitz and won. And it's just one of many cases. Corviknight is literally immortal once it has set up with Bulk Up and Max-Airstream. If you want a more detailed opinion, there is ABR's below, a respected top-player:
  10. It takes 5 minutes but anyway. You sure need to know what to do. Let's say the game summons a Sprite Set #1 there is no garanty that it will summon the Sprite Set #4 by updating the versions. If the files are not replaced, it will need a dev to find the code line that summons a specific sprite set chosen by the player in the beginning. I am not sure about the term 'summon'. I don't know IT english ^^ it's good food for thought tho.
  11. I think you can simply switch the sprites by editing the file names in the adequate folder. I made a custom character once and I just replaced every sprites (including the surf and the bike ones). Copy your V12 folder and try this method on this second folder so that you won't break anything. As for the gender issue, you need to reach for a RPG maker enthusiam or a dev since it's a hardcoded thing.
  12. I think more criterias should be added in this tier list definition. First: avaibility. I mean. It's obvious Blaziken is the best starter. It has good early-game and has his best moveset once it has evolved (with Heart scales). For instance, Serperior needs level 60 for Leaf Storm and Gren needs Neo-Reborn for move tutors. Second is double battles. Gren is very bad in double battles being very frail. Other pokemons such as Incineroar and Swampert are very good at them tho. Last but not least, the way you play the game. Do you use items? Do you play on Set mode? I mean, there is nothing wrong with that. It just changes drastically the performance of the different pokemons. Bulky pokemons tends to perform better. I think it's important because it allows situations that wouldn't occur otherwise. Every K.O gives you a free-switch on your Blaziken against a useless foe. Then you can have a free Bulk Up and sweep. You can even recover with Hyper Potions endlessly if you need to. I insist on Set Mode because without it, it's like your opponent do nothing for 6 turns. He just waits casually for being killed by the adequate pokemon you sent during you free turn... while he would have striked you 6 times during your switches. In this case, it's important to be bulky. Pokemons in C and D tiers would be far more determinent in your runs (and Gren would be mid-tier imo).
  13. The real question that matters to me is 'is there enough of them?' I wish there were a second one. Because it's a nice addition.
  14. So, it goes like this: There are impossible legal monotype runs such as Rock, Ice and Dragon for example because there are few mons available before mid-game. Feel free to check this thread, aka the bible when it comes to monotype runs. But don't if you'd rather play blind. I would say that Grass is a hard type at the beginning due to the amount of Poison foes. I've tried Fairy a long time ago but it gets easier after the third gym but I won't recommend it because you need to know the game in details. Other option: choose your type randomly. Then, improvise, adapt, overcome. From what I've seen, every run is fun because you have to work with pokemons you would never have used in other circumstances.
  15. I liked the map design both from graphics and gaming aspects. Each area is open and there is a lot to see and to explore. While going from South to North in the first Region, I could almost feel I needed a jacket or a coat. Also, some battles in Intense mode such as Marianette made me scratch my head a lot. That Holy Field - Magical Seed - Cosmic Power - Baton Passer speedy Lopunny who always chose Toucannon was evil. But I have only four badges. I guess there is more to come ^^ I'll post again if I change my mind.
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