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  1. Metaverse reminds me of Persona lol. But all jokes aside, I agree with your theory seeing as Crescent tends to be motherly to us, but more ruthless and manipulative to others whenever we are involved in dangerous situations such as Team Xen. For example, when we were in the past at that mansion, some of the MC’s repressed memories were exposed saying “I love you all, we were suppose to be together forever”. I’m assuming those memories are of a dark past (good at the beginning) where the MC lost everything and is trying to suppress their memories of that dark past, and is very possible that Crescent is aware of this and tried to make the MC forget these memories in order to protect them. She might know that we are interceptor, but doesn’t want us to repeat what happened in the past that made us have repressed memories and is trying to keep anyone who may be involved with Team Xen or anyone or anything else that may appear life threatening. This is just me and my opinion.
  2. Indeed. The devs resolve and determination surpasses the devil.
  3. Yeah same here actually and given everything the two went through, it actually wouldn’t surprise me if she turned on us or something because of that joke we made lol
  4. Guess even the tiniest of jokes can rub people the wrong way. Probably because of the overlap process that this happened. xP Also thanks for making this!
  5. Off day today. Today off day. Day off today. Today day off. Day today off. Off today day.

  6. Favourite Pokémon ! GO !

    1. Xurai



  7. You better watch yourself, fam because Zumi is like a Saiyan. She gets stronger the more she (fights/returns from the brink of death) spawns and she’s much more dangerous whenever when she comes back
  8. How’s life? Idk that’s why I’m asking you.

    1. Candy


      Life? idk her

    2. Xurai


      Hmm, you see life is complex, but can be a wonderful person. He can be a great person if you’re good to him as he’ll turn into the good life(😄). However, if you rub him off the wrong way, he’lol turn into the bad life and leave you in stitches and it ain’t good I promise you (😔).

  9. Xurai


    That is a LOT of bars... Oml I can’t wait for this
  10. Huh.... You can actually see how bright and stylish they look. Very pretty, nice job as always Zumi!
  11. I doubt it’s a possibility Saki is next because she’s the West Gearen gym leader. So was Volta and then Erick who’s the current gym leader sooo.... Yeah not possible Saki is next.
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