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  1. Jan said that the only way to kill Florin is to tell Cassandra everything. Sooo don't tell Cassandra everything and Florin lives on.
  2. Standing for 9-10 hours hurts my feet 🙂

  3. Day 1 New Job: Mission complete!

  4. Didn’t see that sorry lel thanks for responding.
  5. What do you appreciate most in life and why?
  6. I’m at my job hiring orientation! Pray for me pls hoping this goes well! 😭

  7. Good lucks! Don’t overwork yourselves!
  8. Tfw you leave for a few months and everything is different when you come back. My reaction. THE F**K??

  9. I have a personal question for both @Janand @Zumi. Out of all the versions that have been made thus far, which is your favorite? Which did you enjoy working on the most so far? Story wise, character developments, special events?
  10. Hmm I doubt they are storm chasers, seeing how they are working with Team Xen. If they are storm chasers then that would mean team Xen as well as Tiempa and Spaciea are working together, which doesn’t sound ludicrous since they are both similar in terms of not only their ideals and goals, but also their how cruel their methods are of achieving them. Who knows though? Only time will tell.
  11. Tanks for adding this post! I have a few questions regarding battles and not just the Pokémon battles. -Will there be battles where the MC will have to fight someone (EX. the unknown dimension, Saki vs Amanda, and Allen vs bladestar)or is our main focus Pokemon battles? -Also regards to the first question about personal battles, will there be double battles too?
  12. This isn’t a bad theory, but there are a couple of questions about this. Like if the MC is in fact the reincarnation of Adrest then why do we have a vision of the past? Like during zone zero where the MC has a vision of the past when they, Aelita and Ren come across the house at hiyoshi pass? I played as Axel and he had a vision regarding himself and Ariana with Axel playing a prank on Ari. So I don’t know if it’s so much the MC is the reincarnation of Adrest, but rather they are two souls that share the same body, or all the main protagonists souls have fused into one body along with Adrest. This is just me though. Not disagreeing with your theory, just a few questions on it.
  13. It’s from Zumi’s fan game, Pokémon Xenogene that she made herself (grunts battle).
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