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  1. Okay so after i got Titania commander you might want to see this
  2. espeon860

    Typos V11

    so when i did the virutal quest the chikorita one the text said i had a tedisura but i have a mareep think that was a mistake.
  3. think the vacine things is removed for now since it had many bugs rip
  4. just when things go well someone just decide to screw things up by going to a place to themselves. Welp least you are delaying the the trip to the mountains by doing sidequest .
  5. I think we lost people due to the new item in new super mario bros u deluxe item. Also nice job on Angie that one of the harder fights.
  6. espeon860

    Reborn EXTREME Version

    OUCH i'm sorry man this is going to take more a while hope you can recover from this.
  7. espeon860

    Reborn EXTREME Version

    RIP oh well I can understand it be a pain to do again so i guess we will have to wait.
  8. just talk to the tangelas and the rift carnevine will appear.
  9. espeon860

    Pokemon Reawakened Official Dev. Blog (New Release Available!)

    the egg is at sienna city at the T.R.B building need a card to get to the back in one of the rooms contains the egg also need to beat the first gym for it to apear. also im not good at spoiler tags so ouch.
  10. espeon860

    Pokemon Reawakened Official Dev. Blog (New Release Available!)

    by the way quick question is the egg that you get at amytheist room in sienna suppose to be a jangmo- o caused i hatched it and it was a kommo-o