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  1. These work in redux without errors. Altho the ones that modify the menu make it so you cannot see the synnopsis, the party system... well.. custom options in general
  2. If anyone asks me to describe rejuv to them i'll just send them this. And its only half the game.
  3. Game offers you enough shards (hidden and not hidden) till that point to be able to learn at least one of the pledge moves from an npc in a house in Lapis. So you can teah fire pledge to delphox. Then use fake out with persian on the illumise, and fire pledge it with delphox. The result will be no rain, and the field will become burning. Have fun after that. Be careful of her Araquanid because it has Rain Dance so dont let it set it
  4. Is this really for real? pixpix?  I expected many things. pix~ But not this. pix~

  5. By the way Redux has a hard level limiter so gaining levels during the julia master battle should have not happened. This is probably caused because you have the exp.share mod in your folder. You may or may not want to be removing it temporarily when fighting major battles.
  6. what is this lovely smell of death that envelops this thread? it feels quite cozy here and i might wanna reserve a corner to relish in the impeding suffering and anguish >looks at the BOX... you got these pokemon to do the entire run? seems interesting. Altho the edgy sword might prove a bit op (will watch videos when i have time from work) in any case i name the bronzor TinkeredBell
  7. Cathode was about to run towards the chef, but Emm beat her to it, and judging too many people clustered near the target would put them in a disadvantage, she opted to stand her ground and go on the offensive. Poocy seemed to have a good momentum during his current attack, so he should use it to get away from her pretty fast. Which lead to her next decision: "Nice Poochy and Larvitar, but you better get away from there! Suzie use Rock Tomb on her now that shes down!" The empowered serpent proceeded to do just that, while also seemingly roaring at Poochy to jump off the fallen target.
  8. LOL I had gone to that place in this hack but i never found this Also tentacruel is a cool mon i would have been sad if i lost one then again the sea is full of tentacools
  9. So this is the story of Sean getting friendzoned by his crush just before his heroic act, then failing to suicide by jumping into lava after getting encouraged to do it by a pirate a terrorist and a rock lover, because dying from a weak ass lizard would be too lame, only to get friendzoned^2 again. Better than Twilight.
  10. When pokemon tries to use a DAMAGING move on the opponent (it can use light screen just fine for example) this error happens instead, and nothing happens.
  11. GROUDZILAAAAAAAAAAAAA! By the way earthquake is not a contact move so king's shield would not lower claydol's attack. Also just how buffed is rock smash in this game to 2-shot a mega camel? I'm using mega camel so i know its pretty bulky. To answer your reply's question, i just found Supernova Sun patched and played it on citra emulator. I also played Stinking Sapphire (pairs well with Raging Ruby). The story may be boring but at least the visual aspect of the game in addition to Drayano's edits made it (kinda?) worth playing... Wally got more than he deserved in this remake, Also shoutout to Glacia trolling me with LIGHT SCREEN Glalie that made her Mega Obama able to outlive my team xd
  12. So the run returns with more suffering of various kinds. Something something psychic gyms are your bane. Also if we re talking innuendos, im playing Ultra Sun atm (a hack called supernova sun) and i wish i could have started making a compilation of dialogue that can be easily taken out of context. Game is chocking full of them.
  13. As the in-battle text says, the seed mamoswine holds gives it +2 speed at the cost of being affected by torment
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