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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😉🍰

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      You're welcome 😄

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      happy birthday !

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      Happy birthday Kamu!

  2. Kamu

    Theories: Elite Four and Saphira: Teams

    If the Flower Garden is used in the E4 then I hope Laura has a Cherrim. At Stages 3/4/5 it reduces the damage that Grass-types take and it activates Flower Gift which grants buffs to teams in double battles. It could actually become difficult to take out with bulk investment and Leech Seed. I love Cherrim and would love to see it on one of the end game teams. Also Flower Veil halves damage done to the owner and their team mates.. so imagine Cherrim + Florges as partners. I might even raise my own duo to pair for that arena lol.
  3. Kamu

    Catching up with the story

    Just download V11 and boot it up, it should play from your save file. Preferably in a Pokémon Centre. There should be a list of places that are changed so you wouldn't want to boot it up in one of those places, check if Blacksteeple is one of those places.
  4. Thank you! @Waynolt
  5. @Waynolt Are there any plans to add a way to have the time appear at the top left corner but not use the unrealtime mod? I know I can just look at my computer time, but while I don't want to use the unrealtime mod I like seeing the time displayed like that. @DreamblitzX Is there a way to allow us to change our character sprite whenever/wherever, use PC, and heal without giving us debug?
  6. Kamu

    Can't load up Pokemon Rejuvenation v11.2

    Have you unzipped it?
  7. Kamu

    Zeraora is OP

  8. Just in time for the holidays :] ty Jan.
  9. Most Likely To Start a Religious Cult: @LilyX for sure lol Member of the Year: @Starry Knight for always being active on the Online forums and helping people out with their trades and even starting wonder trade events.
  10. Kamu

    My save file trapped itself...

    If it's because of the mod why not try adding the mod back to your game and then saving, turning the mod off/deleting all files associated with it and then saving again to see if it fixes anything.
  11. Kamu

    Lets talk Foxes.

    Are you gonna make a post on Friday when you get Smash too
  12. Kamu

    Dragon scale Please!

    When will you be on next @kai2801
  13. Kamu

    Dragon scale Please!

    I've got one. When are you available? @kai2801 edit: gone to bed but you can always @ me and we can work something up. my timezone is est
  14. Kamu

    Alternate Form Pack v0.5 [E18.1]

    The original post says you take suggestions but I just want to go "do you take suggestions?" to be polite so; do you take suggestions? I think giving Typhlosion Earth Power on Level Up would be a nice addition. Maybe even Mud Slap. It's just weird that he learns none naturally when he's now a Ground-type with that branch and has no moves to take advantage of it but suffers all of the weaknesses. Also if we create one of our own would you add it into the mod? I love the idea of adding branching paths to existing Pokémon without removing them as an option and wouldn't mind giving a crack at theorycrafting some variants of 'mons.
  15. Since it persists between saves I would try deleting the reborn folder and just unzipping it again. Maybe a file got messed up while saving/SRing.