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  1. Try the updated version of the game. There was a script that i removed that was causing the game to take forever to save.
  2. There's no difficulty select for the gane. You probably just reached a point in the game where things started becoming much harder.
  3. Let me know if this next update fixes your problem!
  4. Sorry about that. Had a huge brain fart. Try downloading it again, should be working fine now.
  5. The one door I don't check... I'll release an update that fixes that.
  6. Just a small BUMP to let everyone know that Episode 3 of Pokémon Floral Tempus is available for download!
  7. Hey! Thanks for playing! In development we also thought about that issue with Faye and Del's levels not being line with the gym badges, but we left it in just for difficulty's sake. Hope you enjoy the game!
  8. First let me say sorry that you happen to ran into those bugs. The first bug on rest is going to be fixed by next episode and the bridge bug is just something thats out of our control. The NPC's don't follow the same rules as the player when it comes to level and stuff like that, so if you're on a bridge they'll treat you like you aren't.
  9. There's another item called a dream capsule that changes to hidden abilities. That's why the ability capsule just switches back to blaze. Currently there is only one dream capsule available so far. Sorry for not making that clear earlier.
  10. @CaptainMetal Alright your save file should be fixed. If you find anymore problems please let me know. Thanks for playing! Game.rxdata
  11. I'll be sure to check it out! Thanks for playing! It says that the attachment is unavailable. If you can re-upload it I'll be able to fix your predicament.
  12. @Felcatty About the first issue with the bag where it says invalid pocket, someone told me that they fixed it by updating the game correctly. By any chance are you replacing the files in episode 1 with the files from episode 2? The second issue about selling items is one I'll look into. I've never seen the error before so I'll see if it comes from my end as well. Pumpkaboo evolves with the trade stone in game.
  13. how did i not notice that earlier... Thanks for letting me know!
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