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  1. [Unvote] Lykos [Evict] Alaris Mainly just to preserve the core group at this point. Meanwhile, TFW I'd offer to be one of the ones to give up my abilities for the challenge, but if Drak's telling the truth about Good Vet (haven't been informed about him healing me from anything yet, so I can't say with absolute certainty), my role being animal-based may end up being what keeps me alive.
  2. I mean, considering that the people who changed votes to match yours were a) Candy or b) People who are themselves up for eviction, and are thus inclined to save themselves regardless of allegiance, a bandwagon being formed around whoever you (a trusted town, considering Bean shot you) vote for makes sense.
  3. [Evict] LykosHand I'll admit that I honestly have no real idea on who to vote for at this point, but I'll put Lykos for the sake of getting a vote in at all.
  4. I did say as much re. me visiting Candy and Drak Night 3, although it was admittedly so long ago that I wouldn't be surprised if nobody remembered at this point.
  5. I voted Candy, keeping to my reads list that I'd posted that day. And yeah, us voting differently is probably what caused it.
  6. Yeah, at this point, it's contribute or die IMO. [Evict] Seal
  7. @Jason Grace I'm unsure as to what is being referred to in the Day 6 challenge. Is it the number of people with primaries that are of each alignment, or the number of roles among the remaining players with each alignment (e.g. I've claimed Yahen (primary), Cat Lady(secondary) and Suspect(tertiary). Do I count as a single Town, or 2 towns and a mafia?)
  8. Depends if Cat Lady (my secondary) counts as a animal-based role. I'd appreciate the support if it does, since, now that I've revealed, I'm easy pickings for a Coyote if we have one.
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