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  1. Oh, well, since Sopheria was mafia and she died I'm going to assume town did that and that the person I saw visit Kiet was mafia. [Eliminate] Alistair
  2. I'm still not a super fan of how knightly refuses to roleclaim, I don't see the worth of keeping his role a secret. I think Vanilla might mean Candy. If the vowel posts are anything to go off of I'd say Sopheria is my main suspect for the first and the second could go either way.
  3. Candy was a fairly safe town read tbh, there was no reason to suspect her. I find it interesting that you focused on her and not on anyone else in that list. Most of it feel like grounded honest reads but there's an outlier. It's a harsh read, way too harsh. If Jelly was mafia I don't think he'd go this far with it, he would be a bit more on the fence about it (which he would have plenty of reasons to be). Based on the fact that Kiet flipped mafia my assumption is that Jelly is town. I don't know how to explain the dissonance between what Knightly claimed and what Jelly did. Even if what knightly said was a ruse to make himself and the people who he protected look towny that'd be a bad strategy because once one of them falls the rest do. Since he also soft-roleclaimed without naming his role I think I'm going to place my vote on him until he clears that out. [Unvote] Sopheria [Eliminate] Knightly
  4. I guess it could be the briber. Since mafia was a bit underpowered last time maybe Alaris decided to buff them. [Unvote] Newt [Eliminate] Sopheria
  5. I don't know how to explain this night otherwise. There are two undisclosed mafia roles left: briber and piercer. Neither of them sounds like the kind to redirect a lynch (if a townie did it please reveal yourself and your role). If the ancient being is one of the roles in the list then its probably the vanilla villager imo. Also I'm not really buying what newt said. I don't think any of the two unrevealed mafia roles would have that ability either (again, if a townie did it then reveal yourself), but I do agree with his vote. [Reveal] Vanilla Villager [Eliminate] Newt
  6. I don't see why that would be the case, though. We now know that the puppetmaster is required to put an emoji at the end of each post, which isnt a thing bean normally does. The best use of Bean is creating a situation like this were we don't really know if it's just him being him or if something else is going on.
  7. Gather round, children. Once upon a time there was a mafia game very similar to this one, its name was "What Lies Below". One of the main attractions of the game was that all the roles were either brand new or modified, with an extra special ability that would be unlocked after a specific course of events happened. Despite the variety, though, there was a third party role that managed to stand out: ?!!?!!. The holder of the role was killed early into the game, Night 1 to be precise, and revealed as town. The following days passed as normal, a couple of deaths here and there and all that stuff, but unknown to us a power greater that we could fathom had started to shift and twist, lurking beneath the surface. It wasn't until day 6 (page 15) that it emerged, spreading its corruption everywhere. Its identity was revealed, the boy who we once thought to be one of us showed his true nature: a mere vessel that an eldritch abomination had used to infiltrate the townsfolk and make sure we would free it. The very same day it awakened it took two innocent lifes. The humans, however, were too preoccupied fighting each other and didn't act until it was way too late. There were no survivors. No one knows what happened with the ancient being, and now we stand where it all happened.
  8. Also Baz's response earlier this day phase satisfies me, I think he might not be mafia after all.
  9. Both Newt and Bean feel off, so it could be either, going off the content just won't work. Even though only one of them is actually being controlled the other is mafia and has a direct line of contact with the puppetmaster, which means that there's no reason why they both couldn't be sending messages written by them. If they are going for a strategy like this one there's no reason to assume they arent doing that as well. As farfetched as it may seem if they took the risk of losing one of their own they probably do know the ancient being's/whatever it's called now identity and are actually trying to strike a bargain with them. There's a strong case for both of them being and not being the controlled one. Reasons why Newt seems to not be mafia: he's the mayor, giving the mafia strength right where they lack it. If any other mafia members voted for him it puts them immediately on a suspect list. No discernible reason why they'd put him at risk over anyone else. Reasons why Newt seems to be mafia: despite sending his disclose vote after bean's posts and after some people questioned their legitimacy he didn't vote against bean, which despite the whole "unable to speak" thing would be pretty telling in my opinion, a potential strategy to get town arguing about this more than it's necessary. Even though losing the mayor would be definitely bad for mafia if he still decides to pass the mayor title he basically puts a target on one person's back, seeding a lot of suspicion amongst the town. Reasons why Bean seems to not be mafia: I have only been mafia with him once and we all died pretty quickly, so I can't be sure, but he might be a bit too chaotic for a plan like this. He might go along with it, but would his team entrust him this task? He also usually manages to slip past the radar thanks to his nonsense, usually dying later in the game and putting him in the line this early seems a little bit of a waste because of that. Reasons why Bean seems to be mafia: His nonsense is a double-edged sword, he is never taken seriously and he has little influence over the town's decisions. He too has posted after Newt but hasn't voted him (he might be chaotic, but hes not stupid, and his reads are sometimes surprisignly spot on). My gut feeling is telling me it's Bean. The reason why Newt didnt initially vote Bean might be because he wants to see the world burn a bit before stepping in. [Eliminate] Bean [Disclose] Swindler
  10. Honestly I'm getting a scummy vibe from Baz too. It's strange that he's not interested in the messages. If he was town but distrustful of the person sending the messages I feel like he would voice his concerns instead of just dismissing it. I also don't really buy his reason to single out Nicki and vote her. That whole last post of him feels off, but it might have been just because he rushed it. Not like this is going to go anywhere this late, just pressure for the next day. [Unvote] I [Eliminate] Baz
  11. [Cancel] Swindler [Reveal] Puppetmaster [Eliminate] Walpurgis
  12. About the cult thing I too am a bit on the fence. I doubt the role that sent the message has the ability to check other people's stuff, so either they are privately talking with someone else that has that ability/has been culted or they've been culted themselves. A culted person giving the cult away doesn't make a lot of sense, though. Also note how the title has shifted to "What Lurks BeIoW Z". Might be worth to keep an eye on that and the opening post just in case.
  13. It's only his second proper mafia game here iirc so I'd wait a little to see where this goes, but knowing him I have the feeling that he's genuinely trying to help and it just comes off as a bit too much because of the enthusiasm he puts into it.
  14. Immolator doesnt sound too powerful unless group chats are secretly a big part of this game. Either way a scenario where the immolator only kills a random player is way more likely (and if I'm understanding it correctly it has a bigger flaw than that). [Disclose] Swindler
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