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  1. -Gearen Laboratory -Trailer on Route 3 -Ranger HQ -Kristilline Town -West Gearen The Culvier Clan member is on route 6, you can get there either by doing the puzzle in aquamarine cave or I think by diving on the part of route 6 you can get to by going north of where the lighthouse is.
  2. Obligatory spoiler warning. I've compiled a list of the lore you can read/interact with in v12. This includes the dive spots in Aquamarine Cave/Route 6, the Xen Backup Lab, and Route 11, as well as Zone Zero. I might go back later and add some stuff from side quests, but we'll see. I'd recommend going to all of the spots yourself, because you can get items in each of them and I don't want to spoil the surprise of reading everything. The list below is just an easy way to review everything in one place. I'm also not going to give specifics on how to access these places, which is a discussion for another thread. That being said, enjoy! Route 11: Xen Backup Lab: The Archive: Zone Zero:
  3. There's a zygarde cell in the sewers right before you enter the alleyway with the munna.
  4. Lycanroc and diggersby were in place of aerodactyl and zygarde until post v12.
  5. Totodile route is: Feraligatr Donphan Heracross Umbreon PorygonZ Arcanine
  6. Talk to the guy back at West Gearen power plant
  7. Have you done the v11 quest at yui's ranch?
  8. lmao Melia and Venam are definitely in love with each other
  9. If the game were going to be delayed they'd probably just say so
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