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  1. This re-introduced me to pokemon so I will always be grateful for that. But as many people have said, all things must end. Plus it'll be nice to see Ame's future game(s) in a few years and have her eventual greatest achievement be her own idea instead of perfecting someone else's.
  2. *Silently follows* While my game making skills are the equivalent of a penguin's to drink tea, I'll offer moral support and spread the word.
  3. It would be the biggest disaster you could imagine, Final Fantasy 16 would take 16 years to get finished and I would be fired 4 years into making it because it took them 4 years too late to realize their mistake. But if this ever happened I'll just hire Sakurai and say he can have access to any of the Square Enix characters in smash if he+Nomura would be the "executive producers" on this with them doing 99.99% of the heavy lifting. Actually you know what, NEW PREMISE. Halfway into development the entire project is a mess and I'm about to be fired because oh god why are Cloud's skin textures actual cloud textures. Suddenly, a new idea comes into my head "Super Sma-" never-mind taken.... "Boxing" because it'a squar-....yeah no. Phoenix Square off, because that's the best I can do at naming a fighting game. You hated the fire emblem characters in smash? Well get ready for 75+ Swordman with wild ass anime hair that keeps the game from being 60+fps because I insisted on hair physics. Coming in like 2034 because 16 years of development and oh god how did we spend 400 million on this....oh right yeah that Giraffe concept art vacation.
  4. I wish for whichever genie that grants my next wish to never have the ability to wear any type of material on their body again.
  5. Do you plan on sharing photos when it's done? because that sounds amazing.
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. PokeFailure


      Thanks mate, you have a great holiday.

    2. LykosHand


      Thank you 🙂 and you're welcome 😉

  7. Pokemon Uncensored. It's ridiculously stupid but I will never not recommend the reward you got for collecting Golden dildos. It's only about 20 hours to complete as well.
  8. We all know Ame has a kill list. At least 1 character must die per episode and depending on what you did this episode.... 2-3 people will probably die in the end.
  9. Yep I'm having the same issues, probably the mini-update they did to fix the Z-moves post launch.
  10. I don't know why I avoided this mod for E16....This is a massive headache save for E17 so far.
  11. When is e17 com- In all seriousness yes to all of this and thank you great overlord ame.
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