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  1. I’ll say beforehand that this is the final part of the Rejuvenation theory trilogy. Part 1 and Part 2 are right here. This is where I mean to answer all questions, once and for all. So, last time I ended my post on the hypothesis that Rejuvenation’s world is an illusion masking the real world, our real world. I’ll start this by outright rejecting that hypothesis. I’m doing so based on two arguments: one based on facts, and one based on logic, therefore arriving at a thesis based on facts and logic. Let’s start with the facts: So, let’s assume the hypothesis I’m trying to disprove is actually true. Well, what’s the player character known as? The Interceptor. Which would mean he’s exterior to the illusion, based on the previous parts of this theory. That would make Rejuvenation a standard Isekai. For those of you who don’t know, “Isekai” means different world, and is known as a subgenre of animes, manga, light novels… in sum, weeb shit. The typical trope of this genre is the main character being transported to another world. This would definitely be interesting, as in Rejuv’s case, Melia could arguably be held as the main character. I do believe Rejuvenation is an Isekai, but not like this. Rejuvenation is presumably set in more advanced times than ours. But at different points in the plotline, the player character travels back in time in this game. That makes it a bit tricky to determine which time is our time. Even the earliest instance of time we see ourselves in seems to be ahead of our time, or at least on par with it, given we visit Rejuvenation Corp, an extremely technologically advanced facility, at that point. Within the world of Rejuvenation, there isn’t any possible explanation for the various phenomena the player comes across other than these two: supernatural powers, those I believe are purely illusory; and simple modern science, made possible by the technological achievements of the time. Teleporters, weather altering technology, you name it! There’s nothing in our world that can even come close to that. Now, let’s go onto the logic: What sense would it make for a deity to create a reality like this, with rules and morals akin to our world’s, but scientifically more advanced and with a whole lot of supernatural occurrences? Not to mention Pokémon, of course. Is it some sort of test for the player, and possibly even other characters in Rejuvenation? It would seem so, but, not only would it be counter-intuitive for the most part, considering the actions of those that can be held as proxies, but it also seems pointless. What would the test even be meant for? For the player character, and arguably every main character, most of the circumstances surrounding the big events they go through are out of their control. More often than not, winning a battle doesn’t make a difference in the outcome of the respective story event. Alternatively, it could just be for the entertainment of the deity. I do believe that’s partially the case, but if that were the only reason, I believe some of the features in the game, and actions of the players, would kind of hamper that. Talking about grinding and chain breeding of course. But, since we’re close to the end, let’s go over what we’ve ascertained to be true about the reality beneath Rejuvenation: Within it, all manner of fantastic phenomena is not only possible, but common, in one way or another. It’s plausible for the references in Rejuvenation to be commonly understood. It would be a reality that the deity that created the illusion would have to change, for their personal interest. Going over these points, and over the theory as a whole, I can safely say there’s only one possibility here: Think about it: the Shrek references prevail over all others, even being integrated in the characters’ psyche. Regarding all other references: they’re our pop culture’s references, and knowing the Shrek movies, all of them had plenty of pop culture references for the sake of humour. Regarding the supernatural phenomena, all manner of magic is not only possible, but common, in the world of Shrek. Naturally, many kinds of beings exist in this world, beings that could be masked as Pokémon. The more scientific and grounded phenomena, well they can be reproduced by magic too. Like the teleporters: there are plenty of different teleporting spells that may have been created. In a way, some of the magic in Shrek can be held as science. Now, here’s the big question? Who, or what would create this sort of illusion in the Shrek world? Well, I’d say, none other than the Fairy Godmother. This explains the grandiose aspect of Rejuvenation’s plotline, the focus on Melia (who resembles the idealized vision of Prince Charming, as established in the previous part of this theory), and the several attempts to stop the player character, presumed to be Shrek. Naturally, the player character is saved plenty of times by forces out of their control. I attribute this to the Fairy Godmother slightly changing her intentions. Now, instead of setting out to outright destroy Shrek, her plan is to test him, to see if he’s truly worthy of a fairy tale. Of course, some tragedies must stand in his way, for it to be a good tale. What the Fairy Godmother wants now is to orchestrate the grandest fairy tale ever. But how would this fall into the Shrek Cinematic Universe? In Shrek 2, the Fairy Godmother was defeated, and destroyed, right? Well yes, but Shrek 4 changed that. In Shrek Forever After, Shrek is tricked by Rumplestiltskin, and that results in the Shrek Universe being reset to a point before the events of Shrek 1. In this universe, Fiona is set to marry Rumplestiltskin, instead of Lord Farquaad. Donkey doesn’t even know who Shrek is, and Puss in Boots is… really fat. Of course, everything turns back to normal before the end of the movie… or did it? The universe being reset would mean the Fairy Godmother would be back, and still have a great deal of power. As she saw the universe turning back to normal, it’s possible that she managed to save herself. So, seeing how Shrek’s tale ended, she still couldn’t bear the thought of such a fairy tale. So, she made a wager: she would overwrite the reality of Shrek, as one colossal and extremely complicated test. She didn’t outright make it impossible for Shrek because, well, she didn’t have quite enough power. The use of such power even caused her to be split into the proxies… just like it happened to the deity in Nymiera’s story. Crescent, Freya and Amanda are the active ones, who can affect the player’s progress, but hold no memory of the reality they originated from. They’re effectively the three fragments of the deity in Nymiera’s story, and therefore their fates will mirror the three fragments’. And Jan? Well, he’s the original Fairy Godmother, depleted of her power, but still with some power over the world: administrative power! As you remember, the Fairy Godmother is actually a massive figure In Far Far Away, and also has her own very successful business. Meanwhile, Jan is a big figure in Grand Dream City still, mostly lead the restoration of Gearen City, and runs the Aevium League. But, how would the deity fit into all of this? Well it’s how the Fairy Godmother sees herself. This affirmation derives from the fact that the only possibilities being this, and the deity being only a reference to Monotheistic religions, Christianity standing out due to the references to the story of Adam and Eve, and the Children of Light being heralded as children of Arceus, so children of God. I ascertained that it’s the former, and in order to reach this conclusion, I had a small interview with one of the Rejuvenation devs, who confirmed my hypothesis: So, in conclusion, Pokémon Rejuvenation is a fan project, therefore non-canonical, that bases itself in the Shrek franchise. In Rejuvenation, Shrek is transported to another reality, and his friends and acquaintances are split into several people. This reality is entirely fictional, and a creation of the Fairy Godmother. Well I still have to correct one thing about that definition: Wait, what? What does this mean? Rejuvenation is, by all means, a Pokémon fangame. Well yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s a Shrek fangame. What do I mean by this? Well, let’s take a look at the first Rejuvenation side episode: Where Love Lies. Where Love Lies is a 4 chapter story that tells the tale of how Keta met Taelia, how they got together, and the tragedy they were afflicted with. This side episode is, in its entirety, a reference to all 4 movies of Shrek. However, they’re not referenced in order. I believe this was made so it’d throw the typical player off, but fortunately, I’m not the typical player. So in the first chapter, we see Keta, then Kenneth, departing from his home in Four Island, and arriving at Gearen City, which is being rebuilt at the time. He went there to try and help with the restoration of Aevium, but was disappointed when he found out all he was doing was construction working for some greedy real estate owner. Also, he was treated poorly by common people for being the new guy in town. This is a reference to how Shrek left the swamp to travel to Far Far Away in Shrek 2. The second chapter of this tale tells how Kenneth met, repeatedly rescued, and fell in love with Taelia, who had a dark secret she couldn’t let anyone see. This is, of course, directly referencing Shrek 1. Then, chapter 3. It starts in a great place. Kenneth and Taelia live a happy life, being the rulers of Sheridan, but a threat lurks in the background, just like Shrek 3. Unfortunately, this chapter does not have a happy ending. Finally, Chapter 4, as Kenneth sees himself in a new world, tormented by visions of Taelia and their daughter, Nora. To try and fix that, he’s got to go back home and confront his estranged brother, Deagan. Much like Shrek in Shrek Forever After, Kenneth sees himself in a new world where he’s alone, and strives to turn things back to normal. In sum, Where Love Lies is a big reference to all Shrek movies so far. I believe that itself isn’t only proving that Pokémon Rejuvenation is set in the Shrek Cinematic Universe, but it’s proof of something much bigger. Regarding Shrek movies, everyone who likes Shrek should still be waiting for Shrek 5. Rightfully, because in 2016, Dreamworks announced that Shrek 5 would happen, and it’d be released in either this very year, 2019, or 2020. Not much is known about this movie, but its screenwriter, Michael McCullers, said Shrek 5 will reinvent the franchise. While I loved the first two Shrek movies, I was still very curious about this. But well, recently I played Pokémon Rejuvenation. And, by reading the entirety of this theory, you’ll see how strong I found the connection between Rejuvenation and Shrek really is. That’s when it hit me: Yes, it’s an incredibly bold claim, but as you’ve all seen, I have my reasons to believe it. I say, it’s an extremely fitting end for the series. The first Shrek was about Shrek, an ogre living alone, keeping everyone else at bay, learning that he’s not only capable of loving others, but he’s also worthy of being loved. Shrek 2 is about Shrek learning how to fit in society, but not giving up who he is, and society learning how to accept Shrek. Shrek 3 is about Shrek having a hard time coping with his newfound responsibilities. Shrek Forever After is where Shrek gets tired of the family life he went through so much to get, and learns not to take for granted when he suddenly loses it. But what is Shrek 5 about? Shrek 5 is about identity. In Rejuvenation, the player character is known as the Interceptor, being the chaotic variable that ultimately determines what happens with their actions. But who is the Interceptor? Their mother was actually a doll, their father isn’t even mentioned, the identity of the Interceptor is a complete mystery. As we know that Shrek is the Interceptor, it can be affirmed Shrek’s lost his identity, and he has to go a long way to recover it. Shrek 5 is about Shrek’s quest through a completely unfamiliar world, to take back his identity and turn the world back to normal. It’s an immense project, met with many hardships, but many friends, all part of people/donkeys/etc Shrek once knew. Some may even be his friends only in this reality. And naturally, it’s filled with its heavy moments, its epic moments, and of course, its funny moments. Well… that’s it! Hope you liked this theory. Just, one more thing before I go...
  2. Guess who’s back, back again So last time I’ve left off on the supposition that the entirety of the Rejuvenation universe being illusory. I believe the “how” of it was somewhat uncovered in part 1 of this theory, so now I’m focusing more on the “what”. So, remember that list of questions at the end of part 1? Well let’s get to work on em: Are there instances where the illusion breaks? Let’s call these instances cracks. So, at some points, you’ll see that the false reality the story’s placed in sometimes cracks and gives us information on the actual real world. Thing is, these are __extremely__ rare, but they do exist. First, let’s look at one small moment: when you’re in the past (the part when you’re with Ren, Reina and Huey), at some point you have a serious breakdown, and fall unconscious to the ground. Common belief is that Kieran, who arrives at the scene shortly, is the culprit. But I’d say that wasn’t the case. The player’s breakdown was caused by a crack in the illusion. What does this reveal? Let’s take a look at the static we see during that moment: Now, the next crack is a bit strange, but important nonetheless: the Unown Dimension. The Unown Dimension is a separate dimension from the dimension most of Rejuvenation happens in, and I consider it has only two beings living in it: Allen and Alice. I consider everything else in that dimension, including Team Trappus members and the Pokémon, to be a machination. It’s known that Allen and Alice were trapped in the Unown Dimension for a great deal of time, so they’re entirely unfamiliar with the “real” world. They were even given fake personalities, and stories, from their father (identity uncertain). Typically, they behave like characters from fairy tales, as Allen fancies himself a knight, and Alice shares many traits with the typical princess. Even though the Unown Dimension is confirmed to be an illusion, meaning it’s an illusion within an illusion, I believe it can tell a lot about the world of Rejuvenation, purely from what it references. Now the next subject isn’t so much a crack, as a surprisingly interesting character to discuss: Amanda. Let’s talk a bit about Amanda. Ok at first I wasn’t so sure of what Amanda’s character was even supposed to be… or do. Let’s talk about Amanda a bit more. She initially just seems like your typical introductory character: she points you to your starter, talks a bit about the league with you, etc. She’s also Jan’s sister. She seems like a pretty normal character at first, completely removed from the events of the main story of Rejuvenation. But, that all changes in the latest version of Rejuvenation. In this one, she kidnaps Melia just as Bladestar launches their attack on the Grand Dream ball. Melia is unconscious, but wakes up in a facility that is later revealed to be in Gearen, with Amanda in front of her. Amanda then reveals she’s actually responsible for all the questionable decisions made by the Aevium League, namely appointing Texen as the successor to Keta. She’s also some sort of extremely complicated and powerful demonic robot. I’d say this, like the reference, was intentional: she’s a way to prevent the fiction of Rejuvenation from being broken, albeit by brute force. Remember my hypothesis of Freya and Crescent being proxies of the supreme deity? Let’s add Amanda to that list. Though this raises an extremely big question. Jan believes Amanda’s his sister. Then… what is Jan? So, Jan is supposedly one of the managers of the Aevium league, and more importantly, the gym guy. So, seeing as Jan believe Amanda’s his sister, then there are many, many possibilities as to what ingame Jan truly is: he may be a creation of Amanda, to hold together the fiction of Rejuvenation. Or, he may be yet another proxy of the deity, which would be fitting, considering his position in the league, and his extensive knowledge on all leaders, even past their playstyles. Though, Jan just may be the one _exterior_ to the fiction. I’m mostly making this supposition based on him being the mandatory self-insert of the creator and head dev of Pokémon Rejuvenation. Of course, him being in his position ould lead one to assume he _is_ the deity. Well I disagree, since he and Amanda have a sibling relationship, and while Amanda is powerful, she can be destroyed, or at least, gravely injured, by elements of the fiction. Naturally, I mean Sakitron in this case, who destroys Amanda in all situations, be it by self sacrifice or not. So Amanda wouldn’t be considered a sister to the deity, and therefore Jan can’t be the deity. Unless, of course, Amanda was specifically created to serve as a sister to Jan, the grand orchestrator behind everything. Either way, he’s obviously playing a big role in this fiction, possibly being the one individual who’s exterior to it. Of course, there’s the rest of the Rejuvenation dev team to consider, but I believe their in-game selves are just creations of in-game Jan, for his amusement. He may (or may not) be a proxy, but he doesn’t want to be bored either. Now, onto the next one: What is the purpose of this illusion? To try to answer this, let’s talk about the game a bit more from the spectator’s point of view. Particularly about the references in Rejuvenation. There are so much more references to common occurrences in real life, mostly memes, in Pokémon Rejuvenation. This is mostly done for comedic effect, or so it would seem. I believe these references serve a greater role in the story, and are an absolutely vital asset to uncovering the mystery of Pokémon Rejuvenation. There are references to everything in this game: Overwatch is referenced by SEC, the Team Xen guard machine with a suspicious design; Saki references Titanic in the ship after the player character, and basically everyone, escapes the Blacksteeple prison; the Goomink quest is very clearly a huge Zelda reference (an excellent one btw)… But there’s one set of references I consider _extremely_ important in this game: the Shrek references. One would miss em initially, but upon closer observation I believe Rejuvenation is filled to the brim with Shrek references. They start as early as you pick your character. If you notice, all character profiles have the colour white somewhere in their design, either in their regular look or in their past makeover look. Usually they even have it in both. All character profiles but one have white and brown in either possible appearances. Shrek’s clothes in all movies have always been white and brown. The first character profile on the selection screen even has white, brown and green shown in his clothes, in both his possible appearances. Everyone knows how closely Shrek is tied to the colour green. It’s also possible to tell from the areas in the game: There are two different swamp-like areas; the marsh located behind Carotos Mountain, and Honec Woods. Carotos Mountain is a volcanic area by the time you reach it, slightly resembling the ruined tower (its outskirts moreso) from where Shrek rescued Fiona in the first movie Finally, Grand Dream City seems to be just like Far Far Away: a bustling city, acting as the focal point of Aevium Then, there are the characters. I feel many of them have traits that significantly resemble characters in Shrek. For example: The player character would be Shrek, of course, as they're the great catalyst in the plot, when looking at the bigger picture. Melia is the gallant warrior, loved by all, impressively powerful, and blonde, just like Prince Charming. However, she’s more the idealized version of him, whilst his true self is represented by Madame X. Along the road you get plenty of companions that aren’t the brightest, but are loyal, sometimes surprisingly useful and have good comic relief: Ren, Aelita, Reina and Huey can all play the part of Donkey. Some characters, mostly antagonists, come across as petty and small, but resourceful nonetheless: Madelis, Geara, Angie, Thomas Blakeory, and especially Flora, would be good Farquaads. Some others break out of the mold, they’re rogues in some way. Boastful at times, but good friends once you get to know em: Erin and Adam resemble, in a way, Puss in Boots. The most interesting ones are the proxies: considering their situation, they could only represent the great orchestrator, manipulating everything so everything happens exactly as she likes: the Fairy Godmother. But enough about Shrek, back to the theory. Talking about characters, remember the third question I asked in the first part? Whether you do or not, here it is: There are a lot, and really a LOT of characters in this game. Are they all completely fake, or just transformed versions of their true selves? Or is it case by case? Well, this one is a bit hard to answer right now, but I believe the relations between these characters' personalities and those of Shrek characters play a big part in determining who, or what they really are. After all, Shrek characters have some surprisingly realistic and down-to-earth personalities. So, back to the crack theory: all references whatsoever qualify as cracks, as they’re different from what we’re accustomed to in the Rejuvenation fiction. Of course, in a similar vein, all the proxies, including Jan, are cracks. Jan being the biggest example, he’s not from the fiction, after all. But what are they references to? As you know, they’re references to our pop culture. Games, shows, movies, memes mostly, they’re things we likely know of in the real world. What was the last question of part 1 again? What is the "reality" of this world? From what's been said within this theory, is it true that Rejuvenation is actually a projection put over the real world, _our_ world? That would make the most sense from here right? But... is there any other possibility?
  3. So I have finally finished V12 of Pokémon Rejuvenation. Gotta say, this was an extremely wild ride. Since I’m done with it, it seems perfectly fitting for me to share with you one of my theories again! Although, this time it’s a bit different. Both of my previous theories were about Reborn, and focused on a certain aspect of the game. The first one was about Lin, the second one was about Arceus mostly. In this one, however, I’ll attempt to go over the whole game, meaning: this theory is meant to go over Pokémon Rejuvenation as a whole. Every character, every reality, every sidequest: All should conform within this thesis. Bear in mind, that, due to the nature of this theory, I’ll have to split this one theory in different parts. So, if you played Rejuvenation up to the end of V12, you know there’s a LOT to cover. So… may be better to start from the beginning: Nope, not that beginning There you go. So, this is a story, all about how, the world as we know it turned upside down came to be. It’s told to us by Nymiera, the leader of the Protectors of Aevium, and a very important character in the game. I’ll give you the abridged version, since the original is very very long: In the beginning, there was only one immensely powerful deity. It was alone, so it created a man and a woman, and bestowed intelligence and free will upon them. After that, the deity created beings that would be equals with the man and the woman: Pokémon. They, as you know, had a grand variety of abilities. The woman welcomed them, the man… not so much. He protested to the deity, but to no avail. He then left it, and the woman. Not long after, an inconvenient meteor split the deity into three. One was dragged away by the meteor. Another one perished. The remaining entity is what we know as Arceus. Fearing for his children, Arceus transformed itself into an almighty object known as The Archetype, that makes its owner capable of bending the world to their will. The man and the woman sealed it away, to avoid the chaos that would ensue from its use. Well that didn’t last long, since the man wanted to use the power. So a feud started between him and the woman, which spiralled into the first Pokémon war. Other nations started knowing about the Archetype, so more wars were created, till the world was nothing but war. This took a toll on the woman, and she made a wish to the Archetype: to end the war. But it backfired and it made humans more powerful than Pokémon. Her son died in the war as a result, but just as she was giving up, the tall guy from X/Y did his thing and ended it all. So, this very obviously alludes to the story of Adam and Eve, still believed by many to be the true story of the origin of our world. Slightly modified tho. That’s pretty wild, if you ask me. Anyway, that’s the story of the origin of the Rejuv world canonically. Purely born from creation. Naturally, many theories were born from this story. Mostly involving Nymiera, Vitus, and of course, Melia. Let’s talk about Melia for a bit, can’t have anything Rejuvenation-related without her, after all. So Melia is one of the main characters in the game, the soon-to-be Normal leader turned time ranger. With time, we uncovered quite a bit about her: she has her shiny powers, along with some ambiguously defined light powers, and she’s one of the 4 brothers of light: her, Erin, Alice and Allen. Well technically she has one more brother, Zetta. She was adopted by Prof. Jenner early on, who was a part of Team Xen. The plan was to give Melia to Team Xen once she was old, but Jenner got attached. And, well, you know the rest. In spite of her powers, she’s been in need of rescue from the player character several times, as a damsel in distress. She’s far from alone there though lol. The damsel in distress is a pretty common situation honestly, and sometimes it just seems like it repeats itself. Maybe that’s a sign of something. But back to Melia: She’s usually either the center, or the reason (or at least one of the reasons) behind whatever’s happening in the plot. All just seems to have some connection to her, as the universe itself is made to do so. Her most impressive field is, by far, totalling a Yveltal with… I’m not really sure how, really. She did this in the bad future arc. Conveniently, against an evil version of herself, that later graduated to be a part of her. Actually let’s talk about Team Xen for a while. The main antagonist group, with many recognizable characters. I’m mainly focusing on the upper echelons. And I mean UPPER echelons. So, Team Xen’s leader, Madame X, and her two loyal known goons high ranking officers: Kieran and Freya. Let’s start with Madame X: Her whole identity is unknown. Her motivations, her ideals, and naturally her face, are still a mystery (except for some). What is known, however, is that she’s an extremely powerful entity. I mean, she has Yveltal, the embodiment of death, as her pet, after all. She is also a very skilled swordswoman, as shown in the bad future arc, where she cuts down most of the crewmen on the ship the plot was happening on. Also, she’s present in the very first scene of the game, where she tells Melia Marianette Maria, the child who saw her breaking in and entering, to go check on her parents in the basement. She also tells Maria not to lose hope, which seems a bit weird when you consider almost everything else she does in the game. Another noteworthy moment is when she saves the player character from destruction in the first past arc; She lets him try to stop the disaster in Gearen City as often as possible (though you should really only need 2 tries). That’s a bit more weird when you consider she tried to murder you in the Blacksteeple Castle. As a character, she seems to be more of an unwavering warrior with great power, fighting alone for her convictions. When I say alone, I mean without anyone knowing of her true convictions, not even Kieran or Freya probably. She still commands Team Xen, after all. Now, onto the others. Not much is known about Kieran, besides the fact that he can travel through time, and is an excellent surfboarder. Honestly I’m more interested in Freya. So, she didn’t have much of a role in the main game yet, but, if you played Where Love Lies, you’ll see she does a lot of backstage work. As in, literally making the stage. She can create large scale illusions, with the help of her signature Pokémon, Beheeyem. She does this namely in the Eclysia Pyramid standoff between you, Melia and Aelita, and her, Kieran and Madame X, where she tricks you into thinking you’re fighting her and Kieran, while you’re actually on her side, fighting Aelita and Melia. She also does this in Where Love Lies, being the reason for pretty much everything important that happened in Keta’s life. This is an extremely good power, which adds even more mystery to Madame X, considering she’s Freya’s superior. One would suppose X has more power than Freya. But is that really how it is? Of course, I can’t forget that Madame X is somehow more powerful than the Yveltal she owns. But, that seems a bit too far fetched to believe in, really. Same with Melia’s powers, especially in their visual manifestations, and even whole segments of the story, like the bad future arc. So this has me asking: Just how much of this world is real, and how much is an illusion, a fabrication? Of course, can’t go into this sort of subject without talking about Crescent. She’s been, in a way, removed from recent events, as she hasn’t popped up ever since the Valor Mountain incident. Well, Nim/Lorna came up, and was the culprit behind the stoningTM of Grand Dream City, and attempted to do the same to the player, Ren and Aelita. She’s doing this because she’s been brainwashed by Crescent, who saved her just like she did the player. But back to Crescent: she seems to have a great deal of power, as she easily reverted Zetta to a Solosis, and split Geara apart. Her signature pokémon is Gothitelle. I’ve done some research on Gothitelle, and I’ve found a very interesting Pokédex entry for it, in the least likely of places: the Pokémon anime. Here’s the entry in question: So, Gothitelle also has the power to warp reality. At this point, I’d say most, if not all of the action in Rejuvenation may just occur on a conceptual level. With these powers at hand, it’d be fairly easy to assume the world as we experience it is completely artificial. Considering the story of the world’s creation, this could just be the great deity’s play, with beings like Crescent and Freya as its proxies. Following this theory, I’d attribute their great divergence in ideals to them likely being distant enough from the creator deity that they started becoming more and more different from each other, and even from other possible proxies of the deity. Now, let’s assume the train of thought that the Rejuvenation universe is an illusion in its entirety. A machination of the great deity. Then we’ve got some very important questions to answer: Are there instances where the illusion breaks? What is the purpose of this illusion? There are a lot, and really a LOT of characters in this game. Are they all completely fake, or just transformed versions of their true selves? Or is it case by case? And most importantly… What is the “reality” of this world? I promise to answer all of these questions, but this is already pretty long, so I’ll continue this in a different thread, within a week. See ya in part 2.
  4. but think about this... which one was more troublesome? both gave you brain damage, but Anti-Assist was an entirely pointless detriment and killed 5 of your pokemon. The Carnivine killed nothing, despite being a rift
  5. I nominate Azery for all FOUR categories. Don't think you can avoid az winning everything by having a secret category without nominations, and therefore, without winners.
  6. Happy Birthday Hycrox 😄, i hope you will have a wondeful day 😄🍰

  7. It's been a while So, Reborn is finally nearing its end now... Actually, the only things left to do apparently are postgame, so you can say the main plotline has already been fully conceived. Yet, it's a mystery to most of us. This is the culmination of a long series of (mostly unfortunate) events, but what IS happening at the end? I think I have somewhat of a lead on this. Of course, this theory may be busted when E19 rolls around, but... it may not. It goes without saying there are spoilers here, so make sure you're fully caught up with the game. You can tell by the title of this post that this theory will primarily revolve around Arceus. The thing is, what can be said about Arceus? Just what is Arceus? How is Arceus interpreted in Reborn? I believe answering these questions will lead us to the true meaning of Reborn. So, Arceus has been a pretty hot topic when it comes to Reborn. For most of the game, it is held as an almighty divinity, in a fashion akin to Judeo-Christian tradition, that created the universe, and oversees every aspect of reality. Of course, it must be on a higher plane of existence for this to make sense. But as you move on through the game, you start to unravel a bit more about the nature of what we know as Arceus. It is said that Reborn was built upon the site of a meteorite crash. More importantly, it's said Arceus came to earth on that meteorite. But how is that even possible? I say this was merely an avatar of Arceus. A materialization, composed by a fraction of Arceus's power. To me, this is confirmed in several instances of the game. Say, when you're at Citae Astrae and El's Ditto transforms into Arceus... somehow. Let's say it was due to the holy energy around them, so we can actually make some sense of it. That proves that an avatar of Arceus doesn't need that much energy to sustain itself in the first place. To be fair, El's Ditto is an Elite Four Ditto, and therefore already pretty powerful. But it doesn't really have all that much power on its own, due to being a Ditto. Of course, the Ditto incident caught my attention. But I became more interested in what's know as Baby Arceus. When you're in Terra's world, at some point you come across a diary. At first, it seems it is Terra's diary. The entry you read is a very curious one. I have it right here: It refers to an entity known as "baby Arceus". Terra isn't exactly your average person. She's been confirmed to be a part of Team Meteor at this point of the game, and even to have some sort of deep connection with Lin. Then, we find this diary in the Glitch World, a world entirely created by Terra. Let's consider Team Meteor's apparent purpose: cleansing Reborn of its impurity, by freeing the Arceus sleeping underneath the city. The one that came from the meteor. Being in the upper echelons of Team Meteor, and having some sort of connection to Lin, Terra would know about the meteor. From here, we can safely say that baby Arceus is the meteor's Arceus. But why is it a baby? Remember, a good number of Arceus's canonical pokedex entries along the years said the following: My thesis regarding this matter is that the meteor actually had an Arceus egg in it, or maybe was the Arceus egg itself. After crashing, baby Arceus was born, and shaped Reborn. It's considered a baby because it's but a fragment of the original one. Mind you, this is still an avatar of the greater entity, an emissary. Yet it possesses a great deal of power, enough to change the reality around it. So far, this thesis states that the Arceus underneath Reborn is an avatar of the real deity, and that in the grand scheme of things it's seen as a "baby". Yet it is still a being of great power. When you put it in that perspective, it sounds somewhat more realistic for Team Meteor to try and control it with a large scale PULSE: the PULSE-Arc that Eve briefly mentioned after the Glass Factory faceoff with Team Meteor. Of course, this isn't that likely to work out, but knowing Lin, she definitely has an ace in the hole. But that's something for another time perhaps. But where does this leave us? I'd say, the greatest clue to what baby Arceus really is... is in the Episode 19 scoreboard. For those of you who are unsure of what I mean, the Episode 19 scoreboard shows the completion degree of Episode 19. When you go to the Development Blog, it's right next to it, just in case you missed it. But you probably didn't. So, aside from the 100% in all main categories, you'll see dozens of categories, corresponding to postgame events. There's a big long line corresponding to legendaries, and then there's a few about other postgame events, like Boss Rush. Regarding the legendaries, there's a single tab for each and every one of them... except Arceus. The progress bars corresponding to Arceus caught my attention, as they're quite different from all others: First, note how the "u" in Arceus is underlined and struck through. This couldn't have been a random choice that doesn't make sense within the game. Note how there's a mapping tab for Arceus. This means at least an entirely new area will be created just for this event. There being a tab for this points out that said area (or areas) will be somewhat big and/or important. Then, notice the tnevE? tab. This is alluding to the event itself, but instead of being a normal tab, like the rest, it's all in red, and has "no" struck through in the middle. This must have some very deep meaning. Then, after all this, there's a single line saying "Sto". Whatever could this be? ...And then it hit me. So, after all this we know: Arceus itself is an all-powerful, transcendent entity The Arceus present in the game is an avatar of the transcendent entity mentioned above The characters aware of its existence mostly belong to the upper echelons of Team Meteor Obtaining Arceus is a separate matter from the story, and is likely a whole new game within Reborn There's something in that section of the scoreboard that I only noticed after closely evaluating it for a while. Notice how tnevE is Event spelled backwards. This was done deliberately. Focus on the last three letters: "evE". At first, I thought it was a reference to Eve, the one from Adam and Eve. But then, I thought a bit more about it. Right below tnevE, you see Sto. Now, seeing how this "word" is directly below thevE, one could easily think of switching some letters between words. So, how about we keep evE, but replace the first 2 letters of thevE with the first 2 letters of Sto? We get Steve. But, how would the name Steve be even remotely related to Arceus? Well, this may be a bit of a shock, but... So the avatar Arceus is a being of great power that can reform the world, and stems from an all-powerful, transcendent entity that created the world right? Well... there's one Steve I'm reminded of Yes, you've seen it here first. And from this, we can determine the following: But, that still leaves one big question unanswered: Who are you? What is the player character supposed to represent? They're arguably the strongest force opposing Team Meteor, and they also have the power to change the world around them, like Arceus. In other words, they are Meteor's bane, and within certain limits, can alter what they desire to in the game. They're also an inconstant existence: Being Reborn based on the Reborn League, there wasn't any character in the League representing the player. Meaning, the player character's motives, beliefs, abilities, and even looks, are up to the viewer's interpretation to some extent. There's only one character I'm reminded of when thinking about this:
  8. I'm up for dis shit Weavile Garchomp Swampert Metagross Gallade Porygon-Z
  9. yo i forgot i nominate @Walpurgis for rookie of the year (she still qualifies right) and @sailboat (aka deeemzee) for sugar sunbeam thingy also @Lancerfor most kawaii also i re-nominate for cain and terra: ur mum lol
  10. smh i don't see my nominations for cain, terra and shelly there >:[
  11. Member of the Year - @not Azery ofc The Carmen Sandiego Award - @Vinny if possible The K-K-K-Kawaii Awawd - all existing masquerain The Auspicious Auth Award - @Walpurgis The Smelliest Auth Award - also @Walpurgis Memer of the Year - let's face it this one is locked to bibs Meme of the Year - http://vgperson.tumblr.com/post/21533650696/help-the-girl-i-like-wont-respond-to-my-emails Roleplayer of the Year - @Hackspeon for his portrayal of azery The Cain LaRue Award - ur mum lol The Terra Pierce Award - ur mum lol The Shelly Citra Award - ur mum lol The Fern Sevilla Award (not nominating anyone i just didn't know fern was a spanish city) Most Likely to Become Auth - ur mum lol Most Likely to Gain a New Mega Evolution - you, unless you're flygon Most Likely to Start a Religious Cult - @DMBY (he asked me to) Most Likely to be Added as a Smash Ultimate DLC Character - @Lancer undertale Most Likely to Have a Cameo in Detective Pikachu - FOR FUCKS SAKE IF THEY DONT MAKE DANNY DEVITO PIKACHU I SWEAR TO MOTHERFUCKING GOD Most Likely to Die in the Last Episode of Reborn - Most Likely to Die First in a Killing Game - Omar Way Moe @Shinyrio Most Likely to Have a Philosophical Debate With Themselves - @Commander. This debate would be followed by a consensus, it being that both sides are right, and by a make out session afterwards. Member Least Likely to Understand the Next XKCD - what's a XKCD Member Most Likely to Never Give You Up - i was nominating myself but dobbs already did me a solid Most Likely to be Cancelled After Only One Season - mythos won this one already let's face it I-it's Not Like I Wanted to Win or Anything Award - @Ironbound Cna't Spel Awrad - @Plok by a landslide Award Award - @not Azery or ur mum lol
  12. finally playing rejuv for the 3rd time:



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