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  1. Tsaaron

    Where to find wild roselia?

    Budew is still catchable in ep 18. You can found it in the park in Obsidia Ward EDIT: dunno if always or only late game tho
  2. Tsaaron

    Dusk Stone

    ready, go for wait for request
  3. Tsaaron

    Dusk Stone

    give me 5 min and i will be ready. meanwhile catch a trash pokemon you can trade with me
  4. Tsaaron

    Dusk Stone

    nah man, to send you a dusk stone we have to exchange pokemon and I have to send you one whom hold it. You have to go to: pokegear online play register (put a name you want) login trade wait for trade and then when we are both online i can request a trade with you. Now I will play for a bit if you are free, just tell me btw what level are your pokemon?
  5. Tsaaron

    Dusk Stone

    hey man, I can give you that. What's your ID?
  6. Tsaaron

    Kee berry and mutation berries

    I want to find/harvest the kee berry but i didn't found it anywhere. I know that it is a mutation of the ganlon and liechi berries, but didn't play an original pokemon game back from the second gen Pokemon Crystal (!!) so I never harvest berries before. I checked in Bulbapedia but I didn't get much other than planting the two in the same soil. Are the mutation working in reborn? Normally do they happen from time to time or are they super rare?
  7. Tsaaron

    Tsaaron - Ditto 31 IV HP

    oki, will check around. cheers man
  8. Tsaaron

    Tsaaron - Ditto 31 IV HP

    cheers man, thank you very much! btw where do you find volcarona? only with the lucky egg?
  9. Tsaaron

    Tsaaron - Ditto 31 IV HP

  10. Tsaaron

    Tsaaron - Ditto 31 IV HP

    you sure man? thanks a lot! are you online now? my username is tsaaron1
  11. Tsaaron

    Tsaaron - Ditto 31 IV HP

    Hi, I'm searching a ditto with max iv in hp, with a nature that boost them too if possible. In exchange i can offer, between the others: - dratini, horsea and larvitar almost perfects - metagross - a gyarados - armaldo, kabutops and lileep - alakazam - magnezone - porygon2 and porygon-z - a shiny gothita - a shuckle with toxic infestation and substitute - a shedinja with fury cutter and toxic - a smeargle with cotton guard, shell smash and stored power and possibly others, just tell me in what are you interested. i can level them down and/or breed them to get the basic pokemon if you have a time