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  1. Since I'm currently enamored with undertale, I've been listening to the soundtrack and remixes of my favorite songs!
  2. I don't have digital art capabilities, but I do have traditional!!
  3. I Honestly have too many favorites, but, my dream team would have to be Banette with a mega stone, a shiny Charizard with a y mega stone, Shiny Greninja, Serperior, Hydreigon, and a Lucario with a mega stone. I love them as a team, since they feel really balanced to me, and their movesets make me feel confident I can take on a team of an equal calibur! Though, out of the eevees, I adore Eevee itself, Umbreon, and thanks to a recent and very saddening picture, I have a new appreciation for Sylveon. I was a little upset they only had one new eeeveelution in X and Y, and it was for a whole new type altogether, but... I'd love a Sylveon if I got it instead of Umbreon, though, I'd be stressed about the flesh ribbons. I'd Ask it if I can gently tie them up higher so they wouldn't get caught in anything and get hurt.
  4. I Just really hope they add at least 3 eeveelutions this time. Sylveon's great and all, but I was pissed they didn't have a steel, poison, or dragon counterpart. I felt very cheated,
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