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  1. Happy Birthday ūüėĄ, i hope that you will have a great day ūüôāūüćį

  2. ...isn't that exactly what the game looks like? I've been playing since 2k15 and that's exactly what the game looks like to me are there mods changing graphics to newer gens?? could you link one of the videos you are talking about maybe?
  3. you may certainly count that as an exception rather than an expectation for anyone going into it. alas, you didn't even answer the question of the topic! Shift or Set? personally I've been playing Set mode ever since finding Reborn (and thus, in Rejuvenation, which I started on Intense mode, playthrough is on ice, so far I collected 5 or 6 badges... idr.) it makes for a much more natural flow of battle, and it makes sense to use it in games that are actually made to provide some challenges (which is quite different from the official games). I know of people playing either mode, I might imagine it's just individual habit. or if the game is hard enough for someone on Shift mode, turning it to Set might make advancing quite frustrating. and no, the Nuzlocke sounds like a nuts idea, not good for your mental health. consider it thoroughly
  4. if there still are cases of text being too long, please post it in minor bugs, where text errors go. technically there shouldn't be, since I spent a ridiculous amount of hours on fitting descriptions of items, abilities, moves, Pokédex entries and whatnot into the corresponding boxes. have fun playing!
  5. very true, Gen 8 will not be included anymore either way.
  6. I now understand properly that you meant "Cass added a number to the count, thus Ame's post was the one ending on 7" alas Cass didn't post a number. hence Ame ended it on a 6 still. for all I care, we're at 936. or 18 or 16, if it is so wished we definitely need ORDERRR also, Corso is a sub to the establishment.
  7. even if she added 1, she did it at 6 5
  8. 3 wasn't the rule that it can only be intervened when a mod answers before a number ending on 7 was posted Cass broke the rule and is invalid so if the people rise up and get together, you can march right over 936 I'm sure.
  9. huh, it really breaks down to that? how neat. much better than like working through the entire game in RPG Maker trying to fix Ame's double consonant issues and change every Pokemon into Pokémon. I'll keep it in mind for sure!
  10. ah, in that case, I can imagine. but also, revised texts have been a thing, so take care! should you really keep going with this, you might count me in (like I said, after the game's finished tho) more seriously than to simply check stuff, if you'd like. alas, obviously that's gonna be a while till then.
  11. interesting. I was eventually planning on doing a German translation, but only after the game would be finished, so all the material would be at hand. imo it's a ridiculous task to keep the slang and fun even remotely similarly amusing in German, or probably any other language for that matter. I'll check your start out soon(tm).
  12. I have a pen...

    1. IntSys


      I have a pineapple...

    2. Ojama Yellow
  13. http://prntscr.com/mgfron http://prntscr.com/mgfsf6 one healing star having the wrong color and a lil' tree adventure
  14. http://prntscr.com/mdoc9z display "error" at Galvantula http://prntscr.com/mdo2an Karrina's base is severely messed up in terms of tiles, I'd suggest checking all of it. can walk over almost every furniture and desks. http://prntscr.com/mdo2wi and then not sure about the tile at the walls - should you be able to step on it? (the symmetric tile on the other side is also walkable) http://prntscr.com/mdoi0s pom pom meadow ledges walkable
  15. ahh I'm too late. gomen nasai. go eat some noodles as compensation. next up is Q-Jei, naturally
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