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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. That's a fair criticism. I made my crests with the intention of having them be strictly better than certain held items in order to ensure that the pokemon using them would, in fact, be buffed... but I can see how that might make them too good. Maybe a crest's real value should come from how it changes a pokemon's playstyle, and not by providing a strict buff to a pokemon.
  3. I really like how the crests introduced in V11 and V12 have made Pokemon which I would have never otherwise considered for a play-through fun to use, so I have been thinking up some ideas for new crests -- mainly with the intention of either promoting alternate playstyles for certain pokemon or making their unique niche(s) more viable in-game. The ideas I've come up with so far are listed below according to my naive conception of how difficult it would be to implement them into the game. If anyone else has some ideas for more crests, I'd love to see them! I'll also be coming back to edit this post every once in a while if I come up with some more ideas.
  4. This glitch occurs while I'm fighting Amaria in doubles. The first turn goes like this: meowstic uses fake out on vaporeon, seismitoad uses surf and kills meowstic, Vaporeon flinches, then whimsicott kills seismitoad with giga drain. When I send in liepard on the next turn and use copycat, it uses giga drain as expected. However, when I call Z-Copycat, the move boosts Liepard's accuracy as intended -- but then the move becomes Hydro Vortex. I presume that this occurs because it copied one of the instances of surf used earlier instead of Giga Drain. This happens when Whimsicott uses other moves than giga drain as well, no matter if they're status moves or other attacks. Edit: Interestingly enough, when I tried using Z-Copycat in a single battle to copy a move my liepard had used before in the same battle, I got the message "Throat Chop is not compatible with Normalium-Z" -- presumably because the game is only applying the code to transform a move into its Z-move counterpart after Copycat has called a different move and replaced itself with it. Edit 2: Unfortunately, using the Darkinium-Z on Copycat when Throat Chop was the last used move returns the message "Copycat is not compatible with Darkinium-Z." If I had to guess, the move checks for both copycat's compatibility with the Z-crystal, THEN checks for the replacement move's compatibility with the Z-crystal, ensuring that Z-Copycat is currently unusable unless it's copying a normal-type move. I still have no idea why it copied surf correctly in a double battle, however.
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

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