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  1. Edward did a final once over before he sat down on the nearest bed and said, "Well, it wouldn't hurt if we waited until everyone else got ready and gotten debriefed about their new powers first, your powers might be simple and straightforward in nature, but I'm pretty sure that Danielle wouldn't mind learning more about how he's supposed to help out as a pony, never mind what some of the others got."
  2. Edward mimed putting a gun to the base of his head before he said, "You just have to aim for the head, I'm not sure what the limitations on your powers are, but you might be able to stick a needle through their brainstem and start wiggling it around violently or something. That and worst case scenario, this place was being maintained by a PMC right? Some of the survivors might not take too kindly to us attempting to take some of their samples, of course I hope that no one in their right minds would be dumb enough to still care about that, but you never know really." He then picked up one of the bed's legs and tried his best to tear into the bedding to create some protective wrappings for his arms as he said, "And as for resources, early riser over there's got some gene therapy to deal with his cancers so I ain't expecting much from him right now, we've got a pink Pony that someone might be able to ride on, pharmacy tech over there sounds like the closest thing we have to a medic, dog arm aside, I have no idea what the laughing woman over there actually got but she seems satisfied with what she got, the actor's apparently a power ranger now, Sokolov's a cyborg with a different kind of crazy mind power, and I have no idea what anyone else has gotten but they seem ambulatory, so unless someone has been hiding an M16 underneath their blankets this whole time I think we're about as ready as we can be without that cache of weapons, which I think we will need if we bump into a particularly large group of infected since none of you have any training on how to use your new powers."
  3. Edward slowly turned to scan the room for anything that could serve as a weapon in a pinch before he said, "Alright son, you heard the man! You're the VIP for this mission, if you haven't heard that in one of your VR games before this means that you are a Very Important Person, someone who's survival is integral to the mission's success, so what I am going to need you to do is to take a couple more deep breaths, and try and stay as calm and as close to the rest of us as possible alright? Just stay calm, and never let us out of your sight."
  4. Edward moved back to give the other man some personal space before he said, "Neither have I, do you remember what they called the procedure? Or anything else about it? That might give us some information about what they did to you, but then again, we might be better off with just...," he then quickly turned around to address the intercom and thus Commander Slate with, "Commander Slater, may I ask you to explain what exactly has been done to this young man and his eyes Sir?"
  5. "Son, like the others said, you've got one ticket out of here and it involves going through that door and up on the roof, now I don't know what the rest of the world is like, but this is all starting to sound like the setup for a zombie movie for me, and let me tell you, it never ends well for the people who choose to cry themselves under a bed as loudly as you are being right now, so unless you want to be left alone inside of a facility full of infectious monsters forever, I suggest that you get up, take a few deep breaths, and try to not get yourself or anyone else killed," as Edward says this he takes a couple of steps towards the crying man, and he reaches out a hand as an unspoken offer to help them up to their feet before he says, "And maybe once this all blows over we can all give your friend Dylan a stern talking to, so what do you say son?,"
  6. Edward quickly snapped to attention as he heard the commander speak, and his mind immediately pressed him to ask for more details, "Well for one thing I want to know everything you can tell me about this 'little disease outbreak' and what exactly it entails, I'm assuming that whatever it was it's not an airborne disease or else we'd all be searching for a cure and the nearest gas mask, and if you could tell us to what sort of resistance we should be expecting, and where our exfiltration points are that'll really help us all get through this in one piece."
  7. "Well I think you shouldn't knock it until you try it, but then again you probably already knew that," Edward smiled after he said that, chuckling slightly at his extremely obvious joke. "That and besides, at least you still have hands to shoot with."
  8. "Not true, you see it it was actually the most mundane procedure they had to offer for a man like me! Not like a lack of powers would trouble me much, like I've said I never needed any fancy cybernetics or super powers to serve my country before, and I don't think I'll start needing it any time soon, just as long as they give us some proper equipment," Edward settled into a slightly thoughtful seeming stance as he said this, having confirmed that he had indeed regained at least some of his old flexibility and strength. "That and besides, my mother raised me too well for me to turn my back on what she thought me, and start depending on some miracle drug just to keep up with someone younger."
  9. Edward let out a hearty laugh after he heard Sokolov's reply, "That's a fair point Sokolov, of course that was just a bit of hyperbole, but I'm not going to lie; I wouldn't mind having one if we're going to have our first mission anytime soon, not everyone here's a magic pony or a psionic super soldier after all."
  10. "Huh, well I don't know about the rest of you, but all they had to give me was some 'offsite lung therapy' to increase 'combat readiness', so I don't know if I even have any crazy powers or augmentations like the rest of you, which is all well and good in my opinion," Edward opined as he flexed his considerable muscles, contorted his body in weird poses, and generally acted as if he wanted to explore the limits of his newfound spryness. "As long as whatever they did to me was permanent and someone gives me a gun I feel like I can take on the world!."
  11. Ed swiftly jumped off from his bed and wandered towards where the rest of the group was standing, "My name's Ed, Edward Boone," he reached out to offer a handshake to the assembled people, "And I must say that it is a pleasure to meet all of you again, especially since this means that almost everyone survived their operation."
  12. Edward Boone slowly but surely rose to attention, gently pushing away the blankets covering his body as he sat up on the bed and examined his surroundings. For one thing he was in hindsight immediately glad that he had chosen one of the least exotic procedures he was offered, but he did a cursory check over his body to make sure that he was still...yep, still 100% bonafide human, and in fact the only thing that seemed to have changed is that he felt...amazing, as if he could take on the world right then and there! I mean sure he was breathing a little strangely, but considering what happened to the rest of them? He was just glad that he wasn't pink. "Well I'll be darned, I haven't felt like this in decades."
  13. Yours Truly

    [IC]TotMG:V2 - Hyperdimension: Return of the Four Felons

    Seeing as he had ample time to react to the situation, Atton elected to take out his megaphone and yell out "This is no time to rest young lady! Get back in there and show that judge just what you could do!." That, is naught but a flesh wound on 6D, healing off her Stun and healing her by 1d4+15 damage and on Bridgett to heal her by 1d4+15 damage.
  14. Yours Truly

    [Trespassers V2 Subplot] Okami: Stains upon the Canvas

    Mot let out a slight sigh as he rode off with his motorcycle and drove off towards the Dead Fish at break neck speeds, before he stood up and fired his six shooter at the closest one, causing a loud explosion to be heard just before the man quickly popped a wheelie and turned his entire rig around. Mot uses Ten Men Dead Before I could Blink on Dead Fish 1, dealing a modest (5d10+12+21)+5% damage and gaining another patience stack.
  15. Yours Truly

    [IC] Tengoku no Owari CT, Chapter 1.2

    Meanwhile, Immanuel promptly decides that this is a dumb card game that he really can't be bothered to learn the rules of or play, and crafts another railgun before he dives the fuck down and starts hammering away at the very floor of this dimension to shatter it into tiny little pieces. Immanuel uses that one railgun hyper to make one, and attempts to break a hole leading the fuck out of these overlapping dimensions with his 6.