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  1. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a great day ^^

  2. Oh wow, it has been so long. Literally my favorite pokemon game. I think I lost all my saves, so I will probably need to start over again, but it will be like experiencing for the first time since I can't remember much
  3. Genesis

    Pokemon GO

    Anybody still playing? How's everyone's pokedexs coming along?
  4. Could I maybe make a suggestion? If it's already done just please point me in the right direction. Could we make a single locked thread with all the leaks regarding Sun and Moon that only gets updated every time there's a new leak. We can still discuss and guess future leaks and gameplay in this thread, but if you are like me and you missed a week of the forum and last week this thread had 20 odd pages and now has 40 something it's a lot to try and catch up on when I really just wanna know what else if anything was leaked? Last I saw the starters had been leaked
  5. Quick Q. Is it worth buying a 2ds/3ds just for this game - and possibly the other pokemon games that came out on these models? I ask since it seems like there won't ever be a 3ds emulator, but then I really have no idea how much life is left in the 3ds model before a newer model is released
  6. i find the starters pretty ... horrible. I don't know which one I dislike least. The water one looks like a stupid version of Samurott. I really hope their final evolutions don't disappoint. That said my guesses for types for the final evos would be grass/ flying(seems confirmed anyway) fire/dark (the cat kind of looks like purloin and is quite dark looking) and finally water/ no idea (it looks like Samurott but with a lot less IQ points and following the history of pokemon games there seems to be a trend of sticking to monotype water bar Mudkip and Frokie) As for the legendaries - the sun one looks an awful lot like a Pyroar so not much originality there, but it looks pretty cool. As for dark - I have no idea what I am looking at Perhaps Nooibat and Mega Salamence got it on and created this ... thing. Otherwise it looks decent - having never played any of the 3ds pokemon games I will mostly be interested to see how the new pokemon mix up competitive play
  7. Genesis

    What're YOU listening to?~

    Okay so I have had a mix up morning. Started off with: Papa Roach - F.E.A.R Slipknot - The Devil In I Disturbed - Sound Of Silence And finally Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike vs Ummet Ozcan - The Hum
  8. Genesis

    Today I Learned

    that sounds deceptively pervy TIL that Sulfur Hexaflouride does the inverse of helium and can make me sound like a Demon
  9. Genesis

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Have you done the team Magma/ Aqua missions? Both Houndoom and Sharpedo can wreck shade. My choise is speed boost Sharpedo. WIll easily OHKO most of his pokemon. Houndoom is a little slower but can OHKO most as well.
  10. Genesis

    Official Gym Leader Help Thread

    Rock types do well in this battle. One strategy is to change the field with an EQ user another is to brute force it. Get some rock coverage and then just set up your team in a good order and you should be able to take him. I would take Taurus out since he offers very little to the team. If you managed to pick up heracross from the woods he would be a great addition. Okay so this guy did a mono fighting in hardcore with only 4 pokemon http://www.pokemonreborn.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18033&page=2 So it's doable but it isn't easy. In fact it's bloody difficult.. My advice (if you don't just follow how the guy above did it: Cheese it with the first Hariyama with fake out then Sand attacks. Get Hitmonchan in and try KO the Qwilfish with thunder punch -might help with Crobat as well. Gurder should be saved to take on Crobat who is the deadlist threat to the team. The inbetween is less difficult than the Starter Qwilfish and final Crobat. Hitmonchan might be able to take all three (the nidoqueen included) out with Thunder and ice punch so long as it doesnt get intimidated. The hardest part will be Crobat especially if it has aCROBATics (sorry couldn't resist)
  11. Genesis

    Coming (back) Out of the Shell

    Jericat used Shell Smash, Moderator Powers increased and lurking decreased
  12. Genesis

    Today I Learned

    TIL what TIL stands for
  13. all aboard the HYPE train!! no but seriously below exactly what he/she said. That's where a lot of the fun comes from. Hyping things up. It may turn out to be overhyped, but hey where's the fun in not guessing and simply waiting
  14. Genesis

    What do you look like?

    I posted this in the funny picture thread but the more recognition the better. I hereby formally submit my request to start a petition to get Ame to dress up like Mismaguis/ Misdreavus. This is the expected outcome
  15. Genesis

    Funny picture thread!

    4 days and I finally caught up with this entire thread KILL ME NOW. I'm a useless piece of shit. Here's some stuff I like The realities of pokemon go And finally. I hereby formally start the petition to request to see Ame dress up as Mismaguis/ Misdreavus