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  1. Inb4 the totems were actually explosives the entire time, and everyone's just been playing hot potato.
  2. I haven't been visited. Might have something to do with the Day of the Dead? Edit: In my dreams, to be specific.
  3. Yeah, my page has parents too. Presumably those who don't have parents on their page are the parents?
  4. Could have altered the Old Maid to make it such that it could only be performed from the grave? I remember it being said that one of the roles had undergone non-minimal changes, and it would fit this type of game. Also, still waiting to find out what this Day of the Dead event will actually do.
  5. I mean, we know from the phase narratives that Alaris did get a totem of some description, his lie was specifically about the ability it gave. That being said, do you know what ability the totem you received gave you, @andracass?
  6. ...or it can turn out that someone gave their doll to Astra, and thus have no reason for them to explain themselves. Awkward. Gonna keep my vote there anyway, but only as a placeholder vote, in case I forget to vote for someone further down the line. I really don't expect (nor want) a bandwagon for it.
  7. I'm fine with pressuring Astra into explaining themselves [Eliminate] Astra Although keep in mind that day phase immediately ends after a player gets the majority of votes, so having everyone try and join the bandwagon may be unhelpful for this.
  8. Yeah, there's what, 7 people left to vote? With the current leader for the lynch seeming to be 4 votes, it's entirely possible that the other 7 votes can swing the lynch onto pretty much anyone at this point.
  9. I get the sneaking suspicion that, if the creepy girl is present (which, based on this conversation, is likely but not confirmed), then one of the alterations would be to make the name fit the character (so, creepy dad, I guess.)
  10. Of the two theories on Alaris, I'm more inclined to say lyncher rather than fool, given the focus on Nano specifically. Given that, a vote for [Eliminate] Alaris seems reasonable, at least as a placeholder vote until more information comes in. Also, I doubt Nano got a gun. I mean, there was only one body.
  11. Upon reflection, Alaris' argument makes enough sense for me to give Castiel a temporary stay of execution, at least until he gives us that info on the (suspected) mafia he has, especially since, if Alaris' Option 1 is correct, then he's the sole member of the mafia which isn't in the mafia chat, meaning that, of the mafia members to risk having alive, he's the least dangerous IMO (since he can't inform the rest of the mafia of any information he gets [Naturally, this assumes that Alaris' list of roles entirely match what is present in the game, which isn't necessarily true, but due also make sense]). [Unvote] Castiel101 [Eliminate] Yahen (Just voting for Yahen here because they voted for me, meaning that our votes cancel each other out, not actually intending for this to be a lynch vote). Anyway, off to sleep for me (meaning I likely won't be awake until after the day phase ends).
  12. ...fairly certain you can't vote for a dead person, Lia.
  13. I mean, with the options seeming to be either TP or maf, this does seem like the obvious decision. [Eliminate] Castiel101
  14. I guess if Nano was willing to role-claim like that this early, I can give them the benefit of the doubt regarding the initial family oddity. [Unvote Nano4]
  15. Sure. Since you asked for a non-Fernandez, I'll tell you that Antonia Ecleo is my cousin.