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  1. First time playing this. Gotta say, like the work put into this game. The music, the sound effects (Ace Attorney so far in the intro I remember), the old film filter when interrogating the manager, I love it all. And I havent even started a case yet! EDIT: The stars aesthetics are definitely appealing, but I like anything related to celestial bodies really, but doesn't it contrast with the overall theme and character of Syl? Also noticed you are a fan of FF!! I recognize WoFF Victory Theme and YRP Battle 1 here! Love the implementation
  2. Probably the easiest gym leader so far that I didn't change their native field (Amber - Bounce and Blizzard, Souta - Smack Down xD). I came in not expecting a Gym Battle actually but I OHKO'd most of his team except for that Torterra, which took me 2 more tries before realizing it had a crest and inverse effects. After that it was pretty meh, I expected more from the ground type honestly. And Megarupt was sorely disappointing because it didn't outspeed half my team which weren't speedsters in any regard, thus allowing me an easy kill. Nim and the double battle with the red hair after was more troublesome.
  3. I can't remember since I downloaded this quite a while back. It's the same dl link right? I'll try that now
  4. Hello Rejuv comm! So after the Battle of BlackSteeple Castle, I regain control at a bed in the boat, can't move tho. So can someone kindly assist me with this? Game.rxdata
  5. EDIT: NVM Just made a separate thread since it seems this thread's dead
  6. Bumping! I've tried searching the apartment, the underground base, even nightmare GDC. Really lost where to go after heading back to the city after returning from route 9 EDIT: I found the event triggering the episode's story. Thanks anyway!
  7. Been so long since I opened rejuv. After returning to GDC from Route 9, I tried wandering around the city looking where to go next. So far, I've met Mosely (which I think is a sidequest) and Ana's robot drama, but since the scholar district is closed as of now... I'm lost. Where do I go next? Sorry, kinda lost with the narrative.
  8. The uploader made a comment about that. US and Japan blocked apparently
  9. I'm curious as to why the MC from the Mega mini series is lined up with Team Flare, I mean wtf? lol
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