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  1. Hmm i honestly cant remember it has been such a long time now, but i have this problem even before the new sewer system happend. It was on version 10 i think when i made the new game i am currently in. I used the guide to find them but nothing i cant find the last one.
  2. I have an issue with the quest, i cant find the last child, its missing from my game. Any chance this will fix it or its only for the hospital part?
  3. Piplup and Froakie are really good starter choices as well. Piplup is a decent defensive mon that can still hit relatively hard and froakie is a good and fast revenge killer that, thx to protein, can help you "outsmart" the AI. Both good choices that will be useful even at the end game.
  4. Yeah but a more fair challenge than a boss Pokemon one shotting everything. You even get healed after each fight as long you dont let your mons faint.
  5. I wouldnt call the gauntlet unfair. At that point of the game you have enough resources to build a really solid team to handle it. Was it frustrating? Definitely. It was one of the best challenges in the whole game? Most definitely.
  6. All the good ones that i played and recommend except the ones you played are Pokemon Desolation, Pokemon Legends of the Arena, Pokemon Apex, Pokemon Empyrean, Pokemon Sardonyx and Pokemon Uranium(has fakemons).
  7. I have a problem with the lost children sidequest. The last kid is nowhere to be found. I saw the guides, went to all the places but its still missing. Can we fix this somehow? Its not a v11 issue but i dont know where else to post it.
  8. This feels like an attempt to put a bandage on a problem just for the sake of it. To fill their "we did something as a community" quota. Censoring peoples way to express themselves is never a good tactic to get them to your side. Believe me, if someone doesnt like trans people he will find a million ways to say it or act on it. Calling the word a "slur", that to my knowledge at least, was never used as nothing more than a silly joke seems shallow to me. And Commander i disagree thats its always better to ban words if they can be used negatively. In most cases you pretty much give them more power that way and make them more harmful that they originally ever were. Context is what matters most of the time.
  9. Toad all the way. I used him in my first Rejuvenation run and he was reliable as fuck. Seismitoad is really versatile and he can fill lot of different roles. Also you have a lot of special defensive mons so gastrodon is not doing anything for you.
  10. I tried to download the game but everytime after downloading 4.5 mb it say temporary error and its stuck there no matter how many restarts i do. Any tips about what to do?
  11. I dont remember unfortunately which one i miss since i did the event a while ago but i went to all the locations again including the new ones and i cant find the last one.
  12. They are not in either of those locations, do you think it could be a bug or something and if it is where can i ask for help?
  13. I have the same issue. Cant find the last one.
  14. Finish the east Garen stuff and then find her in the gym.
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