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  1. I think Cain would argue that the player has a first-rate ass
  2. Seems like he's pretty active at checking twitter, so it's a good way to get him to see things. but the fanart channel in the discord is also good. and DW, I got your back with keeping things spoiler free, as long as the YT comments aren't too overt (which is possible). This is what he got (first bit clarifying the sprite): Just based on what he's already seen at the park
  3. Also nice to see @ZEL's cute art getting featured
  4. You should just be able to remove each of the components you don't want from the mods folder, and they won't be loaded. ones in the optional folder should also not be loaded without being moved out.
  5. Yeah it was wormadam, and judging by the mirror shot, trash wormadam seems right.
  6. Yeah I think if you're at the point of knowing to use fake out to prevent the rain and take out Illumise, you've gone beyond bruteforcing it haha
  7. those streams were so good, even if I had to watch them later :blobsweats: on the last bit though, I think I can guess what you mean
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/amethystblack/clip/SweetEnergeticElk4Head?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time I'll never let this be forgotten
  9. Here's an awesome one I've already seen in the discord: Actually really excited to see the art that spawns from is as it seems like the TTar community produces quite a lot.
  10. For Reborn; the best&easiest way is probably finding someone here on the forums to trade you one using the ingame online play. if you head over to the online play subforum you should be able to find or create a trade thread
  11. gotta admit I called her Florina for my entire first playthrough. never noticed the second 'i'. (I think in the next episode or two he'll actually check the pokegear and also find the grand hall trainers, calling it now)
  12. weird request, but does anyone have the trainers.txt PBS file from episode 15? I kinda want to see how good parts of my memory are from my OG playthrough in 2016

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    2. DreamblitzX


      Oh well, thanks anyway. TBH didn't really even expect this much activity


    3. Amethyst


      it might be possible to extract from the main 15 download using the debug shortcut, dm me if you wanna try

    4. SilverAngelus


      I apologize for not being as useful as I could Dreamy

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