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  1. I wonder if the main series games would be much harder if they had Reborns AI and no other changes.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DreamblitzX


      I feel like the main noticeable difference would be their usage of healing items

    3. Destrakon


      It would be even worse imo..

    4. DemICE


      They already have decent AI, that is just not set to high levels.  If you play Emerald Kaizo you will understand what im saying. 

      The issue is pokemon / moveset selection, level curve and sometimes pokemon availability

  2. DreamblitzX

    Do Reverse candy lower happiness?

    Yes, they lower happiness by the same amount that's gained from a levelup
  3. DreamblitzX

    Can't reteach Bulk Up to Blaziken

    yea for some reason bulk up is only in combuskens moveset, but not blazikens
  4. DreamblitzX


    It's just a good ol' 1%er
  5. DreamblitzX

    Can't get an egg

    Yea, it's currently broken
  6. DreamblitzX

    Hi Meet My Friend!

    meech is a good gril
  7. DreamblitzX

    Junction Bridge Litten locked door

    You get the dull key for it around gym 4-5
  8. DreamblitzX

    Is speed stat kinda bugged?

    Hawlucha has Unburden, so after his held item is consumed (the seed), His speed is doubled
  9. DreamblitzX

    Jeminra Cave help

    Try using purify with a pkukumyuku in battle
  10. DreamblitzX

    Apophyll Pancakes and Shiny stone

    The pancakes are now in Telia resort for one
  11. DreamblitzX

    Madelis at laboratory

    It doesn't affect anything or give you anything if you win.
  12. First question would be do you have patch 3 installed? because before that, there was an error involving picking up eggs in the overworld and this could be related. Second question would be was this save started in a previous version or were there any special circumstances around your starter choice, because I think those particular rewards are supposed to be somewhat dependent on what you picked?
  13. DreamblitzX

    Rejuvenation Modular Modpack [V11 Patch 3]

    TBH, sounds like we probably have a similar knowledge level for Ruby/the game scripts, and yea the error I encountered when component testing was achievement-related and happened after taking a step. For now It's on the backburner as I have some other stuff going on, but when I get stuck into trying to fix it I'll probably get back to you For everyone else, use this at your own risk and follow the instructions carefully if you do is all I can say.
  14. DreamblitzX

    How to change difficulty in (Version 11?)

    I think if you're at that point in the game, he moves out near oblitus town south of GDC
  15. psst. you got an avi copycat