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  1. still, the game might as well not exist after said shop
  2. he discovered X items. I hope he forgets about them or the quality of his battles will drop so much.
  3. i could swear her nidoqueen was sheer force earth power for example.
  4. seeing aya have a poison point nidoqueen with stomping tantrum made me cringe. it seems it's been a long time since i played regular reborn and many questionable changes have been made since the first time i played through the early-mid game
  5. Hi, theres only one thing i'd like to say today.


    I despise black friday.


    That is all.

    1. Des Teto

      Des Teto

      I turned off the radio because the ads were driving me crazy

  6. For a good moment Cathode was left gawking at what used to be a weak little timid fish. Of course she knew magikarp evolves into gyarados, and of course she expected Terry to also evolve one day, but this did little to prevent her reaction. And what a perfect timing this was. She gently touched the coiled great serpent's side and caressed it. Differently from her Suzie, she felt a rough yet slippery surface at the same time. And it was pulsating with power. "Look at you, Terry, you're big and strong now! Must feel great, doesn't it?" Terry responded by letting out a gentle roar, then lowering his head towards Cathode, mouth stereotypically open. Anyone's guess might have as well been that he was about to devour the small girl. But he instead extended a whisker and attempted to pat Cathode on the head, but he miscalculated his newfound strength and ended up forcing her to fall in the sand. The whole process was harmless though, since both his whisker and the sand were pretty soft. To Cathode at least, because Terry's mentality was severely wounded by this as he panickely wobbled left and right roaring apologetically. Cathode could only laugh at this though. "Hehehehe I'm fine don't worry, but try to control your strength okay? Suzie can teach you." It was then that she saw the change in the despicable ghost's posture, which now looked frightened, no, angry, and spouting some spiteful memories about gyarados having gone berserk in the past. She also seemed to be catching some breath after taking a battle stance. Cathode took that as a chance to give her a piece of her mind before the inevitable clash. "Hey meanie, Gyarados are just like any other pokemon! Almost every time I've seen a pokemon go berserk it was a human's fault. Juuuuust like those Gyarados you sent earlier!. So don't go blaming the pokemon!. Or the rest of the island!" She wasn't sure why did she feel the strength to be cheeky when they were in a very dire situation. Maybe it was because she was next to the now evolved Terry, who seemed to had joined her in her accusations, by roaring angrily at Omega. It felt it was how it should be to her. She helped terry gain strength, now Terry was lending her his own. He was a bit overzealous in his judgmental glare on Omega though, because he ended up subconsciously utilizing that as an actual offensive move. Hies eyes glowed a gold-ish hue. [Terry used Leer]
  7. DemICE


    Do not relocate this please. I am not planning to officialize this in Fangame Expose until it is complete. But some discord mod deleted my mediafire link for some reason. So since mediafire links are apparently a problem, i had to make this thread with the lnk, and post this instead. http://www.mediafire.com/file/dr5onhh61i15080/Urmumium_Full_Download_%286_badges%29.rar/file
  8. Emm was faster at answering the call, so Cathode just listened to the call from his side. After accessing the information she had received from both "Uno" and Rita, Cathode had a better picture of what might be going on. The thinking also seemed to temporarily nullify her usual stuttering. "....You definitely aren't Uno. You are just like that ghost girl, Alpha and you probably deceived her with promises of being able to dance! Her body being able to dance will be meaningless if it's not herself doing the dancing!" She then said to everyone in general, "Also i think the Claydols being ground types, probably have something to do with the earth splitting." What even is going on down there... She wondered. There was also the problem in which Suzie was not in a good condition for another grueling battle, Terry had close to nonexistent battle capabilities, and the other Gyarados proved to be more detrimental to their side than the opponent's. This is bad. She turned to the new cadets who had come as reinforcements. "Did you get supplied with any restoration items before you got sent here?" Shortly after her question though, she was distracted by Terry, whose coloration was becoming increasingly faded, towards bright white. She had noticed something was off with his colors ever since the battle was over, but she thought she was just tired from the battle. Terry on the other hand, didn't seem fazed in the least about his situation. "Terry are you okay?"
  9. DemICE

    Battle Tower V1.0

    so megas and z-moves are not okay but marshadow jirachi and shaymin-sky are? i feel this whole banning thing needs to be looked at a bit more.
  10. I am so getting irked by this way of thinking where if the game seems like it can't be nuzlocked without many losses, these guys are more willing to just quit the game instead of just dropping the nuzlocke rules. Even if the pulse camel was a thing in canon, why would he criticize a boss pokemon that hits very hard but is slow as balls, so negatively
  11. So many things were too close for comfort. Sadly for Damocles it was an extra step from that. Pity, because if it had survived till the point where you get a specific held item for it, it transforms into a menace.
  12. Cathode was standing on the spot, her mouth agape, staring at the figure that was Uno, while at the same time, not. "Wh-wha? Why do you sound so different Uno?" and then as what she heard registered in her brain, she continued the question with "d-did you just admit you tried to k-kill us?" Granted, Uno had been unstable in various aspects ever since the tree of life debacle, but Cathode never expected her to develop like this. She then also registered that Uno had just performed some quite superhuman feats. "...and you just split the earth in two... how?"
  13. defog is shoved in my face everytime competitive is bringed up so its hard to forget it nowadays. wew that was one shitty adventure there, with likewise shitty rewards. i guess you got ONE tm and... that was it actually i think. at least it ended in the high note of melia getting slapped. beggars can't be chosers! im curious on how will you cope with the bullshit signature move erick has
  14. "Wh-what?" Cathode took a step back suprised, even if she had expected the possibility of this happening. Her legs wanted to give out but she knew completely collapsing would have been the last mistake of her life. The gyarados' pokeball was still in her hand, which was fortunate because she would surely clumsily fumble for it in her panic and probably drop it. She wasted no time in clicking the recall button. "Re-return!"
  15. DemICE

    happy 31st birthday jan!  feels good to finally have someone as old as me here

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