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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

  2. Vendor Name : @Starry Knight Requested Pokemons : (5 or) 6 IV Shiny Ditto Event: Type:Null for pokedex completion Offered Pokemons : Roselia/Chimchar Gender : Female/Male Ability : Natural Cure/Iron Fist Nature : Careful/Lax IV Spread : 31-12-31-31-31-31/16-29-5-8-21-31 EV Spread : None/None Pokerus : No/No Shininess : No/No Egg Moves : No/Encore Item : Heart Scale/Heart Scale Online ID & Time with timezone: xWolfram, GMT -3
  3. Such unnecessary, unjustified violence. Despicable. Let's focus on the bug tho
  4. i was trading mons with a friend, (frogadier for a drilbur) and we both ended up with cloned frogadiers, and the drilbur disappeared. I checked and i didn't find this previously happened, thought i'd report it.
  5. I was doing some training, and when i headed to change some natures, i tried to cancel when the list of natures was up, the guy took my heart scales and the text about starting treatment started, and it overlapped with "come back if you change your mind", my nature didn't change, and my screen remained black. I managed to exit the room, and it went back to normal when i entered back in, but i lost my 3 heart scales... Sorry if this was already noted, thought i'd share. I can attach my file if needed.
  6. hey, i was wondering if someone could swap me the elekid egg in my team for a rufflet or vullaby one, i'd really appreciate it ^^ nature and IV's are not that important, but if possible i'd like them all over 15 or so Thanks in advance! game.rxdata
  7. Thanks, and sorry for being impatient, blame the game for being so addictive . I apologise, you guys do this as favours, it isn't really my place to complain about any delays there might be. Thanks!
  8. well continuing my former issue, i started a ghost monorun. So, as there are no ghost type mons available up until post-beryl tangrowth, i only have my honedge. Which is a problem, because to defeat the beryl tangrowth, i have to double battle with zel and taka. When battle was about to start an error popped up and my game close, so i'd really need someone to get me a second pokemon so i can keep progressing. I don't know how adding mons work, but if you could make it a lvl 31 haunter it'd be great, so i don't need to grind as much. an ideal moveset would be hypnosis/shadow punch/sucker punch/confuse ray. thanks in advance! Game.rxdata
  9. Game.rxdataHello, i'd like to start a ghost monotype run, so i'd need someone to get me a ghost starter . I don't have any preferences, only don't make it shuppet or sableye, as i don't like any of them also if the egg can be something ghost, it'd be great Thanks in advance!
  10. I'm kinda stuck in the water treatment center, i just got the beryl grid key but i got lost and i don't know where to go. I managed to get back to the Opal grid (that part where titania says go west, i go north), but everywhere i go from here i just end up going in circles. Can someone help me out? EDIT: I'm a dumbass. Found it please keep scrolling, nothing to see here
  11. haha ok, will do! EDIT: yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss after some 4 and a half hours, i managed to beat it. MVP World Champ Pachirisu managed to survive two turns, paralysing darmanitan and typhlosion. Pelipper set the rain, and the ass kicking Hydro Pumps! OHKO Darmanitan, Charlotte sent Rotom out, with pachirisu out i sent meowstic and withdrew Pelliper and sent Pangoro in; in 2 turns, with 2 crunches and 2 psychics Rotom was out. Volcarona sent, double heatwave kills them both :c. I send Bossipper out again, with weezing to provide assistance; her Delphox falls to the all mighty Hydro Pumps! (good thing that i found a pp up and used it in hydro pump, right?) typhlosion is parahaxed, like, forever. Ninetails out, I use rain dance and a rainbow field is created, losing the fire bonus. Two hydro pumps and it's gg! Thanks Hiroki for providing the strategy, you da real MVP
  12. Now that i've tried it, i'm sure it's perfectly doable. I just need to return pelipper when she sends out rotom, and try to kill it asap. if i manage to kill rotom and keeping pelipper alive, it's gg. pangoro can OHKO her delphox with a crunch, her volcarona falls to a double psychic attack from my delphox and my meowstic. her ninetails hits hard but it's not great at defense. Anyway, i'm posting it, if you wanna check it out and have fun EDIT: ok, it doesn't let me upload it, sending it via pm
  13. yeah, even though darmanitan's rock slide and rotom's volt switch are a bit annoying. If i had a quick claw i'd be the happiest pokemon trainer in all of reborn
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