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  1. Not sure if this would be considered "minor" or not, but after "battling" the Vileplume in the Safari Zone that blocks off the cave, literally every wild Pokemon that you encounter after it has Strength Sap in its 4th moveslot.
  2. Thought of a few more. Flygon Crest: Boosts Special Attack by 1.3x, and doubles the power of "not very effective" moves. (since it never got the mega it deserved) Froslass Crest: Boosts Defense and Special Defense by 1.25x, and doubles the chance of its attacks having secondary effects. Drapion Crest: Boosts Attack and Speed by 1.25x, and increases the power of biting moves by 20%. Vikavolt Crest: Boosts Speed by 1.5x, and gains +1 Speed at the end of each turn.
  3. Stunfisk Crest: Increases its Defense by 1.3x, gives it immunity to Water-type attacks, and restores 25% of its HP when it gets hit with one. Kecleon Crest: Merges its Special Attack and Special Defense stats.
  4. Surely, I can't have been the only one with this experience. (V12 spoilers, obviously)
  5. Will Version 13 be the end of Act 2, or was Rejuv only going to be just 2 "acts"?
  6. Will Zumi ever get to Grand Dream City to show off the Advanced Pokedex that we helped her with?
  7. When I caught one of the Gible in Zone Zero, and put it in my party by sending another Pokemon to the PC, it evolved immediately after the battle ended. Not sure if that's a bug or not, but sharing anyway, just to be safe.
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