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  1. Loadout "Yes well, I have no idea who you are too goateeman, but you're in my way, and I don't have the time for this.." Alan uses Distrupt to try and reduce the stat most used by Friday's actions by 1d4+his Intelligence stat for one round. He also uses his Drone mastery to order his summoned DOOMBOT squad to fire it's Very Heavy Minigun at Friday, hopefully dealing 4d6+Strength damage to it if it hits, and tasks his Summoned Sectopod with firing it's heavy magnetic gun at Friday, dealing 3d6+Syn damage to it if it hits.
  2. Atton strode confidently inside of the meeting chamber by himself, having sent his men out to collect some proper rations for what could prove to be a long and arduous campaign, "How far away are each of the sightings from each other? And are our targets known to take hostages or mind controlling civilians to do their bidding? I know that CFW Judge was a loner, but the others seem to be heading straight towards major population centers, and I'm curious as to why. Except for CFW Magic of course, who I certainly hope isn't an infamous necromancer or some sort."
  3. Lucian nodded in Harry's direction, and responded with a curt, "Well in that case I wish the three of you the best. Although I do hope that you won't mind if I...refrain from consuming one for the time being." He slowly and politely sauntered off a little further to the side after he finished speaking, and as two men he assumed was the 'kinda criminals' they would be working with entered the room, he took the opportunity to recompose himself a little while Mirri fielded their questions, and he stepped forward to greet them the moment she finished with a piercing look, a serious expression on his face, and a calm and polite tone to his voice, "Uber and Leet I presume? My name is Lucian Stahl, I was sent here along with my associates to assist Dr. Walters and company with their...humanitarian efforts, and I'm looking forward to working with you two in the future."
  4. Seeing as there was basically nothing else of immediate interest to her in this room, Hirata naturally wandered off to head through the doors heading to the lab, intending to loot it for understandable schematics and papers explaining what this asteroid facility was studying now that she made certain that no gunshots were being fired yet inside of it. "Hhi, did you guys find anything useful here? All we got were some useless books and papers that we couldn't understand."
  5. Richard let out a slight grunt as he jumped away from the Iron Titan, letting loose gouts of steam at the titan's eyes and knees to blind and distract him a little before he jumped up, and attempted to tear apart a piece of the roof large enough to slam the titan down on the floor below him.
  6. Kai resisted the urge to retch slightly as she entered the tomb, not because she never had the chance to get used to being around the smell of blood or worse by this point mind you, but because she didn't want to; as from her experience, demons tended to smell like the charnel houses they inhabited. "I'd be willing to bet that whoever we're about to fight paid jack for their interior decor, probably just let some poor saps in and closed the door." She slowly put her guitar back in her hands as she finished speaking, starting to play the opening to a little tune to prepare for the inevitable.
  7. Radovan didn't ask too many questions as everyone had their...was it even brunch by this point?; simply relishing the meal and the opportunity to actually rest after a very long day. As the meal itself drew to a close he finally started to wonder what happened the other night, and he awkwardly glanced at Zeta before he asked, "So...are Chief and Rubia alright? I think I kind of...passed out for no apparent reason back then."
  8. Jun first discreetly checks to see if the door is locked, before she quietly says, "Well, it seems that we'd either need to meet our first local resident soon or circle back to find another way through, and I don't know about the rest of you, but..." She slowly but surely opened the door a crack and made sure that no one was in the room behind it before she snuck in, and tried to find a door leading out of the house.
  9. Edward squinted at the screeching zombie, maintaining a defensive stance up until she mentioned recognizing Poncio, which was an odd statement for a locally sourced zombie to make, causing him to relax a little before he asked, "You uh, you have bleeding eye sockets instead of eyes." There was a slightly awkward pause as he shuffled around to get to the supply cache before he said, "And yes that is Poncio if that is who you meant, I'm guessing that they didn't tell you about us, but did they at least tell you what you were here for?." He looked around for an assault rifle or a submachinegun, something he would be especially familiar with from his military days, and perhaps even a more proper melee weapon to replace his current bed leg if it seemed as if they had enough to spare.
  10. Both El Thor and Spectator are accepted so hooray for that, gonna try and write up some ideas for what the first mission will be soonish, but I'm not going to lie, chances are this game will be moving to the bay12 forums soonish unless we get a sudden influx of players, since a game with only two players is kind of depressing for me, even if it is still neat.
  11. Edward took a couple of steps forward, saw the large crowd that was basically preparing to lynch a very confused looking zombie, and decided to remark, "Let's just get on with it already, we don't have all day remember?," before he took a step towards the zombie, and swung his pipe for the fences (her head).
  12. Richard did what any sensible person would do when someone threatens to hose his position down with minigun fire, and that is get the hell out of his current position, namely by making a nice and clean hole out the right side of the train, and attempting to fly up to a position where his extended meteor hammer hand could bring the roof and itself down on Tohl.
  13. Well, this character sounds like a Mary Sue out of context, but to be fair that's mostly Shade's fault by this point
  14. Hirata seemed to perk right up as she pulled the coat out of the drawer, letting out a slight squee before she tried to put it on and said, "I found a good coat! Or at least I think its good, I wonder if they all dress like this? What did you guys find? Anything good?," she then wandered off to get closer to Scarlet and the rest of the group.
  15. "Ah so the previous group was a charitable organization with interests in infrastructure rebuilding, search and rescue, and presumably disaster prevention over here, got it. I'll need to if local law enforcement has given your group any grief over working with these 'kinda criminals' we're working, but that can wait." After he finished speaking, he broke eye contact for a moment to give Stretch a bit of an odd look as the man offered Harry healing from a stone, waiting a moment before he said, "Stretch, I don't think that eating a stone will help convince the good doctor that your world or its healing methods are at all compatible with the people of this world, especially since he doesn't come from here as well."
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