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  1. DemICE

    Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #03]

    Cathode was pretty surprised, to say the least, seeing the Rotom as it had apparently phased through both attacks. In the midst of all the mess, it seemed to be just... there. But this was not the only weird thing she noticed in the situation. That girl seemed to be putting too much attention to her A-Comm during a pokemon battle, always making sure to have it on hand. Then a theory formed in her head. "I think Rotom is retreating into her A-Comm to avoid damage and then comes back out. Or it might have not even gotten out yet and all we see is a projection. We need to somehow render it unusable... without injuring the girl too much. The only way i think i can contribute with with this plan is to keep rotom busy while you try to target her device." "Suzie try another Rock Tomb on Rotom"
  2. I feel like this style of getting lost in the world of the game and being left to enjoy it without thoughts like "how im going to incorporate this part in my written run" lets you have more enjoyable experience, and come back with more clear minded criticism when you write one thorough review in the end. WLL caused me feels in the end, The only other game that caused them to a similar degree was PMD explorers of sky
  3. DemICE

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    Who cares about mewtwo anyway, the true boss was P O L I W R A T H
  4. DemICE

    Pokemon Reborn Pentaop is Here

    lets take a moment to appreciate Mo's sylveon
  5. DemICE

    Pokemon Memeborn: Ice monorun

    Part 30
  6. Memeborn Ice Mono part 30: The glass gauntlet 


  7. DemICE

    Pokemon Memeborn: Public Version

    Nope you can't revive in battle. I was sure it was written somewhere in the OP but i might be wrong
  8. DemICE

    Rejuv hard mode...

    Well its hard mode for a reason. And whether it fits with ones tastes or not differs per person. I for once am satisfied with the toned up difficulty because previously it felt on par with regular reborn, while normal mode was even easier than that. Have you even tried rejuv's normal mode? Maybe that difficulty is what fits you better. P sure it is also a bit harder than what it was before.
  9. DemICE

    Pokemon Memeborn: Ice monorun

    Part 29:
  10. Part 29: Criminals and Bitches


  11. DemICE

    Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #03]

    Cathode was both relieved that they were on the right track to find Sena, who was apparently still alright, and worried about what situation he might have been in, and about this new girl blocking their way. Her demeanor meant trouble. And she seemed eager enough to battle that any prior conversation would not prevent it. So the situation called for only one thing for now. She would think about the rest later, when they would be questioning her. She fetched her lone luxury ball and clicked it open. The Onix resting inside was unfolded, looking around wearily until she steadied her questioning stare on the girl who brought her upon this new environment, which was quite a change compared to the cozy sunlit beach from last time. "Suzie, we have a problem. One of our friends is in trouble and we need to beat those two to get to him. Therefore..." She waved towards the mischievously smiling rotom, which started to remind her of the sableye, "R-rock Tomb!" The rock rnake, complying to her (almost) determined command, summoned some stone pillars that encircled the rotom, and brought them down on it.
  12. You should have drowned them with Waily :X Ironic how this post comes a day after someone trolls them to oblivion xd
  13. DemICE

    Pokemon Memeborn: Ice monorun

    Part 28:
  14. Memeborn part 28:  Nothing according to plan


  15. So this happened