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  1. For those of you who like little indie story adventures, Grimms Hollow was a very nice few hours, and is absolutely free. Has a few different endings too (mostly based on how much you level)

  2. iirc in Hardcore/Redux, it was his Haunter pretending to be him? Sorta like the Zorua event in vanilla? it's been a while.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G0du81W1Cg He got an ability capsule from in the forest, and might have another from other hidden items.
  4. Not really, he said he can only do that because he used them for the whole episode, so he had to take on extra challenge to do that protection. plus there's still a 50% chance it hits a good pokemon anyway.
  5. God I am just constantly blown away by gorgeous the tilesets/sprites are now. It's a big step up from a few versions ago or even (dare I say it) Reborn. Huge props as always to Jan, Zumi and anyone else involved with this
  6. Well, the difficulty of all fights is team dependant, and his team got noticeably worse with the loss of Belly. Plus as he's said (and is obvious) he's playing much more recklessly, and with fewer swaps/heals. Also, he did get some pretty crazy freeze luck against Aya, and beat both Bennett and Serra with only 3 proper pokemon
  7. The information is available to him, but I haven't heard from him in a while, so not certain he's been reading it recently
  8. Well, since sword and shield have been out less than a month and introduced a lot of new items and abilities that would need to be coded to implement properly, and work could only really start on that after the games were out, so I'm guessing it's a bit soon for anything like that. However, to my knowledge Rejuvenation should be implementing Gen 8 Pokemon in a future version, since there's still probably another 4 to go before it's complete.
  9. Aya instantly showing that he made the right decision because his team's kinda bad. nice. In other news, guess the death tracker is getting a bit less serious
  10. I think he already said in-episode that revives in battle were still a no-go. The roulette swap seems decent overall for team variety, but it still makes battles zero-stake, so I think I'd slightly prefer team wipe = random death, but we'll see if that'd actually happen often enough to be significant. It's just nice to see it back though
  11. And with that, Nuzlocke mode is officially dead. Cycling out a team member every few episodes sounds alright. Also Arcanine was finally revealed. Sounds like he probably installed it before Sword, and then forgot about it lol.
  12. He said with a cut-in at the start that this was basically recorded just after the last episode was, so before the tweet.
  13. Props to him for actually working out how to beat it with his current team. I think despite the episode name and setting a goal for it to continue, from some of the closing words of sword (and the fact that this was uploaded at all) he already fully plans to continue lol. Supposedly the rules might be a bit different for S2 too so that could be neat.
  14. Yes all the properties of the pokemon are determined when the egg is created, they basically just have an extra flag that marks them as an egg. Determining if an egg is shiny before it hatched could only be done with some kind of mod or debug access, there's no visible signs of it in the regular game before it hatches.
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