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  1. I just found out Luna is 18 and im v conflicted, she looks and acts so young I see her as more of a daughter
  2. Just becasue aya and hardy have a thing doesnt mean you cant be in on that thing ;3c arc's cool I guess, and ame herself said that victoria is one of the straighter gals in the game, so maybe shed be male only tbf i dont think most people would mind dating cain
  3. I dont know about ages, but i wouldnt mind dating aya, shes cute~ and by legal do you mean 18 or 21? different countries have different legal ages
  4. arcticGalaxies

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Terra is rekking me ;w; Nisa (Empoleon) @Mystic Water L75 Torrent Brave- Ice Beam- Earthquake- Surf- Dive Ace (Flygon) @none L69 Levitate Impish- Giga Drain- Dragon Claw- Earthquake- Steel Wing Chitaru (Arcanine) @charcoal L74 Intimidate Quiet- Dragon Pulse- Flamethrower- Crunch- Close Combat Lara (Noivern) @none L73 Telepathy Timid- Dragon Pulse- Acrobatics- Boomburst- Dark Pulse Suzuka (Roserade) @Black Sludge L75 Natural Cure Calm- Toxic Spikes- Sludge Bomb- Giga Drain- Dazzling Gleam Electabuzz- heal fodder edit: some pc pokemon Emilie (Meowstic) @Lefties L66 Infiltrator Modest- Psychic- Signal Beam- Thunderbolt- Shadow Ball Marisa (Mismagius) @none L68 Levitate Impish- Psychic- Shadow Ball- Power Gem- Dazzling Gleam Luca (Lucario) @Lucarionite L68 Inner Focus Sassy -Aura Sphere -Earthquake -Dragon Pulse -Flash Cannon