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  1. HakuryuYukio

    Fate Extella/Link

    I've never played a Dynasty Warriors Type of Game before and the game is finally releasing on friday. My questions to players who played the umbral star and maybe even the japanese version of Extella/Link: 1. How difficult is the learning curve ? 2. What is the mechanic, beginners struggle mostly with ?
  2. HakuryuYukio

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    I see. I thought that the dialogues belonged to the story part. Also, we shouldn't forget about potential puzzles when it comes to legendaries. Those will also take some time to make. Especially for top tier ones like Groudon,Kyogre and Rayquaza (because of their Primal Reversion/Mega Evolution). Same probably goes for Arceus. And God knows what Puzzle we have to through for the Creation Trio. You could so much with Time/Space/Antimatter.
  3. HakuryuYukio

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    I mean aside from legendaries,ultra beats etc. and maybe a few sidequests, what Eventing needs to be done ?
  4. HakuryuYukio

    Which Pokemon should i use ?

    So Victini is currently leading ? Didn't expect that to be honest but still a pleasant surprise. Poor Celebi is dead last. I did not expect shaymin to be this high. It has even more votes then mew. It's currently 1 PM where i live. I'm gonna keep this poll running until 12 AM. So you guys have 11 more hours to vote.
  5. HakuryuYukio

    Which Pokemon should i use ?

    So, i'm currently writing my own reborn fan fiction and in that story my character, meets one of the fairy/mythical legendaries before he travels to the reborn region. They form a bond and the mythical Pokemon decides to travel with my Character, to the Reborn Region to challenge the league. And now i'd like to do a playthrough where i implement this idea. And i thought that it would be fun to ask you guys on which legendary i should use since i haven't really decided yet. All of this will be created with the Sandbox Mod.
  6. HakuryuYukio

    Dev Blog | V12 Status Thread

    Here are some suggestions: Kingdra Crest: +25 Sp.Attack and +25 Speed, change ability to adaptability Raichu Crest: +30 Sp.Attack and change ability to speed boost Accelgor Crest: +20 Sp.Attack Archeops Crest: Change Ability to Rock Head Gengar Crest: Change Ability to Levitate (Let me dream lol) Durant Crest: +10 in Attack and Speed
  7. don't forget Radomus' Calm Mind Starmie. That is also something we won't miss.
  8. HakuryuYukio

    The Last, Only, and Very Final X% Hype Thread

    Pretty much everything you just said. Also Reborn already updated not once but twice with gen 6 and gen 7. Adding another generation when the game is close to being finished would be overkill. Ame should just stick to her plans. Let future fan games deal with gen 8. Reborn is such a great game that it wouldn't really suffer from the lack of gen 8 content.
  9. HakuryuYukio

    How powerful will it be ?

    Also true. But it really depends on what Stats and ability that broken arceus will have. Worst case scenario, it will have even higher stats and magic bounce
  10. HakuryuYukio

    How powerful will it be ?

    What if the only way to defeat it, is to use our own legendary pokemon ? I can imagine it being like this: Before the battle begins, Arceus and Lin give you the opportunity to find and catch your own Legendary. All legendary Pokemon who have a BST of 680 or higher will scatter across the reborn region. You are only allowed to catch and use one because once you caught your pick, the others will disappear and won't come back until postgame. And your Legendary Pokemon is the one who has to deal the knockout blow to Pulse Arceus.
  11. HakuryuYukio

    How powerful will it be ?

    Another concept i thought of: What if the whole battle boils down to a countdown. You have a certain amount of turns to defeat it, and if you fail to do that it will gain a massive boost from the field which is basically an auto L
  12. HakuryuYukio

    How powerful will it be ?

    Knowing how cold and heartless Lin can be, i wouldn't put it past her if she did that to her Hydreigon. I wonder if that Arceus is the Baby Arceus, Terra mentioned in the past.
  13. HakuryuYukio

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    So... has anyone heard from Caz over the last few months ? It's been a while since he posted something. Hopefully he's doing fine.
  14. HakuryuYukio

    When did you start playing?

    I started playing in 2015 at V6. After i heard that nintendo wouldn't release a new pokemon game that year, i needed something. One day i visited shofu's channel and found his insurgence playthrough. Then i also found his reborn playthrough, and his old rejuvenation playthrough. i felt nostalgic after seeing the gen 3 graphics. So i decided to give it a try and loved ever since.