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  1. Haha, wow, that Muk do... this is amazing and y'all are amazing. Sorry if this has been said somewhere and I missed it, but are y'all gonna incorporate items or some other kinda rewards into the battle tower, or since this is the postgame it just about testing our skillz?
  2. Has anyone found the Skull Idol in Pokemon Apex? Any tips would be appreciated! 

  3. Just saw shiny Musharna, pretty dang certain it's got a marijuana leaf on it's rump 😂

  4. It's always bothered me that you can't/don't return that mareep to the guy who lost it in jasper ward...

    1. EternalJinn


      Same, I've also never felt right about never finding the original owner of the pokemon you get from ms. cradburry (although that person could've died like the others that don't make it in reborn's numerous disasters)

    2. Dante52


      Yeah good point. The Mareep one just kills me cause the owner is literally like 30 feet away freaking out, haha

  5. I like how different this game is, and I really like the emphasis on the MC's personal development... but certain sections of episode 3 felt really tedious to me... but thanks so much for making the game! And thanks for all the files you left behind for the tinkerers
  6. Hey, I wanted to grind up before I returned to the city for episode 3, but I can't remember/find anyplace to heal?? Could someone remind me? To be clear, I mean a place to heal outside the city...
  7. So are all fossil pokemon rock type because rock was the first type, evolutionarily speaking, or is the rock typing just an artifact of the resurrection process? Are they rock type because the became fossils? Hmmm...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dante52


      So then, in your opinion, before they were fossilized they weren't rock types?

    3. DreamblitzX


      Seems likely. though on the other hand, maybe they only became well-preserved fossils because of them being originally rock types?

    4. Dante52


      Oh, that's an interesting idea. All the fossils are rock type pokemon because only rock type pokemon turn into well-preserved fossils. I hadn't considered that. 

  8. Anyone else find it dumb that Oricorio can't learn Rain DANCE?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zargerth


      @Wolfox Rain Dances are actual dances, though, so it would make sense for Oricorio to learn it. But hey, this is Pokemon we're talking about after all.

    3. Wolfox


      I know rain dances are a real thing, I just said that the move isn't a dancing move. just lick Sucker Punch not being a Punching move

    4. IntSys


      It's called Rain Prayer in Japanese. That's likely why it didn't make it into Oricorio's learnset.

  9. Wow, 125bp Double Slap (If it hits 5 times...) .... plus STAB if you're getting worked over by some fairy like Wigglytuff.... *starts sobbing*
  10. He's in a house really close to the exit to route 0, iirc
  11. Sorry if you already know about this, but the game crashed when I went to battle a specific person, guess the trainer is missing? The game is kinda crazy sometimes, I get lost frequently, but I'm enjoying it quite a bit! I found the nursery thanks for the help
  12. Does anyone else feel like Jynx was left out when we got Magmortar and Electivire? 

    1. seki108


      It definitely was, since they had the trio thing going for the first two gens at least.

    2. Busti


      I would love to see what you could make a Jynx evolution look like. Considering it got all that "stereotyping" trouble, maybe it was better to leave it alone?

    3. Wolfox


      let's not open the "is jynx racist" can of worms, cuz that usually doesn't end well. (it's not btw. it never had any intention to be at least). but I feel the same

  13. So I've been watching pokemon XY... I find Sylveon infinitely more creepy now... with it's flesh tentacles... 

    1. DreamblitzX


      an old favorite of mine:


    2. Dante52


      Hahaha, that's great

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