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  1. Loadout Move back to Colorful Blocks, use Battle Plans to buff Gabriel's Syn and Bridgett's Syn by Atton's level (7).
  2. Solomon turned to reply to Friedhold's question quickly enough, as if he didn't even have to stop to think of a response to his question, "Yes, taking out the cell tower should do it, they're pretty far from the rest of Seattle, might not be another one here for miles...." He trailed off for a bit after saying that, before he realized something and added, "Except if we're taking out the celltower we might want to do it during the run, or sometime close to it anyway, before whatever corp's running this tower sends someone to fix it, and maybe even fly in a drone to maintain normalish comm operation in the area...if they care enough to do that much admittedly." He took a bit more time to reply to Heidrun's question, sizing her up first before he asked, "Are you any good with staying quiet and keeping a low profile at least? Because You could come with me and Navin to the abandoned warehouse, might be a bit too many of us going there, and I don't really expect us to fight anyone, but you never know."
  3. Radovan coughed and spluttered a little after he regained his strength, taking in several deep breaths as his eyes darted across the room, before he calmed himself just enough to try to seem like he's not genuinely terrified for his life. He lingered there for a bit of time, waiting until Alpha walked off before he weakly asked "Zeta, are you okay? Did Alpha or Omega harm you at all?." Gently testing his bonds as he waited for Zeta's response, only to follow it up with a slight turn towards Alpha, "And she's right you know? More people are coming, more friends of Uno who wants to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life...although it seems like she thinks this wouldn't be her first." He tried to seem about as relaxed and friendly as a man slowly being drained of all life, and tied to a stalagmite could be when he continued with, "Why does Uno want to do this anyway? What...happened to her?"
  4. Team A-The Bank Lucian confidently stepped up to the police line, having acquired and perused one of the PART's pamphlets earlier and brushed up on his crisis negotiation skills just a tiny bit in the drive over here, he felt about as ready as he could be when he said, "My name is Lucian Stahl, and these are my associates. We're with the PART, maybe you've heard of us? We were the non profit group that cleared out the docks (Shadestyle was too sleep to tell me how long ago we did this) weeks ago, and another one of our groups helped the PRT arrest a super powered criminal, and evacuate civilians from burning buildings. We had heard of the situation, and we were wondering if there is anything we could do to help, anything at all." He handed out a pamphlet to whoever he was speaking with to further explain the situation if it seemed that it would help.
  5. Solomon seemed momentarily taken aback after hearing Navin's statement, having halfway expected that he would have had to go it alone, and thus be able to bugger off to the nearest cafe after surreptitiously taking a picture of the entrance and then getting chased away by potential muggers. But he regained his composure quickly enough, perhaps after realizing that there was someone who could get shot at instead of him if anything wrong happened. "Ah, well thanks? I hope we won't have to use your particular set of skills Navin, but warehouses in an unscrupulous runner group's area of influence don't gain a reputation for being haunted for no reason, especially on the murder pier so uhh...I appreciate it," Solomon said in the awkward, slightly passive aggressive tone of someone who's trying to be nicer than they usually are. He then shifted around slightly, examining his commlink for a bit before asking, "Where are we meeting after we've scoped the place out though? We could discuss this over our comms later, but I...don't really trust them right now, for...obvious reasons."
  6. Perhaps it was the pint of liquid courage Jack forced down her throat, or the condescending tone the handsome Jack adopted when he 'congratulated' them on their victory, but for some reason Hirata dashed out of the room with a bundle of LEDs soon after the fight ended, ducking into a side room to do...something for herself, muttering a few words as she put on the mask, and rolled around inside of a locker. The woman that dashed into the laboratory a few moments later was a different person entirely it seemed. Someone who stood almost a head taller than Hirata did, who was bedecked in a flashy and ostentatious outfit that suggested 'scientist', but screamed 'mad'. The woman smiled about as confidently as she could manage behind her porcelain white mask, and let out an extremely corny laugh while striking an odd pose, before she declared that, "Dr. Ishi has entered the scene!," in a distressingly familiar voice. Promptly taking the frost shard and running back out of the room afterwards with a "Dr. Ishi has left the sceneee,"
  7. Quickly gunning the accelerator, Richard's half track quickly careened around Trick's mass and rushed into the fray to confront the Thugs, and bolster the morale of the evac team. Richard heads to Splash Zone, and uses That, is naught but a flesh wound to heal himself and the evac team there for 1d4+15 HP.
  8. "Help obviously, there's going to be a a lot of panic soon, and you're going to want to evacuate people after what happens...happens, just don't say that the Radbot didn't warn you if yo-," Alan then winched back in real life as he is shunted out of the system, the shock of the sudden eviction causing him to drool a little under his mask, before he awkwardly wiped it off. He waited for a moment before gingerly standing up to throw a tarp or something over his minigun armed DOOMBOT, and uhh waving in the general direction of the Sectopod. All he could do for now was sit down, and try and see if his camera drones have working speakers while he waited for the authorities to arrive. It was still kind of strange for him to want the police to arrive, but that's what cops are supposed to do right? Serve and protect people? But if nothing else, they'd still be something standing in between him and the necromancer.
  9. Hirata pumped her fist in excitement when the taskmaster went down, letting out a small cheer at the sight of her small personal victory before her fears and self doubt very suddenly returned as one of the blob things swiped at her feet again, causing her to yelp out a cry for, "Hhelp! I can't get these things off me!," before running away again, while firing wildly at one of the creatures the taskmaster was protecting. Hirata uses the Hyperion Transmurdera on the Maroon Dirge, dealing 1d4+Dex [7] damage with +16 damage due to her having 4 stacks of firing and -60% miss chance. Loadout
  10. Solomon seemed a bit taken aback by Liliya's suggestion at first, going so far as to ask, "Wait? We're scouting out the place tonight? Because uh...never mind, I'll just..go and get more soykaf then." He slowly stood up, gently walking towards the door before he stopped for a moment, and realized that it might be wiser to, "Or maybe we can get some over there, pretend that we're just visiting tourists out on a night time wa-." He stopped again, turning to look towards the rest of the party, his eyes focusing on Alexandria for a moment before he said, "Or uh... maybe not." Everyone, Port of Seattle (Theme) The trip over to the port was calm and uneventful, hailing a small fleet of taxis over, the eight of you were ferried through the thronging mass of people and cars in....well comfort, if not safety. The Port itself meanwhile was cold, miserable, and wet, and your arrival was met with hushed whispers and passing glares by the...female workers and 'honest' men prowling about the place. Which of course, meant that this was simply just one of the more reputable areas in Seattle, where people don't bother to dress up as much, but probably won't jump you on the open street, probably. The target warehouse was located at the very edge of "Terminus Point" a commercial dock located at the outskirts of the ports, it was a perfect place for a group of criminals to hide in plain sight with their hot cargo, or so they must have thought anyway. A cursory search online about the dock didn't reveal much really, other than the point's dark past, a small smattering of diners, and the usual array of ghost stories and cautionary tales about the gangs that inhabit it. Even so the information contained within the long burned documents gave you some potential leads to pursue. "The Broken Wheel" was the dive bar/eatery closest to the warehouse, and some good old fashioned bribery and skullduggery told the investigators that some of the beefier runners preferred this establishment in the past, heading over here to uh, down greasy krill burgers and while away their time. Another potential lead was the abandoned warehouse on the dock alongside their's. Drones sent to observing the target's warehouse revealed very little of interest safe for the labyrinth of containers blocking the only land route towards it, but somehow the runners have been traipsing all around town and out of their warehouse undetected. There was a theory though, a small group of SINless has stated that they have heard strange sounds emanating from the abandoned warehouse, and one of their members had claimed to witness the team's Driver heading out of the warehouse last Thursday night. Unfortunately Ares was never quite able to locate the entrance by themselves, and outside of the usual ghost stories that accompanied creepy abandoned warehouses in a port once owned by a murderous psychopath, there was never really any proof that this was more than just their wild imaginations. There was a cell tower located in the area as well, the only one around for miles really. A group of SINless had made the area around it their home years ago, calling it the "Reception Area", and well, the city just never got around to kicking them out, even if they were a bit of a nuisance to the skeleton crew working there. The tower has a small office located just beside it, and it should contain all of the controls and electrical stuff needed to keep it running? Probably not open at this time though, a bit too late for there to be anyone but some unlucky buggers working night shift. And lastly, there's the warehouse itself, in all of its rundown and security covered glory. There are no visible guards walking about the place, but getting to the warehouse on foot would be...difficult. Someone went through a lot of trouble to place containers all over the place, to turn it into a veritable labyrinth. Of course you could always get there by sea, but you'd need a boat for that, and the closest boat rental place is...well you wouldn't want to go there, unless you like potentially getting jumped by chain gangs apparently. Solomon paced around in place a bit, before he let out a sigh and quietly said, "Well then, if you don't mind, I'm heading off to the abandoned one, it seems like a fleeting lead, but it sounds better than trying to interrogate or stalk runners in a bar anyway."
  11. Stats at a Glance Loadout "That sounds like a good plan to me, the half track's bound to be better at picking up civilians than fighting Trick anyway," Atton said before he ordered his gunner to be at the ready, and drove off towards the splash zone. Head to Colorful Blocks since idt he can arrive at the Splash zone yet, Ready an action to use .50 Cal on Trick or the Thugs if they show up in this square.
  12. Stares at the Onmyoji from atop his chest as he wakes up, and meows out "Tama is hungry."
  13. Just delete the "=Angry Dragon Lass", spoilers in Reborn don't support names for some reason, just add it over the actual spoiler I guess.
  14. PTW, also to apply as a Fighter>Dread Fighter with Charisma.
  15. Realizing all too late that his only way of escaping was cut off, and that he couldn't take them both on at the same time if Sena and the rest decided to scarper instead of staying, Radovan decided to make the best of a bad situation, and quickly ordered his Pokemon to, "Sableye! Use Detect and avoid their attacks! Larvitar, just...try to use Bite on Alpha I guess, if you survive then good job!." Neither of his Pokemon seemed particularly enthused with his orders, and both struggled in their own ways to last through this turn. After giving out his commands, Radovan moved back a little to, trying to buy him a bit of space from the chaotic melee, and allow him to be heard when he asked, "And Zeta! Does Murkybite have anything she can do to help? Any way to reduce their stats or confuse them that isn't a Dance move?." Larvitar uses Bite, or at least tries to, Radovan genuinely doesn't believe that it'll survive past this turn. Sableye uses Detect, and basically blocks their everything.
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