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  1. Just finished KH3, lost count of how many times I cried. BEST F—KING KH GAME EVER. 11/10! 😭

  2. Sooo I’m still playing KH3. Still loving it and gonna be inactive for a bit. Cya later peoples!

  3. Xurai

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    Wasn’t Aelita looking for the purification springs? And not only that, in Neo Gearen a npc mention she was there “a few days ago”. Neo Gearen I mean. Suspicions...... Spoilersss.....?
  4. Xurai

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    Depends how long the update is.
  5. Xurai

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    Oh damn it begins. Let the waiting games begin!
  6. So I’m playing Kingdom Hearts III and I must say.... I FUDGING LOVE IT!

  7. Palkia Level: 70 Ability: Pressure: Raises Opposing Pokémon's PP Usage The Spatial Pokémon A legendary Pokémon of Sinnoh. It is said that pace becomes more stable with Palkia's every breath. H/W: 13'09/740.8 lbs. Fun fact. Never stand below this Pokémon unless you wanna get crushed. Moveset: Spacial Rend, Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Fire Blast. Spacial Rend Type: Dragon Category: Special, Power 100, Accuracy 95 Bio: Deals damage and has an increased critical ratio Palkia is one of the creation trio alongside Dialga and Giratina. Thus end another mythical data collection! Stay tuned for the next!
  8. Victini: Lvl: N/A Type: Fire/Psychic Victory Pokémon H/W: 1'04/8.8lbs. This Pokémon is said to create an unlimited supply of energy inside its body, which it shares with those who touch it. In the future, we are told by many that we have incredible strength and the way we battle can be scary or amazing that may fill people with joy or envy. Maybe this Pokémon is the cause (). V-create Type: Fire Category: Physical Attack Power: 180 Accuracy: 95 Bio: Creates flames on its head and hits it target lowering defense, special defense, and speed. Use this with a muscle band/life orb/choice band with Adamant nature and it's an instant 1 hit KO. That's all for this data collection! Hope you enjoyed!~
  9. Gallade fainted! Xurai has run out of usable Pokémon!
  10. Gallade is in a pinch! You can do it Gallade! One more time! Use Zen Headbutt!
  11. Gallade’s HP is 60/100. Use Zen Headbutt again!
  12. Xurai

    V12 Theory

    This is true. Anything can happen at this point. Who knows? Maybe Erin and the A twins do survive, but Cassandra lives(gross kill her please ). Because another theory may have popped up in my head that SHE might be one of the dark proficiencies, the one of greed. Seeing how she only cares for herself, only wanting to make GDC even more beautiful whenever something bad happens to the outside of the city. Flora even said(as much as I strongly dislike her right now) she’s greedy, talking to her is like talking to a brick wall and how she’s corrupt. She even thought she was behind the stone phenomenon(Close Flora, but on the right track, right about her being team Xen though). One more evidence about her being one the dark proficiencies, if you finish “missing mother” side quests Sasha’s mother(forgot her name) mention how the new mayor of GDC notably Cassandra, is very adamant on how she runs things hinting how corrupt and greedy she is. Soo yeah another one of V12 theories. Not exactly on point with Erin or the A twins, but still a close theory I guess.
  13. Ampharos fainted! You’re pretty tough yourself! Go, Gallade! Use Zen Headbutt!
  14. Ampharos’ hp is in a pinch! Ampharos use Thunder!
  15. Static ability: Lycanroc has been paralyzed! Use Dragon Pulse!