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  1. Loadout and Stats Hirata does the perfectly reasonable thing to do in response, and runs the hell away from the front line faster than you'd think her little legs could carry her, whirring her janky submachinegun's rubber band gyroscope a little as she did so, before hiding behind a nearby wall as she sprayed in the general direction of an enemy. Hirata uses her first action to spin up her Hyperion Transmurdera's motor to reduce it's miss chance by 40% and adding +8 damage. Hirata uses her second action to fire her Hyperion Transmurdera, dealing 1d4+9+8 damage with a 20% miss chance to Bandit Marauder 1 if he is still alive, switching to one of the bandit psychos if they're already dead.
  2. Use Naught but a flesh wound to heal Bridgett and Square by 1d4+Int, also curing some of the status damage. Along with healing himself as well due to environmental effects.
  3. Friedhold, Reception Area The rain seemed to swell as the two of you made your way to the cell tower, sending wafts of freshish air to chill your bones, and forcing the huddled masses aside, granting you a slight, but welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the inner city. The two of you must have made a strange sight, even by the standards of this city, a small girl huddled up to a man she bore little resemblance to? 'Sedated kidnapping victim' was one of the nicer possibilities around these parts, and you caught the eye of one too many judgmental eyes every now and then. They were always watching, never seeming to do anything, but whisper, and imply something nasty as they huddled around their trashcan fires and sipped soykaf inside of buildings. That feeling of being watched remains when you arrived at the 'Reception Area', a patchwork assortment of tents and hastily built corrugated plastic homes centered around a towering metal structure, one you were here to disable, if not destroy. At this distance you could just barely spot fences and barbed wire in between it all, seemingly a cursory attempt at keeping the riff raff at bay, preventing the people working there from being bothered too much by their presence, as they huddled in the warm looking brick that passed for an office around these parts. You get the feeling that anything you do around here would require you to...deal with the SINless somehow, even just moving closer might raise a question or two, judging by the way some 'concerned citizens' seem to be moving towards you already. They don't appear to be armed fortunately enough, but the old pointy eared looking woman leading the pack seemed like trouble, if only because she seemed ready to talk your ears off. Alexandria and Liliya, The Broken Wheel Meanwhile, the walk over to the broken wheel was about as comfortable for Alexandria and Liliya really. The rain was always there of course, but what really made it awkward was the...terrified or confused looked in people's eyes as their mind tried to come to terms with Alexandria's existence. At least, the ones who weren't on something at the time it seems, who knew that the docks would attract so much metahuman refuse in the night?. At least the Broken Wheel seemed slightly better, the area around it being clearish of hobos and junkies, probably because anyone who fit the bill would be inside getting their fix. It had a flashing neon purple sign over a reinforced steel door, painting the grime coating the walls in offputting ways. In short, it was a dive bar, one where someone could while away their night by indulging themselves in their favored vice without asking any weird questions...so long as their vice was cheap liquor, greasy food, or chemicals of dubious origin that is. The two of you drew some attention when you entered into the bar proper, the assortment of patrons inside of the dimly lit room suddenly having a new subject to talk among themselves about as they sat around tables in their stools or suspiciously off colored lounges. Whoever the shadowrunners are? They have shit taste in bars, and unfortunately enough, it doesn't seem like they're here right now. Maybe it'd be a good idea to pull up a stool of your own and order something palatable from the bar while you wait, doesn't seem like the orc manning the bar is the kind to let people bum around here without ordering anything. Solomon, Navin, Heidrun, Impact Point In all honesty, the walk over to the abandoned warehouse was the easiest of the three destinations. The crowds of SINless, shady sorts, defensive looking guards and well, people in general seeming to thin the closer they got to their destination, almost as if they're taking the ghost stories a little too seriously. Oh right, the ghost stories, turns out this port turning to a crime ridden slum was a lateral change, based on some of the stories you've read about this place anyway. Who knew that black market organ harvesting was a still thing? Black Ops agents hired by a vaguely satanic cult apparently!. Thankfully enough once you actually got to the place it looked...really normal, yes it had a lot of grime and had a generally dilapidated look, and some of the glass/metal panels had fallen off in the past, but it really didn't look like the 'Warehouse of Fear' the stories would have you believe it was. Maybe it was all just bulldrek only gullible people believed? Either way, the fence's open and inviting enough, and the large sliding gates look...easy enough to move out of the way. "Well, this should be easy," Solomon unhelpfully commented, as he leaned against a particularly tall pilling, one of the few in good enough condition this far out on the docks.
  4. "This place sucks, it's just cold and creepy and bwuh," Hirata helpfully added as she trotted off after Vepr, feeling quite uncomfortable by this place and it's everything. Slowly going over to investigate the makeshift door for interesting traps, locking mechanisms, and material.
  5. Hirata shivers a little in the cold tundra environment, her blanket and double jacket wearing form still not quite allowing her to remain nice and warm inside of this frozen place. She moved up ahead inside of the ice cave, taking the time to check out the already opened boxes as she waited for the others to follow after her.
  6. "Well then, I think we may need to find Arminius and Rachel sooner rather than later, I'm confident in their ability to stand up in a fight but...I don't know if we can say the same about that kid following after them," Jun opined, starting to worry about the missing two have been up to while they were exploring the castle and its surroundings.
  7. Radovan sighed and slumped back against the pillar, seeming a bit dejected while he waited for Omega to leave, before he spoke up with, "Is this...are you sure that this is what Uno wanted? I've met Uno before, and while I haven't known her for long I, she didn't seem like someone who would just...sacrifice everyone like this, I don't know." He looked at Zeta for a moment, taking a deep breath before he continued with, "What about you though? Do you want this? It just seems...strange that she would be fine with sacrificing everyone like this."
  8. For a while, slight whimpering sounds and hushed swear word punctuated exclamations were all that could be heard coming from Atton's half track, as Trick's transformation had a...profound effect on the soldier's morale. Before a slight static sound cuts through the noise, and Atton's...not very smooth voice shouts out, "I've fought with and against dragons and demons before, this isn't the most disturbing thing I've seen, and God willing, it won't be, so I say charge at the damned Trickster and run over its tongues!." Use Naught but a flesh wound to heal Perlita and Gabriel by 1d4+Int, also curing some of the status damage. Along with healing Bridgett as well due to environmental effects.
  9. Hirata curled up around her brand new daikimura as soon as it was done, letting out a slight squee in private when she squeezed and prodded the comforting fabric, and rested for a little beside the digistruct machine. Relishing in the triumpant sensation of her newfound success...and also taking a nap as it turned out.
  10. Hirata Dr. Ishi reacted to the presence of the spaceship the way any other nerd would to be brutally honest, quickly ignoring the rest of the party in favor of geeking out over the controls, before finally settling on trying out the digistruct machine to find out how it worked.
  11. Loadout Use Naught but a flesh wound to heal Mira and himself by 1d4+Int, also curing a status.
  12. Loadout Move back to Colorful Blocks, use Battle Plans to buff Gabriel's Syn and Bridgett's Syn by Atton's level (7).
  13. Solomon turned to reply to Friedhold's question quickly enough, as if he didn't even have to stop to think of a response to his question, "Yes, taking out the cell tower should do it, they're pretty far from the rest of Seattle, might not be another one here for miles...." He trailed off for a bit after saying that, before he realized something and added, "Except if we're taking out the celltower we might want to do it during the run, or sometime close to it anyway, before whatever corp's running this tower sends someone to fix it, and maybe even fly in a drone to maintain normalish comm operation in the area...if they care enough to do that much admittedly." He took a bit more time to reply to Heidrun's question, sizing her up first before he asked, "Are you any good with staying quiet and keeping a low profile at least? Because You could come with me and Navin to the abandoned warehouse, might be a bit too many of us going there, and I don't really expect us to fight anyone, but you never know."
  14. Radovan coughed and spluttered a little after he regained his strength, taking in several deep breaths as his eyes darted across the room, before he calmed himself just enough to try to seem like he's not genuinely terrified for his life. He lingered there for a bit of time, waiting until Alpha walked off before he weakly asked "Zeta, are you okay? Did Alpha or Omega harm you at all?." Gently testing his bonds as he waited for Zeta's response, only to follow it up with a slight turn towards Alpha, "And she's right you know? More people are coming, more friends of Uno who wants to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life...although it seems like she thinks this wouldn't be her first." He tried to seem about as relaxed and friendly as a man slowly being drained of all life, and tied to a stalagmite could be when he continued with, "Why does Uno want to do this anyway? What...happened to her?"
  15. Team A-The Bank Lucian confidently stepped up to the police line, having acquired and perused one of the PART's pamphlets earlier and brushed up on his crisis negotiation skills just a tiny bit in the drive over here, he felt about as ready as he could be when he said, "My name is Lucian Stahl, and these are my associates. We're with the PART, maybe you've heard of us? We were the non profit group that cleared out the docks (Shadestyle was too sleep to tell me how long ago we did this) weeks ago, and another one of our groups helped the PRT arrest a super powered criminal, and evacuate civilians from burning buildings. We had heard of the situation, and we were wondering if there is anything we could do to help, anything at all." He handed out a pamphlet to whoever he was speaking with to further explain the situation if it seemed that it would help.
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