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  1. This is Rejuvenation, not Reborn
  2. You just need to have visited Route 2 iirc?
  3. if you're using a hariyama/makuhita, it might have sheer force, which removes the flinch chance from fake out for extra power
  4. Aromatherapy is Grimer's Shadow move. Every Shadow gets at least one unique move that it can't normally get.
  5. i just checked and the cacnea for some reason isn't a shadow pokemon on casual mode, but a shadow on normal and intense. if you reload to a different save, you can try temporarily changing the difficulty to normal
  6. of course how easy you find amber depends entirely on your team, and whether you change her field to something else, but that's the intention: her battle's a party, a battle for fun after the nightmares of angie and zetta and geara
  7. The strong winds on Souta's field are there naturally and not a cause of the tailwind, so they're permanent. Thanks for the report on Frozen Dimensional Field. The effect should be that the effects dimension altering moves, like trick room, magic room, wonder room, and gravity, are unchangeable. So if you go into frozen dimensional while trick room is active, it should never end, but trick room cannot be started on the field.
  8. Giga Drain is in Crawli's gym, after taking the leap of faith.
  9. Just updated the list to v11, beware of spoilers here, please tell me if something is wrong or misplaced!
  10. This'll be fixed in the next patch and has been reported in the major bug thread several times. Please make sure to check up on which bugs are reported to avoid repeated reports! For now, reload an earlier save and wait for the patch or use the save troubleshoot thread.
  11. you need to make sure when starting your game is in medium screensize, or at least anything that isn't full screen try going back to v10 to change it
  12. it's in the grass outside the tower
  13. I-it's Not Like I Wanted to Win or Anything Award - i nominate @Jan The Cain LaRue Award - @Alex @MintMan @Walpurgis The Shelly Citra Award - @DJ Mewdeon ft Dan Punk @Inuki @Ikaru @Jan @Zumi @Soft Taco Bear @Amethyst @Alex @Ruby Red @MintMan @Marcello @Mu7e @everyone Member Least Likely to Understand the Next XKCD - @Ramiru The Pointedest Poindexter Award - @Marcello @Marcello @Marcello @Marcello @Marcello @Jan @Marcello @Marcello @Marcello @Alex @Marcello @Marcello
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