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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. Shinyrio

    Mystery Character - Mixed Letters Game

    Well, one guess can't hurt, I guess. I even have two of them, whch are only one vowel away, but oh well. I'll say Odunia Pastor. (In all cases, that seems pretty deformed, but hey)
  3. Shinyrio

    PokéNations 3 Signup thread

    Forum name: Shinyrio Showdown alt: Shinyrio, too Discord: Shinyrio#3114 Availability: Unpredictable during Summer, but if I am here , it's on GMT + 1 time (French Time) Favourite types: Doesn't have a real favourite type, but I prefer to use Water, Ghost and Steel Least favourite type: Fighting. Never got a good hand at 'em. The last 4 digits on your credit card: NOPE
  4. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^

    1. Zarc


      Happy birthday :) 

    2. Shinyrio


      Thanks guys!

    3. LykosHand


      You're welcome ;) 

  5. TFW when destiny is against you and dommed you to fail, no matter what... Still think the blame is both on me and the material.

    1. Shinyrio


      Well, just got better since. Some people were right, I shouldn't lose my spirit like that.

  6. Just went through a RPG session with some friends. I created a character with hope to see what xe is able to do in battle...


    Results were inconclusive : we just made it via the only non-combat path ever. The GM was dissapointed. And so was myself. The night was still fun, though.

  7. Yop everyone! I'll release a full dish of Chespin and also some Slakoth, right into the wonder trade. Expect nice Iv's in there. Good luck!

    1. Combat


      Despite me not really caring about IVs, thanks for the Chespins.

  8. Wait... The rebattling trainer today in Opal Ward is actually giving us 32000+ P$? That's flippin' broken!

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    2. Marcello


      So we rescaled prize money because it was way off in the community rekease but this MAY be a bit too much in the other direction. Still, you can potentially lose quite a lot too!

    3. Shinyrio


      I just saw huge amounts of money on other trainers (AkA Clown Indra) too... I just... Don't really understand... I'll just consider this a Christmas Present.

    4. CMV


      The Saturday double battle gives 75000. Wow.

  9. It's that time again! I'm gonna throw a huge mountain of Goomy into the Wonder Trade! Expect good Iv's in there. Will Lady Luck smile at you?

    1. Combat


      I'm guessing she did, seeing as I got four of them.

    2. Shinyrio


      I didn't even sent them all, since Wonder Trade prevents me from spamming.


      Cool to see that my Mons made somebody happy.

    3. Combat


      I've been looking for a Goomy for a while, so it was a nice treat.

  10. In 20 minutes I'll be releasing a horde of Froakie into the Wonder Trade. One of them is shiny, like the feebas yesterday. Be prepared!

  11. I'm going to release a full school of Feebas with at least 4 Perfect IV's each into the Wonder Trade. One of them is shiny! Take your chance, Reborn trainers!

    (Yeah, I 'm posting this here, because don't want to make a topic for that)

  12. Sometimes, I feel like this new Wonder Trade system rejects me because I'm using it too much... Or because there's really nobody... Well, I dunno.

  13. Shinyrio

    Wonder Trade Sharing

    Got this shiny little pearl from chaining Wonder Trades. I would like to thank the one who send me this, whoever you are. (Oh, and he has Dragon Dance too. Let's enjoy Physical Movesets)
  14. Shinyrio

    Ice Mono overview [E17 CONTENT]

    As a fellow Ice-type trainer (Yeah, I know, I still have to finish my own MonoIce, but it's just a matter of image uploading), I had to see this. That's a pretty nIce job. And you didn't even took an Avalugg as a potential Starter, and more, in what seems to be the Hardcore version. I really feel you had a pretty hard time with these early Fighting trainers. If I had to say something about this roster... Well a really tiny thing. You could have save yourself most trouble if you have chosen to NOT evolve that Smoochun until she can learn Psychic. Yep, totally, these GF incoherences, with that evolved form unable to learn a powerful attack, but the base form can... Not logic at all. And I REALLY feel you'll need an Avalugg for later (and in case of a sneaky Victoria rematch in E16). Curse + his incredible defense stat allows him to tank even the most powerfuls Close Combat and Steel attacks! Yep, I love this Pokemon. That being said, once again, Good Game.