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  1. "Righ.. I had forgotten it was asleep..." Cathode mumbled, and wondered what to do. There was obviously not much choice apart from waiting out the sleepiness. But then, when she had sent out the serpent, she had noticed the opposing gyaradoses had reacted to it, and were pretty intimidated. Could it be that the sudden appearence of such a vicious creature was enough to mentally discourage them even if it was sleeping? What if it was going to happen again? Would it work despite being the same creature making a sudden appearance? In the end she decided that the risk was about as much as trying to pray for luck to wake up her gyarados. She lifted her ball and recalled it, and sent Suzie out again. She figured if the gyarados reappeared immediately after being recalled, its intimidation wouldn't have as much of an effect. The weary rock snake eyed her curiously, for she seemed more thoughtful than battle-ready. "Sorry for not letting you rest yet, you will be back shortly, I'm just trying something out..." [Cathode swapped gyarados for Suzie]
  2. It is a known fact that the more well known youtubers are actually bad at the game and can't handle anything more than main series difficulty.
  3. not if activating the monotype prevents you from using any other pokemon line in battle : ^)
  4. "this is the game that tops insurgence" thats a pretty low bar there, bro
  5. is it possible to limit the random generation to pokemon acquied by the player, but keep opponent teams intact? because while obtaining random shit sounds fun, i would want to try them on the intense mode fights instead on randomly generated teams.
  6. While you were caught up with the events in the Glass Gauntlet, Elias was free to act unhindered. As you stumble upon the Subjeven Sanctum after your latest near-death experience that you could very well describe as "Hell", you find out.... This is a custom battle I made, that the player can fight in the Subseven Sanctum after they finish before they engage Solaris in Agate City, or after. Although they will have an easier time doing it after Hardy, since the levels are 95s. The fight's difficulty is pretty much extreme, and unfair, since it is made with Memeborn's philosophy, so go there prepared. Backup your trainers.dat. You will want to restore it afterwards because this one is from an old Memeborn version. Then dump both of these files into your Data folder. Have fun : ^) Map329.rxdata trainers.dat
  7. Cathode could only watch in shock and horror at what was happening to Suzie. It was not the first time that she would be on the losing edge, but it had never been in such a brutal way. She might have shrieked during the whole moment, or she might have not. She wouldn't be able to tell herself. She tried to use her pokeball to return the snake before she hit the beach rocks, but she had failed to aim properly. When she finally managed to adjust the aim properly, Suzie was groveling on the side of the rocks. She returned her without wasting a second. Her knees had become weak and trembling, but she didnt dare try to fall on the ground, lest she become an easier target. There was only one thing she could do in this situation, and she wasn't sure about the repercussions. Nevertheless she ran towards and picked up the pokeball in which the Gyarados was unceremoniously caught, and threw it towards the other serpents. "P-please use Thrash!" She commanded the emerging serpentine form.
  8. Been a while



  9. Bless you Rorroto. My day became better after reading this.
  10. she will have infinite cookies
  11. While the result was for the most part successful, Cathode did not appreciate at all the negatives that came with it. Suzie took an unprecedented amount of damage from a single bite, and they had lost their foothold. They were already in too deep though so she clutched her opposide side with one hand for reassurement, while putting the other one on Suzie. "The longer we stay, the better. Hang on a bit longer. Just gotta keep covering Nicaea, so keep doing what you were doing." The snake had gotten the grasp by now, and she was actually getting pretty intimidated by all the other serpents eyeing her, so going on the defensive felt just right for her. She used another Curse, and Cathode's Defender also activated. Cathode saw Emanuel throw a ball on the sleeping Gyarados, and she thought that in their hopeless situation, any chance to reduce the enemy count, was a viable tactic. So she did just the same and after shakily getting back on her feet, took a pose and threw an aether ball on the other sleeping gyarados, hoping for the best. Maybe getting captured would lift their frenzy and empowerment. It was at that moment that she saw that they were not alone, as three new people, obviously cadets, had come and commanded their own partners to attack the gyaradoses. Individually they didn't seem like much, but maybe as a combined team they would be able to dish some meaningful damage. She tried to address the strangers normally, but her familiar nervousness encompassed her. "I-I haven't seen you before, b-but I'm so gl-glad that you g-guys came!" She shouted at them, and immediately got embarrased at her own self, and and looked down on the ground as if waiting for it to tell her how to fix her awful first impression. [Suzie used Curse] [Cathode's defender activated] [Cathode threw an Aether Ball on the other sleeping Gyarados]
  12. yeah thanks for noticing. i made that shit unlisted. at least the part of the picture that rng decided to show was just a little bigger version of the part than what revealed. fucking soft-reset
  13. discord dying so much lately

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