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  1. My cheeks hurt because I have been laughing my ass off for like an hour now. I don't even know where the hell I find this shit
  2. And it makes me laugh and look stupid every time it just randomly pops in my head and I have to hold back my giggling. I honestly don't know why I find it so funny, although the shape of the baby's head is hilarious. Hope this brought a smile to your faces lol
  3. It's a conspiracy to get us to buy more controllers after the buttons get worn down
  4. I am so hype right now! I JUST caught a full odds shiny venipede in my Y version before Parfrum Palace. I did get super worried because it was a new run, I had like 15 poke balls and the rollout was starting to take out my pokemon like nothing. Guess I'm using venipede this run! Also, I hatched a shiny Rowlett in 60 eggs, and Alolan Vulpix I got in 5, but technically it was the first one I hatched in the hot springs in S/M. I did like, a quadruple take I was so in awe. Then I got a shiny Pheremosa on wonder trade. My pants were soiled to say the least. If only this luck could carry over into Disgaea 3, I've been in the class world for hours trying to dupe trapezohedrons and 50% I don't even get dropouts at all. most of you probably don't even know what I'm taking about lol May the RNGoddess bless all you fellow shiny enthusiasts out there!
  5. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

    1. Smogoon Josh

      Smogoon Josh

      Thanks. Super late reply I know but I've been beyond depressed because my dental issues pile up one after another. Cavities, cracked open teeth, dead nerves, an extraction, and then my front tooth's bone disappeared and i got an abscess so fucking huge closing my mouth made it bleed. Had to go to an periodontics office, gonna cost me over $1000 right outta pocket because nobody takes my worthless insurance. My abscess is gone now but now I have gum recession. *sigh* But, your positive encouragement really helps, and I appreciate that friend :3

    2. Smogoon Josh

      Smogoon Josh

      Oh, and one of my appointments was ON my birthday. SO, it wasn't too great. But afterwards it's gotten somewhat better! 😅

    3. LykosHand


      Oh damn i'm sorry that you had to go through all those things 😢 dental issues are really a pain indeed, and i know that since my mother had some problems too, but yours were more serious btw. But still i hope that you will recover from it (even if i don't know so much about that 😅) and damn, it was really a bad period for you indeed, you couldn't even enjoy your birthday 😢

  6. Took a lot of blood, sweat, tears, stalking the map rotation websites, terrible teammates, amazing teammates, wanting to throw my f*cking joy cons against the wall after bad teammates made us lose within the first minute ranking me down when I only needed one more win and the only thing stopping me was the cost to repair/buy new ones, phew. Anyone else have S+ or other high rank teammates who you swear have never even played this game before? Like I mentioned above, I've had minute one losses, other team made ridiculous comebacks because we got cocky, and one time a member of the other team dc'd in the beginning and we STILL lost. Badly. Like, they scored 70 points and we didn't score a damn thing badly!
  7. I agree with you on Fates. Not terrible, but man was it disappointing, especially since I loved the crap out of Awakening and it seemed like (and honestly still kinda is) Awakening 2.0 Etrian Odyssey Nexus isn't too fun to me. I can't say its bad, but it could just be that the formula got kinda stale for me. Let's go Eevee. I've played through gen 1 Fire Red a hundred billion times as a kid. Nothing really new or captivating here. But gen 1 is still good so I can't call it bad. Disgaea 4. Ugh, there are STILL so many problems that have plagued Disgaea since the first one that are STILL in 4. I can't say it's bad, but after playing through the other games I can forgive the older ones for the technical issues cause they came out quite a while ago, but by the time 4 rolled around these problems should have been gone. Also, no Fight Mistress. They took my waifu out :'<
  8. Feelin' like Bruce Banner trying to contain the hype monster within so if the direct tomorrow isn't all that great I don't get too disappointed. Oh who am I kidding, more pokemon is always a good thing! 😁

  9. Yeah I remember how Fates kept making me miss with 80-90% hit rates all the damn time, sometimes costing me my units and seeing many people online having the same problems. It never really happened again after my first play through though. Maybe Nintendo patched it out or something lol.
  10. Least favorite are water (way too many garbage mons in that one) and normal because they're pretty bland and not too useful which I guess makes sense, but still... Blastoise, Swampert, Oshawott, Jellicent, and Kyogre are water types that I absolutely adore though and Arceus, Meloetta, Eevee, and......... Dodrio, I guess, are awesome normal types. I guess when those two types are the easiest to make pokemon for, logic follows that there's gonna be quite a few uglies mixed in with em.
  11. Bit sad there was no Pokemon Switch or Pikmin news but my beloved Rune Factory is actually alive and I shant leave my room for a long long time when it comes out. RF4 on switch is awesome but when they just surprised me with that last second reveal I damn near had a heart attack. Also can't wait for Dragon Quest 11 S, Three houses is lookin pretty good, Mario Maker 2, so much hype!!!! Huge step up from the last few directs imo
  12. Oh, being with the original team is good news to the fans I'm sure, I'm just saying they've been waiting so long and have to wait who knows how much longer. Although, I'm not the kind of person who likes waiting years and years for something so maybe I'm projecting myself a bit too much.
  13. I couldn't care less about the Metroid series, but damn did I feel bad for the Metroid fans out there after watching that video. As someone who understands the pain of waiting for a series to get more recognition *cough* Advance Wars *cough* to have an announcement like that must feel terrible.
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