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  1. I liked the map design both from graphics and gaming aspects. Each area is open and there is a lot to see and to explore. While going from South to North in the first Region, I could almost feel I needed a jacket or a coat. Also, some battles in Intense mode such as Marianette made me scratch my head a lot. That Holy Field - Magical Seed - Cosmic Power - Baton Passer speedy Lopunny who always chose Toucannon was evil. But I have only four badges. I guess there is more to come ^^ I'll post again if I change my mind.
  2. So, you want a presentation about pokemon basic mechanics ? I think you will find a clear explanation in some websites such as Bulbapedia. There are articles about everything you asked, just look it up! But if you manage to finish the game without knowing all that, I think you will understand everything easily. I tried to explain each point myself but I realized I always missed important things. I can try to answer more specifics questions later if you have some.
  3. Oops. I was going to suggest you a passive weather core with Drizzle and Drought abilities. Without it, it will be very hard to set up the rainbow field in less than three turns. Plus, correct me if I'm wrong, but with Pledge moves, the Rainbow Field will last 5 turns while with weather, it can last 8. As for your team, something with Serene Grace could be broken in this field.
  4. 1. It just the way that critical hits work. A crit gets past defensive stats boosts. Go Bulbapedia for more details. 2. Pallosand has Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, Shore Up and Amnesia. So, against your Cacturne, Shadow Ball is the best choice. 2.bis Amnesia boosts Sp.Att too in this field since it works with Gen1 mechanics. So, when Pallosand was at +2/+4/+6 and it just assumed that Giga Drain was enough to K.O. Jynx, which worked apparently.
  5. Your last move could be Roost or Giga Drain ... but in Reborn double battles consider the mighty HEATWAVE. The only good HP is HP Ground but it's for Heatran so no need. There is Psychic too but it's only useful against Toxapex ... There is Hurricane too if you use rain. Nah, run Heatwave, it's good. As for EV training, the fastest way I know is to fight in this first area in the Underground Railnet. There are only Noibat and Woobat who give you Speed. Run the item that gives you Sp.Att EV (Power Lens) and then switch to the one that gives you Speed. Every battle will be useful.
  6. Can't wait to fight Santa Claus again. But yeah, if they can find a way to make things less tedious, it could be as refreshing as these new graphics. There are a lot of fedex quests that I won't do again.
  7. I am on a business trip and there is a Lavender Town remix playing in the restaurant.


    Pokemon fans are everywhere.

  8. How do you feel about climate change?
  9. Do you have the public version of E18? I asked because this bug reminds me of one which was occurring in the community version of E18. Your game file should be named 'Reborn18.1'. If not, try downloading again the game.
  10. I like watching him react to everything story-wise but even more battle-wise every time something odd occurs. He knows how to adapt to though situations. I wonder how far we will go at this pace. Taka's Chatot is a threat to his team and frightens me. Like a lot.
  11. Note to myself: never drink coffee after 5 PM.


    I want to sleep.

    1. Business Casual Kobayashi

      Business Casual Kobayashi

      Challenge accepted.

    2. Des Teto

      Des Teto

      Don't please. My next day was ruined.

  12. Well, despite being called the 'lung of the world', this assessment is not true. Rainforests are by definition not growing anymore and therefore do not trap carbon dioxyd anymore. Grown trees (and mature forests) consume as much oxygen as they produce since photosynthesis and respiration compensate one another. There are plenty reasons to worry though, hence my comment. For instance, this forest is a biodiversity treasure and 24 millions people live in the brazilian part ... there will be a shortage of food supplies for them. This fire seems to come from deforestation as countries needs always more space for cattle farming.
  13. Hello! Welcome to the forum! I haven't played it yet but maybe Spork could be consisered as cute.
  14. I don't know if you guys remember their first playthrough but I used to get bodied at every boss battle. The fact that we can get past challenges is only because we know their teams and can come up with a proper gameplan. I think this guy is good at pokemon because despise being in easy mode (the game feels so different with a blaziken), he is making his way step by step. Even if he loses, he would offer a entertaining show by playing the game with teambuilding like we all did.
  15. This guy is a delight to watch. And he has made right choices every time. For a first blind playthrough, he is good at this game. I hope there will be fanarts of Gulpin's battle versus Tangrowth. He was lucky to have the perfect counter but he deserved it.
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