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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. Can anyone give me advice on how to beat the Geara battle inside Wispy Tower on Intense mode? I've tried multiple different team varieties to counter various Pokemon, but nothing has worked. Any suggestion for Pokemon available up to this point in the game are welcome (Including in-game trade, event, etc), except for starters (As I chose Bulbasaur - which as a Venusaur has been zero help). I'm willing to go back and breed moves/etc in if that's what it takes. I'm even open to themed/gimmick suggestions so long as they actually work. I considered posting this to the battles help, but the last post to that was in July two years ago and my problem doesn't so much involve/require a set team/move set for me. Just wanting anything that will work.
  3. Back again. The weather changing part of the mod menu doesn't seem to be working for me? I change the weather number inside a builiding, step out of the builiding, and it's still always the same, no matter the number I choose (0-8). I tried changing the day as well after none of the numbers worked. Do I need to full exit a section before the weather changes with the mod and not just exit a building?
  4. I am now able to change options and such, so whatever the last fix you attempted was seems to be working. Thank you again for going through the trouble of making numerous and quick fixes. Much obliged.
  5. None, only the Mod Menu from here. I download the Script.rxdata from here, rename the original Script.rxdata to ScriptBACK.rxdata in case I need it later, then move this mod's Script.rxdata into the Data folder and then launch. I'll try downloading 16.2 again I suppose, despite it note being more than a few days old and see if that works, but otherwise I'm not sure what could be wrong.
  6. I feel like I'm being a real pest at this point, but downloading the new version is still causing a crash:
  7. Still crashing, confirmed using 16.2 just to be sure. Do I need to start a new game to get the fixed version to work or is it just being difficult still? I used the port you made for Rejuvenation when playing through it with zero troubles, so it's strange the original for Reborn is having so many hiccups atm.
  8. No worries. I saw that the Rejuv port had had the same issue literally right after my last post and was just happy to see if wasn't something I did wrong. Thank you very much for the quick response and fix. Much appreciated. EDIT: Hate to be a bother right after I just posted, but another error is occuring, this time referring to line 534 and the first time (This screenshot is of the second time it happened) 'map id'. Is this the same error and I somehow redownloaded the same thing?
  9. Getting a crash whenever I to change any options while using this mod menu: I tested if the normal options menu works when I am using the default Reborb script and it most definitely does. This is a fresh download of Reborn I just downloaded yesterday and just today unpacked and renamed and placed the Scripts file. Even the typical non mod related options such as screen size and text speed result in this crash.
  10. I've saved Amber, but can't seem to figure out where to go now? I know I have to find Nim in Mount Valor but can't seem to find a way to progress in the mountain any further.
  11. Honestly I think Weavile, Blastoise, and especially Quagsire all look great in their shiny forms. Quagsire I am likely suuuuuper biased, however, as the one and only shiny I have ever actually caught in the official games was a shiny Wooper (Also being the first Pokemon I ever took the time to EV train/etc).
  12. The method for obtaining/hatchign eggs quickly never seems to work for me. There always ends up being the wrong number of values (Ex, while trying to hatch 5 eggs, doing step 3 always reduces the number to 4). Is there an actually physical demonstration of this anywhere? Because I feel like I am screwing something up but can't for the life of me tell.
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