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  1. Whelp, it finally happened. "Dad of Light" made me boo-hoo in the office. I knew I shouldn't have watched a heartfelt show at work....

  2. Anyone have any experience with the Metro series? Planning on starting the Redux collection on PS4 this evening. 

  3. Finally beat the Golden Deer route on Three Houses. Great game! 

  4. Hopefully going to beat Three Houses tonight! I'm on the final two weeks before the final fight. Spending some time grinding one or two more auxiliary fights and then it's on to the final battle. Hoping I see credits roll this evening and that I can move on to Metro tomorrow! 

  5. Finally finished the game room! https://imgur.com/a/n0M7ppa

    1. Maqqy


      Wow codecass um can I live there? I can lay on a mat if its any trouble

    2. CodeCass


      Haha any time. Half the fun of having a library like this is letting people check it out and we love letting folks borrow games and movies. I always joke that we could open up our own rental store at this rate. 

    3. Maqqy


      Yes man. Gamestop is on it’s way to bankruptcy atm.


       In all seriousness good job that’s a dream gaming room right there 😩 pls adopt me

  6. Just discovered my first podcasts. I'm digging "Spooked"

  7. Reorganizing/remodeling this game room is turning into a much bigger chore than I'd intended. 

  8. Tried my hand at homemade apple fritters yesterday. Turned out great! Those plus a Godzilla movie marathon made the day great! 

  9. Finally bit the bullet and purchased two of my "white whales" of gaming. My "holy grails" as it were. I'm now the proud owner of both Shadow Hearts: Covenant and Monster Rancher 2. I'm stoked! 

    1. Wolfox


      Hopefully they were easier to get than mine will be... Telius is expensive... 

    2. CodeCass


      They actually weren't bad at all. Found a guy selling both on Reddit for $30 each. 

  10. Just swapped a game for Chrono Trigger DS! I've never gotten to play this classic so I'm pretty excited to finally try it out! 

  11. The Pride event was awesome. Really had a great time. Got entirely too intoxicated, but still had a great time. 

    1. Abyssreaper99


      Nice to see you enjoyed Pride, got that to enjoy Saturday. 

  12. I swear I have to stop watching Violet Evergarden at work. I'm gonna burst out into tears in the office one of these days. That's twice now it's made me almost squall like a child haha. 

  13. Going to my first ever Pride Festival tomorrow to support my LGBTQ+ friends. Sounds like it's going to be a wild time. 

  14. So I work in an office connected to a warehouse. I recently started making coffee in the mornings for those of us in the office (only 3 of us drink it). I make the coffee and I wash the pots in the afternoon. I'm the only one who does this. It should be noted no one drank coffee before I started making it. So lately all the guys in the warehouse have started drinking the coffee I make too, even though they have their own maker in their own area. However they don't help make it or help clean up. 


    It's really started getting on my nerves. So I was talking about it to my co-worker, and he hit me with a "Don't worry, I got this". Fast forward after lunch and he comes back from Walmart. The crazy bastard bought us an electric kettle, a French Press, and some really good coffee (the coffee the office provides is admittedly horrid); all for us to keep back in our immediate area that only he, I, and the girl that works with us can use. 


    So basically....I now have my very own coffee station made completely out of spite....and it makes the coffee taste so much better haha. 

  15. I would have never thought trying to trade for a copy of Shadow Hearts: Covenant would be this difficult. 

    1. Raindrop Valkyrie

      Raindrop Valkyrie

      As far as I'm aware the game was actually not run for a lot of copies outside of Japan and the fact we even got it in English was pretty wild. So sadly gettin' a hold of it these days can be quite the challenge as l'm sure you know.

      Shame as it really is a cult classic in it's own ways from that era of RPGs. There's a lot of super good systems and so many well executed crazy ideas in there. l'd love for more folks to see such a game.

    2. CodeCass


      Agreed! I owned it as a teen and foolishly traded it away years ago. Now that I'm an adult and rebuilding my collection, it seems to be super difficult to find. It's certainly my "white whale" of game collecting. 

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