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  1. Pretty sure this is a modpack issue. IIRC it's show stat boosts that causes the crash in safari zone battles, so try removing that from the folder while you're there. if the problem persists, try removing other components that have in-battle effects like type battle icons.
  2. Hmm yea re-releasing an expanded version of something that got a C&D sounds like a good and safe idea. In all seriousness though I'm pretty sure basically all of that stuff is already pretty much publicly available. And Reborn/Rejuvenations code in general is packaged in a way that's a lot more openly viewable/modifiable than most other fangames, hence the modding support.
  3. Hey Dream. So um, yeah. Play To The Moon. Right now. The game’s pretty good. Yeah. Just you know, prepare yourself. It’s kind of... not gonna make you cry or anything like that. It’s fun. Yeah.

    1. DreamblitzX


      Welp I have an assignment to finish off for the end of the week, but we'll see how saturday goes. 


      I'm ready 

      (I'm not ready) 

      now play those other ones immediately and tell me what you think when you're done

      also TTM has a sequel that I also own and will play after it (Finding Paradise)

    2. Maqqy


      Okay so there’s a sequel? 


      ...... not ready for that nope


      I’m going to play Rakuen next when I’m finally done with work stuff. I’ll keep you posted 🤙🏻



  4. This was a bug ages ago in the community release, but it should've been fixed for a long time now, so if you downloaded E18 fairly soon after release and haven't since then, try downloading a new version of the game from the downloads page.
  5. It's only decided as the battle starts, so you should be fine. otherwise you can load a previous save by finding your backups in saved games, and rename one to game.rxdata (replacing the current one)
  6. DreamblitzX

    SH3'S B4CK

    The date is suspicious to say the least but I really want this as a postgame activity. maybe the joke is that it's not a joke at all...
  7. This is a big ol yikes, and I feel like it's not something that needs to propagate through this community more. there's plenty of info here for people to follow the paper trail on their own and find out more details, but for now I think it's best to lock this. Once all the information has come to light and things are somewhat resolved, might unlock or add a closing summary.
  8. For the Merciless point, It's there in the field dex at the top of page 3. Random status's should definitely be working, so it might be some extra factor like your pokemon having immunity, or the sludge waves being from a sheer force nidoqueen or something?
  9. And where exactly do you find said focus sash legitimately before Blacksteeple Castle?
  10. @AiedailEclipsed HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM seems familiar.
  11. my life in a nutshell also that tentacruel naming segment was just a yikes all around. never change.
  12. Picking up eggs has gone through quite a few assorted bugs over V11s release and various patches.
  13. I think everyone did. people who say they remember things just went and reread it. DON'T BELIEVE THEIR LIES. also turns out Claydol's have just been Psychic Urns filled with blood this whole time. huh.
  14. Well we know there's a rift Regice around, and because we've already (technically) fought rift regirock, I bet we'll get a rift registeel too. so..... I don't think so. but maybe the strange plague is caused by a rift or something?
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