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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. Radovan grimaced a little when he saw just how far away his Sableye was at the moment, and with a slight sigh he said, "I think I'm going to take a slight detour, my Sableye never returned to it's Aetherball, and I don't know if we're ever getting back in here.." He then leaned against a wall a little to free a hand just enough to release his Woobat, the smoll and furry little thing letting out a loud cry as it burst into the scene. "Woobat, fly up into the sky and use Odor Sleuth to try and track Sableye down, and let me know if you see anything suspicious ahead alright?," he commanded, causing the bat to shake up and down before it flew up ahead, and Radovan to set off towards his Sableye's last known position. Radovan takes the easterly route directly towards his Sableye.
  3. Radovan's gaze turned up to the skies for a moment as the Claydoll died, "What? No, none of us are tha..." he retorted, before he realized where it was likely going, and checked his A-Comm to find out where his Sableye went this time. "Omega said that it was heading to the surface to destroy the cores keeping the Nexus together, and unless we've got an expert fairy type specialist helping us out from the shadows, that Claydol might be with her soon." He grit his teeth as he tried to sling Rita on his back and set off towards the fountain.
  4. Liliya's glimpse of the future didn't reveal all that much really, in 5 seconds time, the man's blue eyes would size her up, his pace would slowed down to a crawl, and she'd wonder where his accent came from when he'd say, "I didn't come here to meet a pack of chowderheads tonight," which happened well enough. He had a slight hint of irritation on his face when he pointed at Alexandria, "And not every American has a gun, metropolis." Germany perhaps? Or Austria? His accent sounds like it comes from one of those western European countries to be sure, oddly enough the guy looks kind of familiar too, almost like someone you've seen in your world?. Alexandria meanwhile, would rather quickly recognize him as who he is, kind of strange how he didn't seem to bother with hiding himself, his name's "Junior", one of the shadowrunners that the target list warned you about. He was the muscle of the operation, a cybernetically enhanced supersoldier that practically came out of nowhere, the man quickly made a reputation of himself in the shadows, and with an operation history that sounds like a really cheesy action movie quadrilogy, you're kind of surprised that he was dumb enough to you know, not even try to hide. But on the bright side, you were pretty sure that he wasn't immune to being tipped over and pancaked by you.
  5. Radovan let out a slight groan of frustration as the Claydoll broke free from the ball, stamping his foot on the ground once as he walked briskly away, "I guess I just have the Woobat now, better than nothing, if only just." Thankfully enough for his mood, the sound of rumbling and crashing coming from the distance perked him right up, distracting him from getting too disappointed over not getting a clay abomination of his own. "...and that's our cue, come on Zeta! Sena might actually be in trouble," he said, before he tried to take her by the hand and ran towards the ruins, hoping to get there before something else happened to Sena.
  6. Solomon, Navin, Heidrun, Impact Point Solomon glared at Navin after his remarks, in a slightly defeated 'oh come on' way that suggests that he had planned to uh, do everything but fight in the front, if it came to that. But at the very least, his non committal reply of "Yeah...," implied that he wasn't chickening out already. The librarian kept a look out close enough to Navin as the hero worked for his entrance, seemingly not finding anything interesting around the dark, and abandoned looking warehouse. Nothing but the sound of rain, and an awful grinding sound greeted the trio when they finally forced the gate open, revealing a very dark room beyond it, one covered in dilapidated looking boxes, with a path heading to the left and one to the right of an all too convenient impromptu maze. Solomon quickly moved to wedge a nearby brick underneath one of the gates before he said, "Okay, now I see why they think this place's haunted." Alexandria and Liliya, The Broken Wheel The bartender gave Alexandria a strange look after he heard her bald faced statement/veiled threat/insult, as if he had to make sure that he actually heard you say that. Although the slight up and down movement you detect his hands making underneath the counter implies that this wasn't the first time he heard that in here. That reminds you actually, does this place have any backrooms with it's own exits?. "Well now, I think this lady's had a little too much to drink!," he lied, drawing a bit of cold laughter from some of the patrons, one of whom was discreetly making his way to the entrance...or so he tried anyway, as Liliya could catch up to him easily enough if she tried. Not all that hard to spot someone of his height, Olympian build...and general lack of subtlety moving about here really, Stopping him might be a different matter entirely though. Fortunately enough for everyone involved though, the punks were the one laughing at the bartender's southern drawl, and their makeshift weapons were hidden once more, for now at least.
  7. Alexandria and Liliya, The Broken Wheel The bartender coolly raised an eyebrow at Alexandria as she rapidly downed the heady mixture in one gulp, her sensors finding it to consist of 'fermented' cough syrup, American tap water, and antifreeze, among other things. A single bead of sweat dripped down on the man's forehead after she finished her drink, and he slowly slid the glass back in his hand, shaking it a bit to see if it was truly empty. "Hot damn, what brings a hardcase like you over to these parts?," the bartender ventured to ask, his hands subconsciously moving to wipe down the glass with a practiced ease. Meanwhile, some members of the crowd was sizing Alexandria up from a distance; just the usual lowlife gutterpunk trash unfortunately, none of them fit what the two of you''re looking for, but they're likely to try and 'jack some ware from the cylon' later...whatever that meant. Friedhold, Reception Area The woman had an understanding look on her face after she heard Friedhold speak, slowly nodding along before she ventured to reply with, "It was a beautiful city once, before the corps got their dirty hands on it, but now...all I can say is that the rain's just water over here, most of the time." She left a short pause hanging in the air for a bit, before she gestured towards the little sister and asked, "Are you two going to be alright? The rain's not letting up for a while, and we got space around the fire."
  8. Wordlessly patting Zeta's head after she helped him up, Radovan's hands slowly moved to grasp his Aetherballs, taking the time to check how each of his Pokemon was doing, letting out an annoyed grunt when he noticed that his main Pokemon were either knocked out, or just plain gone. Quickly putting his Larvitar's back into his A-Comm, casually started to stretch his limbs and, threw an Aetherball at the Claydol that fell near him, "I'm not okay, I got stabbed in the stomach by a friend who then put me back together again just to monologue at me and kill me slower, but I can still fight yeah." He then let out a sigh, set his A-Comm to track his Sableye, and waited to see if it stuck before heading up towards the hyper hole, "We could use your help too Zeta, and uh, thanks for rescuing us Betani."
  9. Loadout Seeing as their work here was done, Atton gave the remaining evacuation crew a stirring and curative speech commending them for their bravery and honor, and drove off with the rest of their crew to find yet another battle awaiting at the gate. Which they met with righteous sounding battlecries drowned out by machinegun fire. .50 Cal on the Pink Dolphin thing, dealing 2d6+Dex+3 damage.
  10. Radovan considered something for a moment as he hung from the crystal wall, before something in Omega's responses caught his interest, and he replied with, "I'm still wondering why you think that the future's that set in stone, disregarding the chance that the other cadets will stop Omega while she is away from you, I'm just not sure if that's all Uno can aspire and grow up to be, or all that you can still do...especially when it sounds like you're uncertain if this is the right thing to do, and her 'perfect body's' still incomplete."
  11. "Aaaah! Wwwwhy me?," Hirata asked, as she continued to spray a torrent of leaden(?) death onto the psychos charging her. First move: Fire her Hyperion Transmurdera at the remaining Marauder, dealing 1d4+9+12 damage. Second move: Fire her Hyperion Transmurdera at the Midget Psycho if he is still alive for 1d4+9+16 damage.
  12. The sight of the little sister gently clutching Friedhold's hand, his patience, and the general ease she displayed around him seemed to preemptively cool the situation somewhat, causing the men and woman approaching him to look a bit less concerned about him, as they took something out of their coats. "Are you doing alright son?," the older woman asked, with a tone of...grandmotherly concern as her rough and gloved hands moved to hold an aged black umbrella over the two of you, causing the rain to pour down on her ratty looking overcoat. One of the two men accompanying her quickly move to cover her with his own umbrella, while the other stands a fair distance away to uh, glare at Friedhold a little uncomfortably. If you had to guess these three were related somehow, judging by how each of them had tusks and black hair and the same kind of oliveish skin. The Barkeep snorted at Alexandria's statement, turning around a bit to give the crowd a 'Can you believe this shit?' look before he pulled out a...plastic bottle of what appeared to be Scotch, until he cracked it open and filled a nice and deep looking shotglass with it, letting out a smell that made it quite clear that the alcohol content would be the least of your worries. He brushed the glass over to Alexandria once more, before giving her a slightly expectant look when it bumped a little against her hand.
  13. Loadout and Stats Hirata does the perfectly reasonable thing to do in response, and runs the hell away from the front line faster than you'd think her little legs could carry her, whirring her janky submachinegun's rubber band gyroscope a little as she did so, before hiding behind a nearby wall as she sprayed in the general direction of an enemy. Hirata uses her first action to spin up her Hyperion Transmurdera's motor to reduce it's miss chance by 40% and adding +8 damage. Hirata uses her second action to fire her Hyperion Transmurdera, dealing 1d4+9+8 damage with a 20% miss chance to Bandit Marauder 1 if he is still alive, switching to one of the bandit psychos if they're already dead.
  14. Use Naught but a flesh wound to heal Bridgett and Square by 1d4+Int, also curing some of the status damage. Along with healing himself as well due to environmental effects.
  15. Friedhold, Reception Area The rain seemed to swell as the two of you made your way to the cell tower, sending wafts of freshish air to chill your bones, and forcing the huddled masses aside, granting you a slight, but welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the inner city. The two of you must have made a strange sight, even by the standards of this city, a small girl huddled up to a man she bore little resemblance to? 'Sedated kidnapping victim' was one of the nicer possibilities around these parts, and you caught the eye of one too many judgmental eyes every now and then. They were always watching, never seeming to do anything, but whisper, and imply something nasty as they huddled around their trashcan fires and sipped soykaf inside of buildings. That feeling of being watched remains when you arrived at the 'Reception Area', a patchwork assortment of tents and hastily built corrugated plastic homes centered around a towering metal structure, one you were here to disable, if not destroy. At this distance you could just barely spot fences and barbed wire in between it all, seemingly a cursory attempt at keeping the riff raff at bay, preventing the people working there from being bothered too much by their presence, as they huddled in the warm looking brick that passed for an office around these parts. You get the feeling that anything you do around here would require you to...deal with the SINless somehow, even just moving closer might raise a question or two, judging by the way some 'concerned citizens' seem to be moving towards you already. They don't appear to be armed fortunately enough, but the old pointy eared looking woman leading the pack seemed like trouble, if only because she seemed ready to talk your ears off. Alexandria and Liliya, The Broken Wheel Meanwhile, the walk over to the broken wheel was about as comfortable for Alexandria and Liliya really. The rain was always there of course, but what really made it awkward was the...terrified or confused looked in people's eyes as their mind tried to come to terms with Alexandria's existence. At least, the ones who weren't on something at the time it seems, who knew that the docks would attract so much metahuman refuse in the night?. At least the Broken Wheel seemed slightly better, the area around it being clearish of hobos and junkies, probably because anyone who fit the bill would be inside getting their fix. It had a flashing neon purple sign over a reinforced steel door, painting the grime coating the walls in offputting ways. In short, it was a dive bar, one where someone could while away their night by indulging themselves in their favored vice without asking any weird questions...so long as their vice was cheap liquor, greasy food, or chemicals of dubious origin that is. The two of you drew some attention when you entered into the bar proper, the assortment of patrons inside of the dimly lit room suddenly having a new subject to talk among themselves about as they sat around tables in their stools or suspiciously off colored lounges. Whoever the shadowrunners are? They have shit taste in bars, and unfortunately enough, it doesn't seem like they're here right now. Maybe it'd be a good idea to pull up a stool of your own and order something palatable from the bar while you wait, doesn't seem like the orc manning the bar is the kind to let people bum around here without ordering anything. Solomon, Navin, Heidrun, Impact Point In all honesty, the walk over to the abandoned warehouse was the easiest of the three destinations. The crowds of SINless, shady sorts, defensive looking guards and well, people in general seeming to thin the closer they got to their destination, almost as if they're taking the ghost stories a little too seriously. Oh right, the ghost stories, turns out this port turning to a crime ridden slum was a lateral change, based on some of the stories you've read about this place anyway. Who knew that black market organ harvesting was a still thing? Black Ops agents hired by a vaguely satanic cult apparently!. Thankfully enough once you actually got to the place it looked...really normal, yes it had a lot of grime and had a generally dilapidated look, and some of the glass/metal panels had fallen off in the past, but it really didn't look like the 'Warehouse of Fear' the stories would have you believe it was. Maybe it was all just bulldrek only gullible people believed? Either way, the fence's open and inviting enough, and the large sliding gates look...easy enough to move out of the way. "Well, this should be easy," Solomon unhelpfully commented, as he leaned against a particularly tall pilling, one of the few in good enough condition this far out on the docks.
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