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  1. Lumpymeme

    A wild fanart appeared!

    next to taka and solaris, you guys can probably tell who my other favorite character in team meteor is
  2. Lumpymeme

    Reborn fanmixes/playlists?

    so i've been wondering for a while, but are reborn fanmixes/playlists a thing? like character-specific playlists? just asking out of pure curiosity and wanted to know if there were any out there. (and maybe give them a listen too)
  3. Lumpymeme

    just a couple of reborn ocs

    so... reborn ocs, huh? it took me a while, but i finally got around to drawing a full body reference for ava! she's based off on a response from an ask and a headcanon of mine? she's an archaeologist and taka's surrogate mother who came to reborn originally to study the region's history, but after a a very brief encounter with her son, ava was determined to be reunited with her son after being separated for nearly 20 years. though soft-spoken and mild mannered, don't go mistaking her kindness for weakness.
  4. it took me a day, but i finally finished that sprite for that oc run for reborn and the results are looking pretttty


    ava sprite final.png

  5. Lumpymeme

    A wild fanart appeared!

    posting this here too since i'm aware not everyone owns a tumblr, but have a local mother calling out solaris on his bad parenting the little lady's name ava, she's my oc and taka's surrogate mother
  6. me: i'm going to make a custom overworld sprite for an oc run of reborn!

    also me: (stares into a blank sprite sheet) i don't know how to sprite

  7. small brain: making reborn ocs


    galaxy brain: making reborn ocs related to canon characters

  8. Lumpymeme

    A wild fanart appeared!

    i return to the forums to grace you all with a solaris during his rebellious teen years


  10. Lumpymeme

    A wild fanart appeared!

    it's been so long since i've last been here, but have my pokemon reborn oc wilhelm trying to prove himself an authentic fifteen year-old boy after being mistaken for being around twenty
  11. Lumpymeme

    A wild fanart appeared!

    it's me again, back at it with the reborn fanart! this time of reborn's favorite dynamite girl with some lyrics from this song
  12. Lumpymeme

    A wild fanart appeared!

    http://lumpybells.tumblr.com/post/154814848803/this-took-me-time-to-make-but-here-they-are-the because the forums won't let me post the actual picture itself, i'll just leave the link to it here. it's more of my reborn ocs.
  13. merry christmas everyone! hope y'all are enjoying your christmas!

  14. Lumpymeme

    A wild fanart appeared!

    oh, it's alright i don't mind at all! and *gentle gasp* hello there
  15. Lumpymeme

    A wild fanart appeared!

    the memes, will they ever stop? no. no, not really. based on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq3abPnEEGE (i'm sorry if i get anything wrong, this is my first time drawing shade huueee)