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  1. Galladite is part of the pokedex completion sidequest. Though, i don't remember how many mons you need to catch.
  2. If you haven't done the mega ring quest already, i highly recommend doing it now. Then go to Ametrine city and talk to a boy in one of the hotels. He wants a Pidove for the old amber because he believes that Pidove evolves into Staraptor. Then Fly to Agate Circus and go to Route 2. Right next to the entry of Route 2 should be a rock climb spot. Use it and get the aerodactylite. Mega Aerodactyl with Rock Slide Spam is a Life Saver in this battle. I paired it with an intimidate user (in my case Gyarados). You can do the same with Incineroar if you want to. You could also try Sky Drop on Aero just in case, that Cain's Primarina get's out of hand.
  3. Only 2 more episodes until GOT is finished. And so far, i'm not a fan of season 8. They screwed up the battle against the white walkers and the night king. And they make all the characters look like complete morons. Then they killed of another Dragon for pure shock value I even heard stories about Emilia Clarke walking around London for like 3 hours while reading the script, because she had to process the fate of her character. And if those leaks are true, we might have one of the most disappointing endings in TV History. For me everything got worse after Season 4. D&D proofed that they can not write a good show to save their lifes. And now they even get their own Star Wars Trilogy. And their stupid excuse that they want to "subvert our expectations" is one of the dumbest things, i have ever heard. What do you guys think of this whole fiasco though ? I would really like to hear your opinion.
  4. Another Fire Type that is really good in Reborn is Typhlosion. It partners well with Ferrothorn because of Flash Fire, and get's a few fire moves that can manipulate the field, like Lava Plume and Eruption.
  5. I currently have 4 set up sweepers on my team: Mega Lopunny with Power up Punch Dragon Dance Gyarados Contrary Leaf Storm Serperior and Nasty Plot Naganadel so i thought about, getting an Alolan Ninetales to set up Aurora Veil. Where can i catch Alolan Vulpix ?
  6. If i had to name a specific point in reborn, it would be the Heracross/Pinsir Puzzle during my first playthrough. I somehow managed to complete it without ragequitting, but it was still frustrating as all hell. In terms of gyms i'd say Ciel and Samson because of the luck based field. RNG can be a B***h sometimes.
  7. I've never played a Dynasty Warriors Type of Game before and the game is finally releasing on friday. My questions to players who played the umbral star and maybe even the japanese version of Extella/Link: 1. How difficult is the learning curve ? 2. What is the mechanic, beginners struggle mostly with ?
  8. I see. I thought that the dialogues belonged to the story part. Also, we shouldn't forget about potential puzzles when it comes to legendaries. Those will also take some time to make. Especially for top tier ones like Groudon,Kyogre and Rayquaza (because of their Primal Reversion/Mega Evolution). Same probably goes for Arceus. And God knows what Puzzle we have to through for the Creation Trio. You could so much with Time/Space/Antimatter.
  9. I mean aside from legendaries,ultra beats etc. and maybe a few sidequests, what Eventing needs to be done ?
  10. It's over. The winner is Victini. Thank you to everyone who voted. Fern probably despises this outcome... but we don't care:)
  11. So Victini is currently leading ? Didn't expect that to be honest but still a pleasant surprise. Poor Celebi is dead last. I did not expect shaymin to be this high. It has even more votes then mew. It's currently 1 PM where i live. I'm gonna keep this poll running until 12 AM. So you guys have 11 more hours to vote.
  12. So, i'm currently writing my own reborn fan fiction and in that story my character, meets one of the fairy/mythical legendaries before he travels to the reborn region. They form a bond and the mythical Pokemon decides to travel with my Character, to the Reborn Region to challenge the league. And now i'd like to do a playthrough where i implement this idea. And i thought that it would be fun to ask you guys on which legendary i should use since i haven't really decided yet. All of this will be created with the Sandbox Mod.
  13. Here are some suggestions: Kingdra Crest: +25 Sp.Attack and +25 Speed, change ability to adaptability Raichu Crest: +30 Sp.Attack and change ability to speed boost Accelgor Crest: +20 Sp.Attack Archeops Crest: Change Ability to Rock Head Gengar Crest: Change Ability to Levitate (Let me dream lol) Durant Crest: +10 in Attack and Speed
  14. don't forget Radomus' Calm Mind Starmie. That is also something we won't miss.
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