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  1. Walpurgis

    Stuck In The Water Treatment Center

  2. Defending Alaris could have easily passed as just being wrong, but the tie lynch getting rid of our cop is something I can't ignore. I just don't find your reasons to justify your votes while questioning others as solid as I would expect from you. If that's what you want then I'll give you a chance proving your claim. I received a gun last night phase and Astra can probably vouch for it, if you are lying then you will fail to stop mε and die and if you are saying the truth then you will be able to stop me from killing you. That aside, I want to know who has been stopping the bleeding. We have assumed it was the doctor but based on Bok's claims he hasn't used his ability on anyone who was bleeding yet and his role description specifically states that it doesnt cure bleeding.
  3. I don't see the point in keeping my role secret anymore, so I'll just make it public before anyone asks. I'm Dixie Kong, once in the game I can stir up trouble during the night to cause two people to be lynched instead of one next day phase but doing so reveals my identity. Dixie is one of the most relevant characters in DK, so it'd be weird if it wasn't a role in this game. Even if my ability can't be proven to be true I think that my character being uncontested will be enough proof.
  4. [Unvote] Bean [Eliminate] Dive And before anyone asks about the sudden change: I lied about Bean being the player I'm most suspicious of, I just thought it was going to be way too hard to convince people of lynching Dive after his roleclaim and I wanted to lay low to avoid getting killed before being able to use the gun I got last night. Kill-blocker is a convenient ability to claim, from the towns perspective it can't be demonstrated that this role exists at all (the only kill not performed by mafia was Cass using her gun as far as I'm aware) + the fact that the roles in this game have custom abilities means that it could potentially be a thing, but it also means that a role can be more or less easily made up and it's somewhat unlikely that it'd overlap with an existent one (esp given how unconventional this one is). You could say choosing a character was kind of taking a gamble, but it was a necessary one: in the position he was he would have had a very hard time avoiding being lynched had he not roleclaimed like he did. (Also Alaris did it too last day phase and no one contested his claim, maybe they have figured out something regarding the characters included in this game that we have not? or maybe it's just luck) In summary, his actions last day phase are way too scummy and his roleclaim could easily be a faked one.
  5. I'm voting bean by process of elimination. We tend to ignore him and leave him to his own devices but we no longer have a cop because *someone* pushed for a tie, so with no other way of knowing if bean is on the town's side or not and him being the player I think to be most likely to be mafia I want to get him out of the way. I also find him to be particularly hard to read and unlikely to respond to pressure votes (meaning that, yes, unless L'Belle's response changes anything this will probably be my definitive vote for the day). 2. L'Belle - Not a lot to go off of, as usual. Neither town nor scumlean.4. andracass - Donkey Kong - Confirmed town.6. Hooky - See above.7. Astra125 - Cass confirmed their ability to give items, the item didnt malfunction. 8. Newt - I can't really rationalize it but based on his overall behavior I have a slight townlean. 13. Jason Grace - Still a bit suspicious, but roleclaim is uncontested for now so there's that. 15. Bok Choi - Without a doc role it wouldn't make a lot of sense how many times the mafia has failed to kill anyone/how they havent killed Cass yet knowing she's a good player, confirmed town and the mayor.
  6. I don't have a solid reason to vote bean. I don't think L'Belle has been doing anything out of the usual, he never posts or contributes a lot so I don't find his lack of involvement to be enough proof of anything.
  7. Walpurgis

    Patch 4?

    Those bugs are caused by the fact that you replaced the patched scrpts with the outdated ones from a mod, probably. try redownloading and reaplying the latest patch without adding any mods and see if that works.
  8. You are using outdated scripts. Download the latest patch and apply it, make sure that you arent using outdated mods. THat's not your save. Follow these instructions, feel free to ask if you have any doubt https://www.rebornevo.com/index.php?/pr/save/
  9. Walpurgis

    Chess Mafia(Signups Open

    if I don't get the queen role im reporting you to the police
  10. [Unvote] Bok [Eliminate] Bean
  11. I think that the notion that I'm suspicious just because I haven't roleclaimed is a bit dumb. If you really want me to claim then I will, but the more we roleclaim the more likely are the remaining mafia members to be able to choose a role that isn't in the game. As I already said last phase there are more than enough Kong family characters to make up for twice the players in this setup, if everyone roleclaims one of these we are as clueless as we would be with no roleclaims at all.
  12. I was suspecting you because of how adamantly you defended Alaris yesterday despite some of his arguments not being particularly solid and the tie lynch after that but this claim is interesting. I guess I was wrong. [Unvote] Dive [Eliminate] Bok
  13. I guess this kinda puts a target in my back since there wasn't a mafia kill this night phase but I was roleblocked this night, so either there are several roleblockers or it was the doctor preventing the kill. Right now I suspect Dive and Bok as the last two mafs. I loosely remember Astra and Newt being somewhat confirmed town? If so then there aren't many other options either. [Eliminate] Dive