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  1. And for the Third Main character of the Pokemon Fangame, I've come up with my Idea.


    A Cyborg. Thought by the first two Protagonists to have died a long time ago, She instead Lived and was turned into a Cyborg.


    And Yes, This character is a rip off of Gray Fox. Don't worry, her character Arc will be different. Although I wouldn't mind having a scene somewhat like this.



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    2. Sardines


      What's wrong with gamer grills?

    3. ShadeStrider


      Nothing. Just it seems that both of the main Fangames that define why people use this site have an overload of female representation.


      Not enough Male or Non-Binary representation... but to be honest, how many people claim to be nonbinary these days? Still, I don't think Rejuvenation has a single Non-Binary important character apart from the MC (and that's only if you choose for xem to be.)



    4. ShadeStrider


      Anyways, I've decided that this Cyborg shouldn't really be a playable character. I might Kill her off, making the time you spent on grinding her skill tree to be useless.

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