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  1. ah i see thank you for your help
  2. i think the tittle speaks for itself i am basically at the last gym and only now remembered of the relationship points and i was like "is there a way to view them ?" i tried looking around in the menu but nothing soo i wanted to know if its possible to view your own relationship points or not
  3. oh i dont think i have the earliest version... okay thats my bad thanks
  4. i think u can guess whats the problem but my char should be next to the pc and healing station but when i spawned i was here listening to adam talking to air and my char cant move from this place
  5. yeah when i did my first playthrough i used it and it stayed a permanent member on the team and i wanted her to come back because some battles i would have lost if it wasnt for the clefairy and i did a search i think its 1% encounter at night
  6. i see why thank you @fellowry just how rare is the chance to find the igglybuff ? if u perhaps know the answer ?
  7. sooo i decided to restart my playthrough the game since it got a new version and i woul like to get the achievementalong the way not when im already in the last part of the game but also i wanted to know if cleffa is still a rare encounter in route 2 and if not then how or where can i get cleffa or clefairy
  8. bernag

    V10 - Savefile troubleshooting

    Thanks a lot @walpurgis
  9. bernag

    V10 - Savefile troubleshooting

    hello everyon i was just trying to start the v10 rejuvenation and after i saw that pop up of the error that was mentioned at the beggining that isnt an error i got this so what should i do just in case im gonna include my savefile and now whenever i try to enter it just instant closes Game.rxdata
  10. thanks a lot btw i gave you a heart scale with the shiny if you want to change its nature
  11. @Zarc sorry to bother but can you do that trade btw i hope the exams went well
  12. Sorry to bother but can anyone trade me a shiny male trapinch please dont worry i wont ask for a shiny without offering a shiny and/or with good IVs in return of course