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  1. "T-this is not good!" Cathode stuttered as the newcomers and the old ones just randomly got stronger. "Its possible this might not be a one-time occurence, and they might be continously growing stronger. W-we'd better incapaciatate them while we can!" She quickly fumbled for an aether ball, and then tried to focus the aim she had trained in the academy, before throwing it at the crying fish. "For both our sakes, please accept it..." [Cathode throws an Aether Ball to the bound magikarp]
  2. Cathode could only watch with a poker face as the "threat" was splashing around doing nothing. There were reported more of them coming but.. if all they did was nothing then there was nothing that made them a threat. Regardless, everyone knows what this useless fish evolves into, so she figured she would help one of them get out of its miserable state earlier than normal. She wasted no time in sending out Suzie by just clicking the button of the ball while holding it, and aiming for a spot on the ground. Any further theatrics would probably result in a clumsy accident. The big snake spent a moment to get accustomed to her surroundings, before her gaze fell upon the splashing magikarps. She made as much of a poker face an Onix can make before looking sideways towards Cathode. Surely even she could just pick em up and throw em back into the sea by herself. Cathode placed her palm on Suzie's side, and said both to her, and Emm "I'm gonna try and catch one of them. Thanks for not attacking them right off the bat, Emm." Then said only to Suzie "Just pick whichever one you like and bind it for me, will you?" Suzie sighed and checked the faces one of which could potentially be her teammate. All three looked equally dumb to her. But at least the right one had probably a shred of intelligence higher to splash around a bit further than the others to avoid getting in the way of the other's splashing. Also it could probably mean that it didn't get along as well with the others compared to the other two? Maybe they would appreciate a change of scenery. Regardless she chose that one, and effortlessly curled the lower half of her body around it, and then tightened just enough to weaken it, careful not to completely squish it. [Suzie uses Bind on the rightmost magikarp.]
  3. Cathode was torn between following the two, and trying to stop them, and staying on the island to try and prevent anything that befell it in case they left it unattended. Ultimately what sealed the deal for her was what she knew she could do better, considering she has a big rock snake. "If I had a faster pokemon that was not extremely vulnerable to water, I-I would have ran after them and try to stop them, b-but I am more suited to staying back and trying to protect the place in case anything happens." Her gaze fell upon the frogadier that was rushing into the sea. "N-new friend? He seems quite worked up about the situation. Is he related to this incident? I remember those two saying about giving you a pokemon that was well-prepared for this. M-maybe you need to trust his judgment this time."
  4. "Y-yeah, I don't think Suzie will be able to traverse through the building interior swiftly. Even I would have been faster." She stood silent for a while, thinking, then eventually talked. "Maybe those with the faster pokemon could try to catch up to her and chase her in a way where she would end up to an ambush I could set up with Suzie? Rock Tomb sounds like the perfect attack for that."
  5. "B=break his arm? That's mean!" Cathode reacted, but then lowered her head and mumbled "Why does always nothing go according to plan..." . After a bit of silence though she jerked her head up again and said, "A-anyway, d-does anyone know the way to the aquarium or s-should I put it on GPS?"
  6. Cathode, who had partly reverted to her past silent self after that whole incident, mulling about the happenings, and trying to make some sense out of them, could only nod, feeling that she was more deprived of good options, than the one who was bound and deprived of freedom. She ran a finger over Suzie's ball, as a way to calm herself and mentally prepare for what was to come.
  7. all the memeborn monotype runs tbh
  8. @Zarc hint: the games love to hide items everywhere
  9. Lets not forget that to obtain the soul stone you need to suffer the loss of a dear person MCU stealing from naruto apparently so they used young naive sean's developing friendship with tolerable melia to make him suffer that loss and summon the stone. (because they have no dear ones to sacrifice themselves) but they overestimated sean's feelings of friendship towards someone he barely got to know (who would have thought someone would resist falling in love with melia on first sight), so the stone turned out to be defective and unable to absorb souls. which is why its now only useful as a paper holder. the end.
  10. I found a glitch in the 5th case edit: another glitch edit2: another glitch
  11. Hello, this game is amazing so far. But im playing on large screen and when certain "pictures" are shown, like the Case starts and endings, or for example the picture found in the safe in the second case, i only see a quarter of them...
  12. Happy Birthday~ 💜

    Make sure to eat cake if you can~ 🎂

    And then be sure to visit your dentist~ 😅

  13. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  14. This was the biggest dose of feminism i have seen dumped on a pile xD ^endgame spoilers
  15. You made this chapter quite a rollercoster. I hope you liked the party and the short company with best girl, because we are back in our legularly sceduled despair.
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