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  1. Honestly, not sure. But I’d use two save files just in case. Always have a backup file for saves.
  2. Ok so Jan had pointed this out at one time. After you return from the past from the alternate timeline, Melia (after you overlap with your past self) asks you if you remember everything that had happened since the alternate time. Your choices are (Yeah, ... Huh). If you choose (Yeah!) your relationship points go up with her by 1. However, if you choose (..... Huh?) then your relationship points with her go from all the points you previous had with her straight down to -1. If she does say she doesn't trust you and you choose to keep this, Jan said he made a way for your points with her to go drastically up in the next version, possibly whether you choose either choice.
  3. Yo what’s up with another theory, this time involving the interceptor! So, the interceptor, after everything that has been going on I’ve been thinking, what happens when the interceptor finishes their mission of sending the world to peace or destruction? Well I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s possible they may disappear with being remembered. Why do I think this you may ask? It’s simple. While Melia and Erin were looking for information about team Xen, our favorite heroine, Melia decided to look into our personal information without our permission in which we ourselves aren’t aware of because of our surpressed memories. She has told Erin about who we are and our purpose, in which case when the world is in grave danger, the interceptor appears deciding to save or destroy our world. We come and go as if we were strangers to the world once we have fulfilled our role. An example of this, the alternate future. If you choose to hand over the time diamond to Melanie, she’ll fool Melia and become one with her as Melanie being the dominant mind. As this has happened the interceptor has decided to destroy the world with Melanie as the current ruler, and dissappeared from existence, as Amber was struggling to remember who we are and soon after completely forgotten, who we are. True, this could also be a possibility that it was because of us being time travelers and going back to prevent this course of action, however Melanie had explained that even if we had used the time diamond it would (shatter into pieces being the fake one) send us back to our timeline, but would leave that alternate timeline in chaos because the MC and Melia going to the alternate timeline was like going to a different dimension. Therefore, we’d still most likely be remembered for our actions either leaving the world in chaos or peace. So my theory is if we finish our role of being the interceptor, we may disappear from existence without being remembered (or we might be remembered with those closest to us like in Pokémon mystery dungeon gates to infinity). Anyway TL;DR PMDGTI possible reference. Thoughts, other theories? The stage is yours!
  4. until

    Fairy and water!
  5. until

    Water super effective against ground ,electric weak against ground, Grass strong super effective to water, elective isn’t very effect against grass! You turn!
  6. Oof odd tower looks like the fairy tale tower (Titania’s gym) except spookier and more haunted
  7. until

    Alright, bring it! Water and electric!
  8. until

    Alright! Bug and dark!
  9. I don’t mean early in game. I mean like midway or somewhat later in the game. You don’t have to battle with it. I meant travel wise. Like a main Pokémon travel companion.
  10. Sup peoples, I'm back from the dead! So wanted to throw this in there, in everyone's opinion, which Legendary Pokémon do YOU think would best suit the Interceptor, and why? If the story of Rejuv gave you the option to have a legendary Pokémon involved in the story (this is your main traveling Pokémon, has dialog, travels with you like HG and SS, possible telepathy) which would you choose? IMO, I'd Choose Victini, why? The interceptor has been told that people are impressed by their battling capabilities, right and we almost never lose? We'll now you know why. Victini! V for victory! Also I just like Victini. Fire types is one of my favorite types, and just look at it! Looks like an innocent child! But this is just me. Which would you choose?
  11. It’s almost hard to believe this is started 2 months ago
  12. Hai

    1. Xurai


      Playing Persona 5. Suddenly got hooked on it and now I can’t stop playing til I see how it ends! Any acts of spoilers will receive punishment of execution. Please be responsible with your choices. Thanks and have a great day!

  13. It’s ready when Jan says it’s ready. There’s no specific time. Please be patient. Check the status on the first page every now and then for updates or become a patron.
  14. Sometimes people ask me if I have any logic? “Logic? What’s that?” Is always my response.

  15. Does anyone else play the older Pokémon games to remember the older Pokémon shows? I miss the past. 😢🥺

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