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  1. imo the thing is dynamax seems to equal z-moves, just that you can use 'em for 3 turns making the ball and models bigger and having some flashy light is a mere eye candy to sell it as amazing cuz "WOOOW SO BIGGUUU DESUUU" idk. where the creativity at it's like they are desperately searching for fresh things, but so far they have squeezed all of them so hard into the existing boundaries that it's just really not impressive and I also can't imagine they are not aware so I wonder what keeps these creative minds on such a narrow track.
  2. if they actually took inspiration from Reborn or Rejuvenation, maybe they'd end up making good games
  3. heh. that's always the same with anything great you got to enjoy over a long period of time. and for Reborn it might be especially so. reality always kicks in soon after, so don't fret.
  4. the FPS lag is caused on the software's end, to my knowledge there's nothing really you can do about it. I had the same occurence with a GT650M at the time, and that's obviously worlds older than a... mere GTX1080. some areas have a lot of events scripted, like Chrysolia, or the Black Obsidia Park, and Malchous Forest, and probably a couple others. those usually are the affected ones.
  5. well, given that the game is not finished yet, you can't really spreadsheet it out yet. if you simply want to know what happens on the other route, I'd say it's probably best to ask someone who played it and still remembers some things I can remember, careful, it's in spoilers for a reason :
  6. - a Star Wars fan comes face to face with Rian Johnson - nothing happens BOOM SUBVERTED EXPECTATIONS
  7. that doesn't sound like a bad idea, Ame just might? though direct posts about development progress and episode content are in 99,9% of cases made on Patreon only. for now you can of course enjoy her little comments underneath the progress bars.
  8. Just on a sidenote, it will still be quite a while until E19 and postgame are done, so there's no rush.
  9. I don't know why, but the standard setting in Windows is to not show the file extension unless you activate it. so apparently you renamed it to "game.rxdata.rxdata" without seeing the second one? as long as it works now, all gucci
  10. just one correction, the save file is "game.rxdata", not an executable. simply make a copy of the file and rename it. the game will always use the file that is named "game.rxdata" as its savefile, try it with one of the autosaves that you can see in the same folder.
  11. very true, Gen 8 will not be included anymore either way.
  12. iirc it should be in the Railcave in Chrysolia Forest, so once you have beaten 7 gyms.
  13. I now understand properly that you meant "Cass added a number to the count, thus Ame's post was the one ending on 7" alas Cass didn't post a number. hence Ame ended it on a 6 still. for all I care, we're at 936. or 18 or 16, if it is so wished we definitely need ORDERRR also, Corso is a sub to the establishment.
  14. even if she added 1, she did it at 6 5
  15. 3 wasn't the rule that it can only be intervened when a mod answers before a number ending on 7 was posted Cass broke the rule and is invalid so if the people rise up and get together, you can march right over 936 I'm sure.
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