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  1. Roswell

    [Event] Choose Your Roles!

    YOLO, I guess~
  2. Roswell

    PokéNations 3 Signup thread

    Forum name: Roswell Showdown alt(s): RosWellNow Discord: (Ross) 404 Hope Not Found#1114 Availability*: 12PM-12AM (GMT + 1) Favourite type(s): Psychic, Fairy, Ice Least favourite type(s): Steel, Dark Time to RNG into a positive winrate again, I guess.
  3. Player Awards: Team Category ★ Best Town Coordination: Temporal Turmoil ★ Best Mafia Coordination: -- Individual Category ★ Best Town Performance: Walpurgis in Temporal Turmoil ★ Best Mafia Performance: Alistair in Love at First Lie (unsure if counted as mafia or third party) ★ Best Third Party Performance: Divergent in Fire Emblem: Heroes ★ Easiest Player to read: Newt ★ Hardest Player to read: NickCrash ★ Most Tactical Player: Alaris ★ Most Interesting Player: Bean ★ Best Newcomer: Alaris Host and Mafia Game Awards: ★ Most Interesting Set-up: Danganronpa: The Ultimate Killing Game ★ Most Organized Game: Battle Royale: Pokemon Reborn Edition ★ Favorite Game: The ones where I win Battle Royale: Pokemon Reborn Edition ★ Most Creative Host: Venus ★ Best Flavor Writer: Divergent ★ The Judge Host: -- Reborn Mafia Awards: ★ Jack of Clubs: Bean ★ Queen of Hearts: Walpurgis ★ King of Spades: LykosHand
  4. Best Newcomer - An award given to the - I think this needs completed. And The Queen of Hearts and King of Spades say the same thing (I'm assuming King of Spades needs to be changed to male) (And if I'm being subjective here, I feel like the most interesting player reads better if always is before manages i.e. Or the player who always manages to shake things up). Will put in my vote later on.
  5. Roswell

    Meet the vets!

    Totally stealing Kuro's format because I have no creativity~ General Info:Known as: Ross (my actual name), RosWellNow (Showdown name), 404 Hope Not Found (Current Discord Name) Age: 22Gender: MaleBirthday: Oct. 4thLocation: Scotland, UK, Europe, EarthHeight: 6'0"Hair Color: BrownEye Color: BlueLives with: Parents and 2 brothersPets: 1 doge Relationship status: All by myself~Favourite Food: Whatever I'm eating atm.Favourite Drink: Either hot chocolate or coke, not quite sureFavourite Color: Either orange or purple, depending on my moodFavourite kind of Music: I'm happy listening to anything, as long as it's got a good rhythm.Favourite Band, Album & Song: See aboveFavourite Game: Monster Hunter World atm, probably Persona 5 in generalFavourite Genre of Game: RPGs, particularly JRPGs. Strategy games are a close 2nd.Favourite Hobbies: Reading, coding, games (obviously), watching anime, correcting spelling mistakesFavourite Movies: Marvel Cinematic Universe films, generally.Favourite Shows: RWBY and Steven Universe, currently. So, who are you?: I'm a person who was here, then wasn't, and is totally back again now, and totally not a bot. I'm actually just super bad at describing myself to others. As far how I've been in the community, I'm mostly around Victory Road/Showdown (for taking part in Redemption/Mythos Leagues atm), and around the Mafia community we have here. Apparently I'm competent at them, despite my own opinions on the matter. I guess beyond that, I have a Bachelor's in Comp. Sci? IDK what you want from me >.> Anything you're responsible for? Not really. I'm the sort of person who wants anything they do to be perfect, which often leads to me just not posting stuff, which playing Mafia is helping to break me of, I guess. Thank you minimum post counts. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? It's not a post, but this picture probably best reflects me. What can I talk to you about? Anything, I guess, although gaming talk and well-crafted memes are what'll get my attention first. I tend to want to focus on the positives of stuff too, so coming to me just to complain about something will probably not be fruitful. Closing statements? I use full stops to close my statements, generally. What a weird question.
  6. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  7. Roswell

    Pokemon Word Chain

  8. TFW people are complaining about the new pokemon designs and you legitimately like most of them.

    1. TimTim


      Me too, boxes are cool, not liking the fish though, others are great

  9. Roswell

    Pokemon Word Chain

  10. Roswell

    Pokemon Word Chain

  11. Roswell

    Pokemon Word Chain

    Aegislash :3
  12. Roswell

    If you could make your own mega evolution...

    ...I'm an idiot, don't mind me MRay continually throws me off with that.
  13. Roswell

    If you could make your own mega evolution...

    Just a couple Mega ideas I had Mega Froslass Type: Ice/Ghost Ability: Accursed Soul (If this 'mon is fainted by an attack from full health, the attacking 'mon also faints) HP: 70 Atk: 80 -> 100 (+20) Def: 70 -> 80 (+10) Sp.A: 80 -> 110 (+30) Sp.Def: 70 Speed: 110 -> 150 (+40) Total BST: 480 -> 580 Essentially, trading the ability to use Focus Sash in return for making sure that anything strong enough to KO it before it can setup Spikes and similar gets downed too. Mega Pangoro Type: Fighting/Dark Ability: Painful Power (Boosts the power of this 'mons moves by 30%, at the cost of losing 10% HP after every attack - Essentially Life Orb as an ability) HP: 95 Atk: 124 -> 180 (+56) Def: 78 -> 70 (-8) Sp.Atk: 69 Sp.Def: 71 ->81 (+10) Speed: 58 -> 100 (+42) Total BST: 495 -> 595 Given how the the Y/AS Dex talks about Pangoro being a berserker, giving it a permanent Life Orb effect seemed like a reasonable idea. Not sure whether it should be able to stack with LO too, but flavour-wise having it stack would make sense.
  14. That's fine. Like I said, the Nature and such wasn't a huge priority. Thanks for helping!
  15. Given what was just talked about, I'm not sure whether this would be done, but can I request that my Mystery Egg Pokemon is changed from Tentacool to Frillish? If not, it's fine - Thanks to Lugruf's generosity when he gave me the initial team, I now have a full valid team for my mono-Ghost run even without the Mystery Egg pokemon, but given how I'm doing Hardcore mode at this point, it's sort of an 'every little helps' sort of scenario. If it is done, then the only thing I'd particularly care to be changed other than the species is the nature (I already hatched the Egg, if it isn't clear, since I wasn't certain enough of the Egg not being a valid 'mon already). If possible, a Calm nature would be ideal. Everything else about the 'mon is fine as is. Once again, thanks in advance for any help given. Game.rxdata