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  1. This Ultra Sun Nuzlocke is making me really wrack my brain. I'm losing team mates left and right. Now I'm having to figure out yet another Pokémon to bring in to get ready for Nanu's B.S. 

    1. CodeCass


      For reference, here's the current group. I'll gladly accept any and all advice!


    2. Wolfox


      If the mushroom bites the dust use the steenee

  2. Going bar hopping for the first time with my brother this weekend. Ready to have some fun! 

  3. Finally listened to the new version of "Be Prepared". After an initial knee-jerk of "meh" I have to admit I like it the more I listen to it. It's no where near as grand as the original, but it's not bad. It's shorter and different but I still think it's pretty good. Ready to check out the movie next week. 

  4. I miss Dungeon Dice Monsters. Loved the GBA game and the physical game. I wish I could find some sort of physical board game that had a similar playstyle. 

  5. I would have never thought finding a copy of Shadow Hearts: Covenant to complete my collection would be so difficult. 

  6. Just found out that the cover of Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla" that plays at the end of King of the Monsters was a cover by Serj Tankian and members of Dethklok. I knew I loved it for a reason. 

  7. Going through my PS2 games, I completely forgot "InuYasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask" was a thing. I remember it being a pretty fun JRPG if you enjoyed InuYasha. I'm tempted to replay it and see if it holds up nowadays. 

    1. seki108


      I never even heard of that one, and I was pretty big into Inuyasha back then.  I had the fighting game for the Ps2 but that one went under my radar.

    2. CodeCass


      The only InuYasha games I ever played were "Feudal Fairy Tale" which was a PS1 2-D fighter, then "Secret of the Cursed Mask" which was the PS2 turn-based JRPG, and then there was "Feudal Combat", a 3-D fighter for the PS2. If memory serves there was also a DS title but I never tried it. 

  8. Started re-watching Yu-Gi-Oh on Netflix...I think I'm getting obsessed again. Already added all the manga volumes to my Amazon list. Admittedly it does feel like being a teen again, haha. 

    1. Wolfox


      sadly anything past DM (unsurprising) and for some reason Arc-V isn;t on there...

    2. Chimpnology


      i believe crunchyroll has everything dubbed and most things subbed as well.

      i know all of gx and 5ds is subbed and dubbed, and the original is completely dubbed and subbed until the beginning of the fifth season of dm (still in progress tho).

  9. I'm really kicking myself for ever falling off Dragon Quest XI. Such an amazing JRPG. Currently working through the backlog to finish up some started games before all the big titles drop later this year. I'm so glad I started with DQXI though. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chimpnology


      dragon quest is a blessed series

    3. CodeCass


      @Des Teto Honestly, as a turn-based RPG fan, I can't stress how great the game is. Beautiful visuals, fantastic characters, and just amazing gameplay and stories. I just love it and I hate that I got distracted and fell off it for a few months now. If you have it in your library already, I highly recommend jumping on it! 

    4. Chimpnology


      i finished playing the translated dragon quest monsters joker 3 a few days ago, credits to marcello for recommending. only finished main story though, which by dragon quest standards basically means im maybe halfway there at best.


      super good game, i cant fathom why the series isnt more popular in these parts.

  10. I'm back after months away! Glad to be home amongst you fine friends. 

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Welcome back, yon Cipher of the Cass! May thine presence be as pleasant as thine welcome!

    2. seki108


      Good to have you back!

  11. Your avatar has my stamp of approval. js. 

  12. (For whenever you get back?)--- It seems Master Asia has been confirmed playable by some people who got early copies.  It least it isn't the J treatment where he wasn't playable or the OE one where he wasn't there at all......though I can't remember if any G Gundam characters besides Domon were there at all that game.



    Edit: Replaced old videos with newer ones



    1. seki108


      And Nobel thankfully



    2. seki108
  13. The final Devil May Cry 5 trailer has me motivated!

    1. Destrakon


      Totally agreed with you, can't wait to put my hands on DMC5.


      PD. I got "WTF!!!" when I saw Vergil's back.



  14. Loved the Direct. Short and sweet with that Gen 8 goodness. Can't wait for the release. 

  15. I can't wait! I'm liking what I'm seeing. This is the first time since Gen 2 that I really liked all the starter's designs. I'm thinking I may go water for the first time in well over a decade! Ready to give my buddy Sobble a try! Hoping for great things with this one!
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