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  1. This is something covered in the Reborn FAQ: https://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/gamefaq/#borrow As for Credits, The afore-mentioned Readme in the downloaded game contains fairly extensive credits at the bottom.
  2. There's 3 of them, and they sometimes get moved around a bit between versions, but the other ones should currently be in the Wetlands Laboratory (Right Room) and Valor Summit, so the Darclight Caves shard should be the final one. Having all 3 lets you activate a machine in Sheridan Wetlands to get yourself a Shadow Beldum.
  3. Oh hey, 700 even.

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      ......so........tempted..........to.......give.........you.....another...rep..........but the even

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      Welp, now I gotta wait for 777....

  4. Other than Legendaries, your only option is Dragonite. I used this tool to check: https://pokemondb.net/tools/moveset-search
  5. It's not really a rumour, as Shininess in G/S/C was determined by IV's, which are partially passed on by breeding. Other than that though, Shininess is unaffected by the shininess of the parents, both in canon games and Reborn.
  6. Except requiring HMs on your team members is something that people have vocalized annoyance with literally since gen 1, and ride pokemon is arguably quite a different solution than using tools to this problem. Also, Delta's were literally something Insurgence took from the TCG, and type-swaps is something fans have also been doing for years and years, since before Insurgence even started. With this, it's even more of a stretch to try and say this is the same thing, and we've seen giant pokemon way back in the early anime, and more recently, pokemon go raids (which is where the mechanic is actually coming from) People are way too quick to point accusatory fingers.
  7. It's literally just a big pokemon with a red aura.
  8. Such is the joy of a 1% encounter (morning/day).
  9. Xerneas is the game exe's icon, and iirc was associated with the titular Spring of Rejuvenation, so that would be my bet.
  10. DreamblitzX

    It is I

    It is you. Hello and welcome, enjoy your stay!
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    but what about pozzle I̶҉ ̧͝r̛eq̨̡ù̢̨i̕͏rȩ̶ ̴͡a̛͘t҉̢͡ ͞l̢e̕as̢̛t̛̛ ̵̕3̴͞ ̵͠p̧o͞͡zz̴l̵̛͞è
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    Those are some sick bars you have there @andracass, can't wait for them to start dropping (Though I do recommend putting the other stuff above all the legendaries maybe for readability, with the total at the top? special case and all that jazz) Overall seems like lots of fun and suffering to look forward to!
  13. DreamblitzX

    E19 Release

    Thank you Cass, very cool.
  14. I'll be honest guys, I've been super busy since the start of this year hence why I've been silent here. Plus Rejuvs own music has become so awesome and varied that it saps motivation for this a bit. That said, I'd definitely like to keep maintaining this pack in some respect, so at the very least I'll be trying get a V11 pack up for Gym leaders around late next month when I have a little bit more of a break (as many other uniques already have their own music, but I'll also aim to fit in tracks for those that don't). Hopefully this won't be an issue for future versions.
  15. Wew, a Chinese University spambot wave. been a while since I've seen one of those.


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      Probably will end up with a Keto/Supplement spambot wave next time, it seems to alternate between universities, keto and supplement spam

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      Its almost comforting that we are worth the effort

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