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  1. Quite heartwarming seeing this thread still around and alive occasionally. Aren’t we all a loyal bunch lmao
  2. Yeah, i had a tinfoil hat theory that jirachi would wish for someone to be ''reborn'', tho that probably might be the case lmao
  3. Honestly? Same. tbh this is probably going be a big jumbled mess of opinions haha. Something that puts Titania at the bottom of my list of ''characters i care for'' is her unwillingness to leave behind someone who she knows for sure is toxic towards her. As someone who's also had a bad depression and knew a good amount of toxic people at the time, once I realized how toxic they were for my mentality I was able to cope and leave them behind (with the support of friends, of course), and I have been happier ever since. Thing is, Titania knows how bad Amaria is being towards her, and as we see in reshiram route leaving amaria was as easy as just saying a few words, and titania will be happier in no time. Amaria too, if she learns to cope. I'm sure its hard to leave behind someone you care for, but the realization that Amaria doesnt care for Tania's wellbeing should've been enough for someone who murders people daily. I might be sounding a bit salty here, but its frustrating to see someone else in kind of the same situation i was once in. I also have no empathy for a murderer, but i wont go into that here, haha. Anyway, i'm sure there's a bunch of people who think i'm biased with my disliking of Titania since I'm a massive Taka fan. Honestly though, I believe that Taka's character was wasted in Reshiram route as a means for tania to leave amaria. There's many other ways to deal with this sort of situation, but I honestly believe this to just be bad writing, or just killing off a beloved for shock value, who knows. Either way I'm saying I dont think Taka had to die for tanias change. This bit here is probably a bit of a random negative I have for titania, but Taka hinted at tania and MC in the WTC that he could be severly punished/murdered if he left meteor, a place he was born into. He's forced to stay there when Titania doesn't have the threat of getting murdered if she leaves Amaria. Her outburst at Taka really pisses me off, but then again, that could be why he left meteor in e18. idk lol
  4. Sorry for another q lmao but if Melia, Venam and PC aged naturally (/normally) while in the past? Then how old would Ren be since he hasn’t gone back as much as the original Time Travel Squad. Sorry if that’s confusing?? I ahxshhsja , Also does Nim have an age too?
  5. Will we be able to chose pronouns for MC in the future, or are we forever gonna be they/them? unless its already implemented and i just dont know lol
  6. I posted these in my gallery but since now theres a place for these......
  7. its been even longer... forgive me I graduated a bit ago eee Reborn/Rejuv!!! art: Other: Thats all folks! time to vanish back into my hibernation hole lmao
  8. I nominate Jan for Midsummer Queen, Kyle for Ember King and Posty for Sunlit Sovereign! uwu
  9. I don’t really know what to say so I’m sorry if this is a jumbled mess lol, but I’m glad Reborn was a positive experience for you as was for me, and I’m glad you’re leaving on a happy note of your own. As someone who’s also about to graduate and step into never before treaded areas, I feel like I have an alright understanding of your reasons. Even if we haven’t spoken much as of now I still consider you one of my greatest friends, and you know where to find me if you feel like catching up, haha. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, whether it be your future hackerman that shines or an unexpected turn to DJ Ark™ Lol... Anyway, jokes aside, best of luck and take care!
  10. it's been so long... Other: sorry for the long wait ;~; hopefully I'll be able to draw a lot more since i'm only 2 months away from graduation, and exams are pretty much almost over!
  11. Was replaying desolation and I usually don't do the braille puzzle lol, but I remembered you asking about it. So by watching a random walkthrough on x2 speed it worked perfectly in my game (The walkthrough was posted by Mystic Linx if you're interested)
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