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  1. can someone who knows how to count do a vote count
  2. [Unvote] Astra [Eliminate] Alaris [Reveal] Johnny Cage
  3. you just broke it [unvote] Ali [eliminate] Corso
  4. Votes: Ali (4) - Corso, Nano, Alaris, Astra Corso (4) - Ali, Bok, Lia, Candy Astra (4) - Kiet, Lykos, Drago, Knightly Amine (1) - Boat Boat (1) - Bean
  5. Oh, a lot of death. Let me go back and check the color coding. I like the double lynch idea. [Eliminate] Corso [Reveal] Kenshi
  6. Oh, this is interesting. Honestly, revealing that you are hard to kill because of high hp isnt the best way to dissuade people from lynching you. [Eliminate] Yahy [Reveal] Baraka
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