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  1. Thanks a bunch my dude. I hope you enjoy the cubchoo
  2. My name on their is Franny btw
  3. Accidentally exited out. I never actually did a trade before sorry if I mess up.
  4. okay done getting on
  5. I just realized my copy is out of date. I need to download 18 real quick for the trade to work. Sorry about the wait.
  6. Okay give me a minute
  7. I accidentally traded away the 7th street loudred that I need for the sidequest. If someone can get me one I would appreciate it. Not sure how these trade things work I do have a lot of shines I can trade it for though.
  8. sorry didn't know. where do I download the patch? I have trouble navigating the website.
  9. Hey, I'm Keta's house in Sheridan village. I think I'm supposed to talk to the hooded man in the middle of the room but he's not budging. Not sure what else to do as far as story goes. If it is a bug could someone help? Game.rxdata
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