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  1. And watch out for everyone who's been voting me. I don't know why town isnt talking more about it but the reasons they are giving are super bland.
  2. I'm Deku, the tracker, and I saw Kiet visit me and Drago. @CrimsonDragon21 If you are the justice then I urge you to reveal it now and let's lynch drago but otherwise [Eliminate] Kiet If this means we lose because I potentially just revealed two important roles I don't give a fuck you deserve it
  3. Everyone knows killing me night 0 is a waste because town will lynch me anyways. Except that I didn't use that word anywhere in my last post. And besides, I fail to see your point. Don't you think it's valuable to make a list of people that could have a role that has a 50% chance of being mafia? Even if we end up exposing the actual holder of the role it's not like it has much use for town, I have the feeling that telepath is just there to make people second guess the messages they receive instead of automatically dismiss them as something mafia sent.
  4. Honestly the only person I don't see being able to impersonate bean is Sopheria bc they're new, but if it was the mafia whisperer then the idea could have come from a different member. I think we can still narrow it down a little bit, tho, because even if almost everyone would have been able to do it I wouldn't expect most of us to come up with that strategy immediately. Kiet, Alaris, Bazaro and Bean are the first that come to mind. The choice of target is also interesting, so far it looks like I'm the only one who has been sent a message.
  5. I guess I shouldn't have included the content of the message then.
  6. Btw I got a message from presumably the whisperer (I gave the role list a quick look and I might have missed something, but I think that's the only role capable of sending individual messages at any time). It said "MY PETS ARE MISSING", so I'd say it's pretty obvious who sent it. Or rather, who didn't send it. I think someone was trying to impersonate Bean, because as random as he acts I don't see him sending such an obvious message, leave alone during N1. The message came in almost at the very end of the phase, which makes it feel even more deliberate. Right now I have a slight scumlean on Baz, because even if it's not really anything of much substance I have the sensation that he might have been trying to pressure me into accusing bean of being mafia, potentially getting him lynched and making me look even scummier the next day phase. Me and my conspiracies am I right I would like to hear from anyone else who might have received messages from the whisperer if there's anyone else out there who has. Also even if someone is really trying to impersonate Bean reminder that this doesnt in any way confirm him as innocent, let's not fall for that again like we did in Big Brother mafia with Kiet.
  7. I'm doing the poker face because I don't feel like showing how salty I am about getting already pointed at by two people after literally my first post in the game.
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