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  1. Surely there are a million different housewife songs that fit her better then the one about wanting to fuck your girlfriends mom couldn't jan just have used smokescreen for the same effect? its not like zard cant learn it, fucking competitive movesets fucking over cutscenes.
  2. oh I missed vitus at 1st and thought he was his wife, I was confused for a second and thought venam reacted to an unseen character >spying on a harmless middle aged man >>the responsible thing oh venam >>>more textwalls of questionable quality with very little payoff sometimes you wonder if fangame makers aren't just better off writing fanfiction
  3. Adding on to her list of unpokemon like traits, melia just became a clueless harem protagonist, and like most harem protagonists, melia chooses the 1st and by far the worst option man veronica really didn't think her kleptomania through did she, what would have happened had the charizard been aggressive and flambe her? >another cult what is this insurgence?
  4. has it been three years already? I remember when you started this nuzlocke, so young and innocent, full of hope for the future.... and then team xen attacked the boat with aliens and kidnapped your mother, and you've been on this downward spiral ever since >time and space forced you to go to terjumia welp we know who the pre final boss is then, thanks for clearing that up rejuvenation can this game get any wordier?
  5. Alas poor amber, your attitude was a welcome distraction from venam's stupidity and melia's self righteousness, and you will be missed dearly IDK why the time gear symbol shows up when you time travel, their purpose is to stabilize time, not to travel trough it.
  6. And so, With Mewtwo in hand Crescent saved the heroes and fucked over the villains, while saying something that was clearly meant to be a cool one liner then flying off into the sunset. I swear to christ I've seen the mewtwo big damn heroes thing mocked elsewhere. and then zetta was a solosis, to the confusion of many because I guess twists are more important then proper build up.
  7. Happy Birthday Yin 😄, i hope that you will have a great day, you really deserve it 😄🍰

  8. Oof, rip jane and her poor stats in everything but attack. I'm sure glowing green eyes is a totally normal thing that happens when you're surrounded by lava and ancient mega titans
  9. And thus, for your efforts of completely stomping xen, our protagonist gets thrown into lava like an unimportant npc truly truly a shame good job on going deathless through those fights, and hey melia was actually useful, which is more then what you can say for a good majority of these fights.
  10. Alas poor flounder 4, you deserved a slightly better then getting teamkilled via veronica I like how crescent tries to pretend anything in this game has shades of gray, since the worst anybody on your side has done is violent slapstick attempts and come of as cunts Meanwhile, team xen has kidnapped boats via alien clones, attempted to destroy a peaceful village via volcano, ran a fucking gulag, raided a forest to kidnap a little girl, and thats what I can remember, This is not counting the fact that their second in command is literally called nastasia and their leader uses the local god of death as muscle. oh the useless trio have been kidnapped, truly truly a shame, goodbye adam valerie and saki, you might be slightly missed.....maybe
  11. eh that nerd probably deserved to be melted in lava, he probably had a connection to team xen, because why else would he be in valor. and then Saki built a heatproof walking spider droid, because the magma surf plotline needed to be more pointless then it already was.
  12. Ah Crawlis backdoor into the volcano, one of the dumbest elements Jan has included in his game, making Crawli look even more like a useless buffoon at best, or as Dem mentioned a team xen double agent at.... also best I guess there's no real good reason he held out on you like that. of all the characters to make an incompetent fangirl madelis is pretty low on the list, couldn't it at least be a bunch of grunts?
  13. rip title card guy you were a better PC portrait then your replacement Nothing say preparing for war like grinding up your backup guys and giving a self gratifying speech, my only hope it ends with minimal casualties have a relevant theme
  14. seeing that lunarock makes me miss FUSEcorp as greater group instead of an art dumping ground april seems alright, a bit manipulative and or pushy/ but thats every girl in this game to be honest with you... makes me wonder if jan has a weird thing for that type of shit.
  15. Man these xcom reboots really downplay the fatality rate of the original game dont they what an adorable little alien squid you've obtained, lets hope she doesnt get super evil or anything.
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