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  1. I just recently had to get a new computer and had to reinstall Reborn. I used a pen drive to pass the game files from one computer to the other. However, the old computer was in quite a bad state and I'm unsure if the file got corrupted. Alternatively, I might have installed an incorrect version of Reborn, seen as I had got the Dex quest patch and the event Pikachu patch. I'm leaving the files here in hopes it is either a quick fix or a matter of not having the patches. I might have to try and reupload the game files from my old computer if the files got too corrupted. In any case, thanks in advance! game.rxdata event.rxdata
  2. Meech seems lovely! Apart from upping the level cap, the little yellow face puzzles me. Is it one of the symbols of the box? Could it be showing a used golden bottle cap symbol?
  3. Edit: Incorrect topic. Please delete.
  4. Not that I'm stuck but there's certainly a bug in my file. Corey's silver ring is in my bag as an Item and not as Key Item, rendering it useless to get his pokemon! I saw this post in the forum which suggested giving it to one of my pokemon but it isn't possible, being that you can't interact with the item apart from cancelling. Any help would be much appreciated! game.rxdata
  5. well, I wish it is saphira (maybe both!) but there was this banner thingy of Titania with the following description: "History has a habit of letting little girls wander past the forest's edge, only to be swallowed up by any number of enchantments beyond. She awakens in a tower, Stone, Cold, Alone. A dragon guards her, its fangs bared to the world, brimstone breath faithfully reserved for whatever metal-clad ignoramus thinks himself so mighty that even fire may not char his miserable flesh. But, there is one who can slay the beast..."
  6. This field is incredibly exciting! And the picture is just perfect. I love the lore elements and can't wait to see how they fit into the narrative of the game or into a character's backstory! (Presumably Saphira! ) Ohhh and could it be ZEL!? Edit: I just realized that my Mawile is an absolute beast in this field... It gains freaking dragon coverage! I just can't right now
  7. Flying Digglet should be in the next game and I swear I'll buy whichever version comes with fairydos. Mega Fairydos tho... xD Great job
  8. Since we now had the new Alola forms I've had this amazing idea! Could you do a fairy type Gyarados (maybe just give it elements of sylveon and spritzee or something) and a flying type digglet (put it in a cloud, please). Thanks in advance!
  9. Dude, really amazed at your skills so I'd like to ask for a splicing, a Joltik/Quilava splicing. I'm sure you can pull it off!
  10. It is so freaking cool! Amazing work! My shiny lanturn Tesla will now have a matching sprite!!! Edit: Just noticed it, in the back sprite the smaller light ball has no eletrical border. That shouldn't be too hard, so please (You can edit the previous post in order not to clutter this too much if you want)
  11. Oh my Arceus, the freaking awesomeness. Is it possible for you to do the backsprite too? I'd really really love to use it in game!! The colours are spot on and maybe the only little thing is that the bolts seems to be really in the outline of the top of its head. Maybe making it so that they won't be will make it really cluttered but I'd like to see that little change. In general that's just awesome and you should be really proud!
  12. Uhhhh, these are all really really good. I love the splicing with Eevpuff and what the hell is that flying hand thing... pls, stahp... This shinies are also so cool. Love pumpkaboo. Could you do a lanturn vibe and give it a dark but electric vibe? do you do the little box sprites too? Thanks in advance and this is all great and I'm just gonna return to my ambidactyl nightmare (it is so perfect...) Edit: wow got it totally wrong... Noivern, Ambipom, Feraligator?
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