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  1. Hirata let out a loud yelp as she leaped back from the Neoshadow, before wildly firing at it's general direction in a panic. Hirata uses the Hyperion Transmurdera on the Neoshadow that attacked her, dealing 1d4+Dex [6] damage with a 20% Miss Chance and +8 damage due to her having spun up the motor the round before. Loadout
  2. Quickly stepping up to the plate, Radovan quietly cursed their bad luck as he quickly swapped his Woobat out for his Larvitar, shaking his head before he said, "It didn't have to be this way but, Larvitar! It's time to knock some sense into people! Wait until Verna screeches and use Bite on the erratic Baltoy!," and pointed at their intended target. Attacker boost up and have Larvitar use Bite on the Power Trick Baltoy.
  3. Radovan did in fact stop once Sena asked him to, recognizing that his friend was doing his best to not make the situation any worse, instead petting Zeta and nudging Rita's back a little, before he quietly urged them to, "You two should apologize too, at least we might be able to find Uno faster if we're not going around pissing everyone off yeah?."
  4. "It's not about how many swords she has with her Punch, it's about whether or not she can use one, and I'm not too keen on bringing a civilian with us into battle either," Atton commented as he turned to face the rest of the group, "And it's a good thing you're going with me then Mira, because I'm not much of a healer myself." He then nodded at Lyra before commenting, "That sounds like a fair plan to me, keeping civilians out of harm's way is why we came here first after all, and we can always put any wounded in the half track until we can get to a designated extraction point, you do have those right?."
  5. Radovan quickly realized that a bit of tact is needed here, and since everyone else here has all of the grace and tact of a small child, he realized that well, fuck. "I'm really sorry for what we said before! We can't leave this place just yet since we need to find a missing friend of ours too, but we promise not to bother your family any more, just, please don't cry alright? We just have to walk past you for a moment," he said before he gently and slowly tried to get Zeta at least to walk with him towards the pink glow, bowing his head and apologizing a little at the family as he walked by.
  6. Radovan meanwhile, focused on securing the scene a bit, sending out his Woobat before hugging it in his hands, bringing it up close enough for him to whisper the words, "Woobat, stick close to me alright? And watch my back, tell me if there's anyone else approaching." He then gently released his Woobat, letting it fly all around him as he gently patted Zeta on the head and tried to comfort her with, "And you too Zeta, try not to get separated from me or panic m'kay? I'll just ask these nice people to kindly not stare at us for being weird and having a face, and then Sena and Verna will find the ghost girl and Uno, and we'll all head there together okay, just stay calm." He then put on his best smile and waved jauntily at the children, "Hi there, may I ask you to please not stare at us?, my friend Zeta over here is kinda shy, she hasn't been out much and she naturally assumes the worst when people laugh and stare at her."
  7. >[Who Are You?] After a bit of time to ponder her options and waiting to see how the 'monster' reacted to Lucine's presence, she slowly walked up to the little creature, coming out of the shadows of the room to reveal her presence, and using a friendly tone of voice when she asked, "And what's your name? You don't have to reply if you don't want to, but it feels a bit awkward to pop out of nowhere and ask you questions like that when we don't even know each other, my name is Jun by the way, we're all kind of sight seeing right now."
  8. Radovan gently patted his Woobat as the others exchanged heartfelt goodbyes with Sena, thanking it for it's hard work so far before he put it back into it's ball, and let out a sigh before he stepped up to the worrysome cadet, and with great seriousness, said "Sena I happen to have been born and raised in the casino district, I think luck can go stuff itself, I'm coming with you, I don't think that Uno's going to be that easily convinced to turn back by this point, and to be honest I'd find myself regretting even becoming a cadet if I didn't go, no point in becoming a cadet if we didn't risk our lives in a thrilling adventure into the unknown when the opportunity presents itself right?," he smiled at Sena after he finished speaking, before he went back to his usual teasing tone of voice and said, "That and besides, if we let you out of sight again, that girlfriend of yours might drag you into trouble with the Chief again~." He took the time to lightly elbow Emma before he stepped up to the gate, and rather simply said, "Stay safe everyone, no use in us trying to save the Nexus if everyone drowns anyway, peace!." and walked into the breach with a heracross like stride.
  9. After performing a short stunt to shoot out the first proper crack on the giant skeleton with a complicated name that he can't be bothered to pronounce properly's core, Mot decided to get out of dodge, revving up his motorcycle's engines to help him evade the brunt of the next blow...that never came. He did a quick brake and leaned against the nearest pristine tree as he watched the giant skeleton disappear into a rush of petals, simply taking in the sight for a while. "Well that's one down already and we just got here, at this rate we'll be done before the week is!."
  10. "There's just one problem with that, that's all well and good for Sena and his Frogadier over here or Rita and her Rotom, but I have no idea if any of my or Cathode's Pokemon can even move that quickly, at most my Woobat just might be able to provide some aerial surveillance if she can pick Ghost Girl out from the crowd, but I don't know how much Cathode's Onyx can help this time," Radovan quickly pointed out as he took a couple of steps towards Sena in a nonchalant manner, before he suddenly grasped the man by his shoulders and said, "And did she tell you where she was taking Uno? And did she hurt her at all?."
  11. Radovan shook his head at no one in particular when he heard Ray speak over the A-Comm, and he let out a slight sigh before he said, "You know, I actually said 'Don't ever make us worry about you like this again' to Sena the last time this happened right? Because I swear, if Sena broke his A-Comm again this time, I'll be the one breaking his arm with a kick." After making that overly threatening statement, he said a simple, "Let's go," and ran towards where the equipment breaking twerp and the shifty girl were supposed to be.
  12. Mot uses Ten Men dead on the Gashakudoro's core, dealing a modest (5d10+12+21)+20% damage to it.
  13. Atton and his troops meanwhile, focused on learning more about the terrain they would be fighting in and having a discussion over a nice meal, reasoning that all of their current equipment are actually up to snuff, and that what little time they had to spare would be better spent improving themselves...and getting that mouthpiece down from the top of the banner.
  14. "Just try to keep your finger on the trigger if you don't need to use it, it's not just your foot you should be worrying about shooting," he then went off to pick out his own armaments, preferring to pick out the most reliable looking service pistol out of the cache, fishing out a capable of magazines for it as well, also taking a HF Knife he hoped that he never had to use, and a nice short barreled shotgun just in case things turned dicey.
  15. Radovan simply made sure to pay close attention to where Rita's hands were whenever possible as he listened to 'the plan' and nodded, chances were high that this could all go horribly wrong anyway, but he was quite sure that Sena wouldn't let his A-Comm get broken like last time, and that they should be able to arrive at a reasonable amount of time.
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