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    It's probably a fact now at this point that I'm probably the biggest fan of Tales of Symphonia on the Earth, since I now own EVERYTHING Tales of Symphonia related, including all of the overly expensive figurines, blu-ray dvd's, posters, Japanese manga, Japanese novelization, wall-scrolls, and all versions of the game (including Japanese exclusive versions). Yes, I am a nerd, yes, I am a huge fan-boy who has plans to go to a Tales of Festival in Japan, and YES... I want to get my stuff autographed.

    Currently, I am an Animator, Animation Director, Fan-Game Developer, Stage Actor, and Computer Science Major with a Secondary Major in Performing Arts.

    Also... I don't like Pokeplayers. Fact.

    Animation and voice acting directing work, down below:

    Japanese Dub


    English Dub


    Feel free to join my Groups Page! http://symphonic-horizon.deviantart.com/

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  1. Send money to the Giant Gummy Lizard:



  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  3. So, this new Star Wars game actually looks like it might be "the one". I am down for Sekiro Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order. A Soul's-esque Star Wars game sounds correct to me, and the gameplay looks pretty good. Though, I feel the exclusion of Stamina is a bit odd, but I guess that's to make it more accessible to a younger audience. Which I'm alright with. It doesn't need to be as ball-bustingly hard as the Soul's series.

  4. Me whenever I see a video that's labeled: I'VE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE *surprised face*


    Me: ... Yes you have. Yes, you freaking have. You wouldn't be making a video about it if you never heard of it. Also, you look ridiculous. *proceeds to ignore video*


    I like taking the piss out of thumbnails, sue me.

  5. I freaking love the internet!



    1. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      im glad i decided to check out the status feed today.

      final spaghetti never, EVER stops being a blessing.


    2. IntSys



  6. Dylan here to give you all something entertaining on this otherwise uneventful night.


    Everyone has a catchphrase:



  7. I really want to play Serious Sam with 16 people. Dylan's random input of the day. A very simple, non-contrarian status of my mood - one for the ages.

  8. Incoming dumb question, since I don't keep up with modern trends, like at all.


    Okay, I'm a bit late to the whole Projared cheating thing, but my main, big, question mark is this: since when has polyamory started becoming a thing in the past 0 years? Did I blink and miss something? I was less taken aback by the whole scandle as I was the whole "it's okay to be poly-amorous in an America society" thing and just shrug it off like it's no big deal.


    Am I late to the party of knowing this or is this just a very niche thing?

    1. Candy


      I think it's just acceptance of different genders, relationships, just way of living (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone) in general.

      Personally I don't find a problem with polyamory as long as all parties have consented to do so. Many people actually are polyamorous, but channel their desire in the form of infidelity and that's what would not be ok imo

    2. Dylanrockin


      I suppose that makes sense. I'm very old-school and religious so I am not exactly one to get on the polyamory train, myself personally. But, if someone wants to do so then who am I to decide who can and can't be happy? I just prefer to have one relationship and call it a day. Given my track record with women one is absolutely where it stops. More than one and I'll lose my mind, haha.


      But, at least now I know it's a thing in the US. I just thought it was exclusive to other countries, due to their religious and cultural practices.

    3. Candy


      I think it's frowned upon more in "Christian countries" because it's just not what we're used to culturally or religiously. It's similar to how we weren't used to anything other than heterosexuality once upon a time, and some prolly still have issues with that. But whatever someone else does in their spare time doesn't affect me and as long as they maximize their happiness while alive and don't take away others' happiness, I'm all good. And ditto about having more than one person in a relationship. I can't even maintain one relationship, I'd be a mess if I had more than one 😅

  9. I just watched Wallace and Grommet for the first time, since I was a kid, and man do I feel inspired. I wanna go to the moon and eat moon-cheese.

  10. "Mah boi."



    -- Dylan

    1. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow

      this peace is what all true warriors strive for.

  11. I've been having some bad heart problems lately. Financial stress and overworking yourself is highly not recommended.

  12. I wanted to make a formal announcement. Due to my recent interests in revisting old, Japanese, Pokemon episodes I recently got a spark of motivation to work on my project again. Not until later this year, but, it will be done. I will be making a Discord server for my game, as I have recently grown out of my old attitude that kept me away from doing so. I believe that my fans and followers deserve to be kept on the up-and-up, so I will be creating one in the very near future. I also will be working on several, new, animations for in-game cutscenes and they will be REALLY cool. After I clear up some debt that's been looming over my head, I will be getting back to it soon. As for an explanation for my hiatus: depression, finances, and I wanted to get away from the whole internet cynicism that has poisoned my heart and mind. I wanted to step back, enjoy life a lot more than I was before, and excel in places that I was faulted in. In that time I've been gone: I have gone far with the new things I've learned. greatly I will be, in the future, making more regular updates, and will be active in my Discord server, and may even set up some form of donation system, since I know some people were willing to help me through this dark time of mine. As you guys know I authored a manga and am working on an unrelated series to this one, alongside this game's development, and that still stands. I will be juggling several projects as I continue forward with my life. I said it before and will say it again: I don't quit and never abandon what is essentially my life's work. I had a setback and will return soon. I appreciate every one of you who has followed me and kept up with my work thus-far. I truly do, from the bottom of my heart, and I wish to do my best to make you guys a game worth waiting for. I admit I am a perfectionist and fret about the details, which is why this game has taken so long. I want my vision to be realized as perfectly as possible. -- Dylanrockin
  13. For those of you wondering what I've been up to, well, this: I got 7th Place in Help Desk at PBL Nationals and I've been working on Musicals and other sorts of competitions. I got awarded for my contributions to community service in Circle K, among other things. And, I dabbed on stage in front of a few thousand people.




    Also, Hunchback of Notre Dame was probably the best musical I've ever done, ever. I'm the one with the beard, kneeling, by the way. Because... I didn't shave at all.





  14. I'm gonna give my 2-cents about the Masuda National Dex thing and the fan harassment towards him. Hey guys? Guys. Guys. No.

  15. Oh, whoa, hey, uhhhh... casually strolling in to say hello to everyone and wanted you all to get an update on my status at the moment. Currently, I am now done with this year of school and am now on my last year. It was rough, thus far, especially with finances, which is why progress has been... ehhh... Also, I have been constantly displeased with the script of my game and have come to the conclusion of rewriting a good majority of the game's story, especially the near endgame parts. But, a lot of great things have come to me while I've been away. First and foremost was obviously publishing my manga and getting a lot of great sales at conventions and my university. Another was being able to head to San Antonio, Texas for a PBL (Phi-Beta-Lambda) National competitions. What is PBL? Basically, a Business Honor Society that has you do sometimes philanthropy things, but also competitions. This week I'll be there to compete in 2 competitions that I placed in at State.


    A lot of my setbacks will be rectified, soon, but I need to get a lot of headway on other, life things, first. This project is my baby and always will be, alongside another manga that I am currently in the works of writing that is completely unrelated to my game. I've been committed to this project for almost a decade and I've come too far to quit. This is only a minor setback and will be soon rectified in about a year or so.

    1. Xtrack


      Hey good to hear from you man just take your time and get in your life in order. I'm sure the wait will be well worth it when the game is finished from how much effort you've put into it. 

    2. Dylanrockin


      I also wanted to add something else, as well. I have struck a deal with a certain company and will receive investments for future projects of mine. It won't be anytime soon, as this will be late, late future. Say, 2-3 yearsish. But, if I'm not done with my game, by then, I will use part of the money received to help make my game even more exciting and great.

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