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  1. Yeah the start of ASER was about when I found him. good stuff, though the 'random' part becomes more and more of a stretch lol. If you're following along with the series, you might want to beware of spoilers in this thread, since basically all the regulars here have completed the game and will speak freely about future content.
  2. Hey, just FYI it looks like both links are currently identical ones for the Memeborn version, with the Redux one missing.
  3. Well, the title does say "Early Game" =P. but yes with all that yawning, even I'm getting a bit tired of it.
  4. I think other watchers of a certain playthrough would agree that Gulpin (and/or trubbish) deserve a spot on this list too. Very durable and great at spreading status and stat changes to wear things down
  5. This one didn't even feel like luck, he just played to his win conditions well (even if those conditions were yawn+stockpile+potions and moxie mightyena). little bit of level advantage and bam.
  6. I'm not sure if it's specifically explained at all, but knowing Sigmund, my best guess would be that there's some legal thing where Sigmund as their current caregiver would have to judge another potential guardian as "suitable" to take then, which naturally he'd say she wasn't. Someone else might be able to elaborate on this more if there's evidence though.
  7. A ton of work has definitely gone into the custom AI for Reborn (and E19 should be juicing it up even further ) , though I couldn't tell you how much was done by Ame, and how much was Marcello or others.
  8. Before Gen 7 Team: Gengar, Doublade, Trevenant, Rotom, Banette, Chandelure After Gen 7 Team: Gengar, Doublade, Dhelmise, Rotom, Banette, Mimikyu
  9. I would say it's a mix of factors. a) Levels are only loosely canon at best, necessary for gameplay but often don't reflect that accurately on story, so you can't really judge relative power levels around them, especially when they're seen at different points in the story. b) Defending against criminals would be a very different ballgame to the standard rule-abiding battles they have experience with. They're dealing with things like being attacked directly and people trying to prevent them from sending out pokemon in the first place. And it's amplified by the fact that most of them are kids/teenagers. I guess you could think of it like a 12 year old with a handgun defending against a burgler with a knife who's broken into their home and taken them by surprise. c) It's somewhat just required to tell an interesting game story that the player is involved in. It would be pretty underwhelming if you just wandered around the city and heard about gym leaders beating up meteor people on TV.
  10. I ended up going down a bit of a rabbit hole of my own research on the matter for a few hours yesterday, and yeah based on that I decided to leave it at the connection between game and online league, though with a bit more detail around that.
  11. To be fair, I think he would've left for a common candy even without the healing, since he had no way of knowing when a full boss fight was going to pop up, and the relationship penalty only applies once right? I would like to include trivia about the online league and real life ties, but I'd also want to get my information straight on that stuff, since I think there's a fairly blurry line between fact and rumour around some of that stuff
  12. Two in a row baby! oof on leaving and losing the relationship point, but I can't really blame him for not realising he was healed
  13. Other than the population of gen 7 throughout the game, there shouldn't be a ton of changes to existing content. If you still remember the story well, you can probably just continue forward, otherwise you might enjoy a new playthough. (or save that for E19 next year)
  14. It's the paradox of only being able to train peanut off-camera, but only being able to evolve peanut on-camera
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