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  1. I know what its called in the audio files! The file name is "Music - My Memories with Precious Friends", but I don't know the artist or the title of the track
  2. Hey I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the chill soundtrack that plays when Melia was talking to Ren at the Spring? It's the same one that plays right after Goomink evolves for the first time as well as the flashback cutscene in the Goomidra Castle ruins
  3. Oh wow that was from a long time ago! Hm both must have somewhat of a connection then with the whole relic stone thing I never thought about the Deino event that way.. She's pretty godly since she has done a lot of "impossible" things herself True! Maybe she even started watching us when she came to Tanzan Mountain? She realised Sirius was lying about us being a member of Team Meteor Yeah she's been shown to be pretty evil especially since Laura (or was it Saphira?) said about her when they were kids in the orphanage If the Gardevoir she used really was Gossip Gardevoir, I'm starting to think that Hydreigon's her actual only pokemon? Since she used Ame's Alolan Ninetales as well.. Maybe the rest of her team is made of Pokemon she got from others as well? The Victini theory is pretty cool though! It's a pretty good explanation of how Lin won that fight in Devon Corp She's probably going to be so overpowered when we fight her :')
  4. Heya! Hahaha we can be lurk buddies Thanks! I'll see you around!
  5. So in E18, when Team Meteor invaded Agate City after the whole glass factory situation.. Lin was there as well. At the end of the invasion, either Samson or Ciel gets sucked into a black hole by a Gardevoir that Lin had used. I wanted to ask if this Gardevoir is really Lin's Pokemon? Because when I first played through it, my first thought was that the Gardevoir she used was Gossip Gardevoir and since she did the whole "pull out a relic stone out of nowhere" so she might have somehow gotten Radomus's Gardevoir and used it? Oh and is there some sort of connection between Agate City in Reborn and Agate Village in Orre that was stated in the game? Both places have the relic stone and they kinda have the same names
  6. Thanks for the welcome! I'll see you around Hahaha I'm just so used to using emojis Yeah I actually got one of the fire emblem games on 3DS but I never got around to playing it.. I'll try it eventually though! Thanks for the welcome
  7. Hello! I've been lurking around the community for like more than 3 years now? I'm generally kind of a shy person as well so that kinda held me off from trying to socialise here I made a few posts here and there recently but never really introduced myself so I thought why not just do it now? I'm 20 years old and I've been a fan of Pokemon ever since I was a child. I loved the official games until BW2, then X and Y onwards didn't really appeal to me anymore. I did get into competitive battling when BW2 was out and it was pretty fun! I discovered Reborn one day and tried it out and it was probably the hardest pokemon game I've ever played with a really mature story line and loved it! It also had the "Whatever you do is gonna affect the story" kind of aspect which I just love. From there I discovered Rejuvenation too and have been trying out different monotype runs and competitive strategies using the field effects in both of these games. For hobbies, I'd say listening to music? Although I'm not really sure that's a hobby I also do like cooking even though I'm not that good at it! I think I got it from watching too much Masterchef and Hell's Kitchen clips on Youtube haha As for my life, I'll be studying Pharmacy in University in like two years time because we have this conscription law thing that requires us guys to do military service for 2 years Well I guess that's it about me! I hope to be more active here too because I've never actually been in any sort of forum community? So yeah, thanks for reading this post and I hope to see you guys around!
  8. I managed to beat him by using the seed to set up tailwind on my side so both our speeds were even.. Either that or I changed the field to the point where he can't get back to the sky field! I did this in my Ice monorun where I used ingrain on Abomasnow to bring him down to the mountain field, then dig to the cave field, and finally blizzard to change it into an icy field
  9. I've done an Ice monorun of Rejuvenation too! But I did it on Normal difficulty instead and it was still really difficult I don't really know if this will apply to intense mode but I used rare candies to level Vanillite up to 35 (it evolves into Vanillish then and also learns ice beam), then I gave it reverse candies back to level 30. Ice beam's a pretty strong stab move at that point in the game and Vanillish is stronger so it might help!
  10. I've done an Ice, psychic, poison, and dragon monorun of this game and the hardest gym leaders for me are Marianette, Crawli, and Souta. Marianette's pokemon were insanely difficult to knock out as some of my pokemon weren't evolved yet and couldn't hit hard or take hits (especially Snuggles) Crawli is just free sticky webs that makes all of his mons outspeed mine (-2 speed under his field) Souta is just broken because of his field.. Tailwind lasts for 8 turns, his mons having a bit more bulk because of the field (Strong winds, Big Pecks and Multiscale), and Sky Attack hitting in 1 turn and Hurricane having 100% accuracy. His field benefits flying types in both offense, defense, and speed
  11. Oh wow that's pretty neat! Yeah I checked again and my Alolan Ninetales could only relearn the Kantonian Ninetales egg moves and not the alolan one like freeze dry or moonblast
  12. Um hi, I've never actually started my own thread here before so I hope I didn't like mess up anything doing this I just wanted to ask if the move relearners reteaching egg moves was a new feature added in this version? I'm not sure if its a bug either because my Alolan Ninetales could relearn heat wave, which is an egg move of the Kantonian one and not the Alolan one.. I checked both move relearners in Sheridan and GDC and both of them can teach egg moves
  13. Before going into the Apartment Depths, I went back to the entrance to use the PC star to swap out my Araquanid for my Heracross. When I went into the depths and switched to Aelita/Ren then back to my character, my Heracross was replaced with my Araquanid. After getting out, I went back and checked the PC star again and my Heracross wasn't there but instead I had another Araquanid in the PC. So yeah my Heracross kinda got deleted
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