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  1. Note to myself: never drink coffee after 5 PM.


    I want to sleep.

  2. Well, despite being called the 'lung of the world', this assessment is not true. Rainforest are by definition not growing anymore and therefore do not trap carbon dioxyd anymore. Grown trees (and mature forests) consume as much oxygen as they produce since photosynthesis and respiration compensate one another. There are plenty reasons to worry though, hence my comment. For instance, this forest is a biodiversity treasure and 24 millions people live in the brazilian part ... there will be a shortage of food supplies for them. This fire seems to come from deforestation as countries needs always more space for cattle farming.
  3. Hello! Welcome to the forum! I haven't played it yet but maybe Spork could be consisered as cute.
  4. I don't know if you guys remember their first playthrough but I used to get bodied at every boss battle. The fact that we can get past challenges is only because we know their teams and can come up with a proper gameplan. I think this guy is good at pokemon because despise being in easy mode (the game feels so different with a blaziken), he is making his way step by step. Even if he loses, he would offer a entertaining show by playing the game with teambuilding like we all did.
  5. This guy is a delight to watch. And he has made right choices every time. For a first blind playthrough, he is good at this game. I hope there will be fanarts of Gulpin's battle versus Tangrowth. He was lucky to have the perfect counter but he deserved it.
  6. Hello! I saw you mentioned your grad school somewhere in another thread/dimension. What do you study? What do you intend to do once you graduate? Ok it's boring. Another question perhaps ... Are you hyped for 'His Dark Materials' this Fall? Have your read the books?
  7. Since you're quite the passionate one when it is about videogames, can you explain why do you think videogames could be considered as an art form? Long answer expected.
  8. Oh I don't remember that! And it's probably the case. Knowing myself, I think I gave this person the book. Thank you!
  9. The Ancient Book has disappeared from my bag. Not sure if it's a bug or if I triggered an event at some point but here was happened: I've completed the Hidden Library 2 sidequest. I did found the book for sure because I saw in the forum that Karen was supposed to give to us when she snatched the Mega Ring. I remember having it in my inventory at some point because I could read Garufan prophecies in the Hidden Library before leaving. But now, I'm in Marianette's Mansion and I can't read prophecies present on the Absol and Gardevoir statues. It seems the book vanished from my inventory at some point. Not sure if this item matters in the future but I find this issue disturbing ^^ I could search through all my savefiles if needed.
  10. It sounds just the same in my head when I read the name. I know it's wrong but I can't help it ^^ This guy is a nice discovery! Funny playthrough incoming.
  11. Yeah, you can roll over some fights with a counter-team or even with a hard-counter. You can do so because you know your opponent's team. But where is the fun in that? It's ok for a team to be 6 - 0 by something. or at least to have several counters. Every team does. That does not mean the team is weak.
  12. I reached level 8 for the first time yesterday. Level 7 gave me 1700 coins. Happiest moment in my run. This was no skill at all. There are a lot of 50-50 situations where, well, you have to make choices. Once you know which rows/columns are cleared and how many coins you lack in the others, the game gets simpler.
  13. The Sap Sipper ability doesn't work. I have a Blitzle and the opposing wild Deerling used Leech Seed on me. And ... it worked. I'm on Route 2. Let me know if you need more details such as a battle log or something. I will try to know if this issue happens with other moves.
  14. Title! I have a Blitzle and the opposing wild Deerling used Leech Seed on me. And ... it worked I'm on Route 2. Let me know if you need more details such as a battle log or something. Edit: I will post this in the approriate thread. Sorry. Plz delete.
  15. Wow. I didn't know all these issues about Smogon but it's quite understandable. After spending 3 years shaping the Gen 7 meta, it will be hard to say goodbye to all these mechanics one learned to appreciate. For those who didn't know, Z-moves ended up being really healthy. And megas gave a second life to a lot of pokemons. There are even megas less useful than the actual pokemons such as Garchomp and Tyranitar. It's like a brand new pokemon in the competitive point of view. The question that remains is how many? How many pokemons out of the thousands will we have? Does anyone saw a glimpse of a clue about that? A restricted meta could be fine. For instance, Let's Go mechanics were fun but there were only 150 beasts. There was an Aerodactyl with SR in every viable team. It just needed more things to work with. So, if Smogon ends up with 400-500 pokemons available, I think Gen 8 6v6 will work just fine. In any case, it will be a challenge.
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